Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on September 24, 2021 Abhi curses his luck. Abhi is unable to locate alcohol. He becomes impatient to drink. Pragya forbids him from leaving the house. She admits that she is more obstinate than he is. Abhi claims that he did not act in a domineering manner toward her. She informs him that he is not permitted to drink. He believes he has been cursed by fate because he has fallen in love with Pragya. He confesses angrily that he loves Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya keep an eye on their squabble. Baljeet notices them in the midst of an argument and becomes concerned. She is oblivious to Abhi’s suffering.

When Pragya sees Abhi, she gets emotional. Pragya informs Tanu that alcohol is not permitted in her home. Tanu inquires as to whether Pragya has rekindled her love for Abhi. Pragya has no idea how to respond to Tanu. Meanwhile, Rhea has arranged for Pallavi to accompany her on a date with Ranbir. Her pal sends her a note. She approaches Pallavi and asks for her assistance. She requests that Pallavi inform Prachi of her friend’s wedding invitation. Pallavi informs Prachi that Rhea is required to attend a friend’s wedding in Bangalore, but she will be unable to do it alone.


She requests that Ranbir transport Rhea to Bangalore for the wedding. Prachi shouldn’t have an issue with it, she believes. Ranbir agrees to take Rhea, but also considers sending Siddharth. He devises a strategy for resolving Rhea and Siddharth’s problems. Rhea is overjoyed at the prospect of Ranbir joining them. Behind Rhea’s deceptive smile, Dida detects Rhea’s nefarious intents. She doesn’t tell Prachi about it. Prachi, on the other hand, finds it strange this time.

Rhea chooses to exact her revenge on Prachi rather than harming herself this time. She claims that she will not die this time, but Prachi will. She doesn’t want to become frail. She wants to win so she can reclaim Ranbir. Pragya is troubled by Abhi’s agitation and search for booze. She dials the doctor’s number. She tells him about Abhi’s search for booze. He tells her that if she stops Abhi, it will be easier for him to recover from his addiction; booze is poison to him, and he must stop drinking if he wants to survive. She declares that she will put an end to Abhi.

Abhi inquires about Pragya’s booze stash. He claims that she cannot control him, that he is not her slave, and that he can pay for the alcohol. She claims she did not conceal the alcohol. Baljeet comes across them arguing. Abhi declares that he would live his life according to his own rules. She begs him to abstain from drinking. He requests that she refrain from lecturing him. He becomes overly enraged. She instructs him to redirect his attention and maintain self-control. He requests that she refrain from playing mind games with him. She explains that she is concerned about his safety, which is why she is preventing him from drinking. She begs her to wake up; she no longer cares for him. He tells her that he used to be worried about her and that he had been looking for her and waiting for her for two years.

He wonders why she didn’t come to stop him from drinking and put an end to his concern. He claims that he began drinking in her honour. He goes on to say that when he came to meet her, she pushed him away and that she had never cared for him. He tells her not to pretend to be concerned. She expresses regret for her errors. He says he won’t forgive her for her calculated schemes. He inquires of Baljeet as to how Pragya is preventing him from drinking. He sobs in agony. Pragya is well aware of his rage and restlessness. She wants to put up with his rage but not allow him to drink. Tai ji is summoned by Aaliya and Tanu to go to Baljeet and agitate her against Pragya.

Mitali suggests that they give Abhi alcohol. Aaliya encourages them to make the most of the circumstance. She instructs Tai ji to instigate a fight between Pragya and Baljeet. She requests that she include Sushma in the fight. She promises that Abhi and Pragya will battle to protect their family. Tai ji inquires as to whether Abhi will go, and then orders them to leave Pragya’s home as well. Tanu explains that they want Pragya to concentrate on domestic disputes so that they can plot to destabilise Pragya. Mitali advises them not to abandon their privileges. Pragya must not breach the deal, according to Tanu, or she will face severe consequences. Mitali and Tai ji go to Baljeet to provoke him. Pragya’s life is about to be ruined, according to Aaliya. Pragya is affected by Abhi’s suffering.

Shagun claims that Abhi’s family is causing her a lot of grief. Pragya apologises on their behalf to her. Pragya receives assistance from Shagun and Anchal. Pragya expresses her concern about Abhi’s drinking habits. Anchal explains that her older brother has the same drinking problem and that his life has deserted him, but Pragya should not abandon Abhi because love gives a relationship bravery and faith. She supports Pragya since she knows how much she adores Abhi. Baljeet is irritated by Abhi’s situation.

Against Pragya, Tai ji and Mitali strive to flood her ears. Pragya, they say, is uninterested in Abhi. Pragya loves and cares about Abhi, according to Baljeet, and she is preventing him from drinking. Tai ji claims that they prefer Abhi. Pragya, they claim, is keeping Abhi in pain. Abhi locates alcoholic beverages. Pragya inquires about Abhi’s source of booze. He promises that if she tells him the correct reason, he would stop drinking. She expresses her unwillingness to deal with his drinking problem. He warns her from acting emotional.