Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Rhea calls the delivery man and asks him when he will be there. The delivery man says that he’s riding his bike and will arrive in five minutes. Rhea decides to move the food from the kitchen utensils. She counts the guests, then counts them. The guests discuss eating at someone’s home. Pallavi promises that we will have food. Prachi puts the food in a bowl and hopes she will soon be forgiven. Teji arrives at the kitchen to tell everyone that they are waiting outside. She says that she thought I would tell them that Rhea’s chole will be my first. She asks, “What shall I take out?” Rhea causes the onion plate to fall down and asks Rhea to take her to Prachi to see what she is doing. She replies that she will finish the chole. Teji tells her to hurry. Rhea wonders where the delivery man is. He is called by Rhea and asked to come to her backdoor. She takes the parcel and asks him to come. Prachi prepares the food. Teji arrives and informs Rhea that Rhea has prepared the food. She then asks Rhea why she is frying the chillies. Prachi claims that chote batterura isn’t good without chillies. Teji tells her to hurry.

Rhea visits the kitchen to taste the chole batura. She exclaims that Prachi cannot beat this taste. Everyone will be amazed at the results. Prachi serves the Chole Batura. Rhea puts it in the container. She finds it hot. Rhea drops the container bowl onto the floor, and she starts to worry about what to do next.

(Imagination Scene). Prachi serves the Chole Batura to everyone. Dida asks them to get started. Rhea appears. Dida asks where your chole batura is. Pallavi questions what happened if the chole batura was not ready. Teji said it was ready. Please bring it. Rajeshwari Ji says to bring it or our stomachs will be full. Prachi questions Rhea about why she is so stressed, and if there was anything wrong. Rhea replies that she will be there and decides to order it again. She believes that Prachi’s Chole Batura will be available until then and that my 1 teaspoon will suffice to impress them. Pallavi questions why the chole batura has not been made and asks where it is. Rhea remains silent. Pallavi says that I had so many hopes for you and then asks her what she was doing in the kitchen. Prachi claims she knows but tells her that her chole batterura is enough. Dida wants to know what happened. Prachi claims that Rhea wasn’t able to make the food. Dida questions you about your plans. Teji claims she has seen the casserole. Prachi claims Rhea hasn’t made the casserole and assumed everything would be ready on time. Pallavi questions you about your activities in the kitchen. Prachi says Rhea called the beautician for Manicure & Pedicure so that she didn’t have time to make chole Batura. Pallavi questions if you are crazy and Pallavi says yes. Rhea requests Prachi to stop it. Prachi claims it was her mistake. I should have asked Prachi to hurry up. Rhea shouts at her to stop, and she says that she wants to prove to Prachi that I am responsible. Prachi says I am your sister. Rhea says I am your jethani. She apologizes to dida and pallavi, and says that she ordered chole batura at a reputed Delhi restaurant. She claims that the food fell while I was transferring the food into the container. Rajeshwari questions Pallavi about what they are hearing. She says that if she had to order food, then we would have eaten at her home. Pallavi apologizes. Rajeshwari Ji ji said it was very offensive. Prachi asks Prachi to forgive Rhea. Prachi also asks Prachi to believe that Rhea made the food. Rajeshwari Ji says that you are a good Bahu and have made delicious food. That’s why Rhea is forgiven. Prachi thanks her for her kindness and asks Pallavi for forgiveness. Pallavi questions Rhea about her indiscretion and asks her to forgive her. Prachi tells her that she will manage the house and gives the keys to Rhea, saying she deserves it. Prachi tells Prachi that she loves me and has shown trust in me. However, these keys will be given to Rhea as Rhea truly deserves them. Rhea asks Prachi to stop and states that she gets immense joy when I am scolded in front of everyone. She claims that you consider yourself my sister and have done all of this in order to be the best bahu. Dida asks why you consider her actions as evil and she replies that she isn’t bad but that you are a bad person and don’t deserve the title of bahu. Rhea claims you have had problems with me from the beginning and that you like her. She claims that Prachi wanted the keys. Pallavi interrupts Rhea and asks her to stop talking about Dida. Rhea replies that she is talking to Dida, not you. Pallavi slaps her. It turns out it was her imagination.

She decides what she should do. Prachi will tell everyone that Prachi has not prepared the food. Siddharth calls Prachi and asks her if she could send the folder pic. She shouts, and then says that she is busy in the kitchen. He apologizes. Rhea requests him to ask Prachi, and she promises to give it to him. Siddharth tells Rhea that Prachi will send it to me because she is very fast at work. He thanks Rhea for his time. Rhea removes all the chole batter from the floor and wipes it clean. Then, she takes the chole-butter casserole from the kitchen. Siddharth calls Prachi to ask her to send pic. Prachi tells Siddharth that Prachi is too busy with the kitchen. Sid asks her. Prachi agrees. Rhea arrives holding the casserole of fallen chole. She then replaces Prachi’s with Rhea’s. She discovers some particles in her casserole lid, and she thinks that what could happen to me can also happen to Prachi. She makes the chole fall down and then goes. Prachi takes photos of the file and sends them to Sid. Sid says that he cannot do his work without Prachi. She tells Sid that she must manage the large office. Prachi asks Soni if she could help her. Soni agrees. They go to the kitchen, and they find the casserole and the chole on the ground.

Pragya is worried about Abhi. Abhi is asked by the barman to get up. Abhi rises to get up and goes. Pragya calls him and asks if Abhi is drunk. Abhi said that now I understand what you did, and that you hate me and have never loved me. He said, “Now I understand that you hate me.” Pragya wants to know what you are saying. He drops his phone, then picks up the phone. Pragya informs him that Tanu wants him to sell, but that I don’t want you to buy me. Abhi watches.