Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on September 23, 2021 Rhea’s insanity After hearing Rhea, Siddharth becomes upset. She is dissatisfied with him. She has no desire to be a good wife. Dida wishes to speak with Prachi. Rhea makes her nervous. She informs Prachi that Rhea has used the garlic to draw everyone’s attention to Prachi. Rhea has changed a lot, Prachi informs Dida, and she is no longer the same Rhea. She goes on to say that when a person is lonely, she requires family. She claims that Rhea no longer speaks to Abhi and Pragya and that she considers them to be her family. Rhea enters the room and interrupts their chat. She informs Prachi that she is required to assist her.

Rhea invites Prachi to accompany her. Dida isn’t suspecting her, she thinks. Dida wants to tell Prachi how Rhea used to be. Before Rhea breaks Prachi and Ranbir’s decision, she wants Prachi to see the reality. Rhea instructs Prachi to speak with Ranbir. She dials Ranbir’s number and requests that he speak with Prachi. Ranbir appreciates the unexpected phone call. They were missing him a lot, Rhea says. It appeals to him. Rhea invites him to return home early. He promises to bring Siddharth home. Rhea questions Prachi about why she didn’t reveal that she used to work in the workplace.


Nobody knows about Prachi’s work, and Siddharth needs her help with a crucial project, according to Ranbir. Rhea claims that she had no idea her sister was that gifted. She’d like to speak with Prachi and learn more about her. She addresses Ranbir and tells him, “We adore you.” She doesn’t linger to speak with Prachi. She hangs up with Ranbir and walks away, leaving Prachi perplexed.

Abhi, on the other hand, discovers Pragya by his side. He desires alcoholic beverages. She does not want him to consume alcohol in the future. She is keeping a close eye on him. He informs her that he is going to see his friends. She tells him that if he doesn’t go in the morning, she would call them.

Abhi fabricates justifications for going out and drinking. There is no alcohol in the home, he discovers. She demands proof that he has recovered so that he can return. He is unable to demonstrate his physical fitness. He inquires as to who is preventing him from going out. Pragya requests that he refrain from drinking. He isn’t fond of her eavesdropping. She reminds him that he intended their relationship to be happy. She expresses her disinterest in whether he drinks or not. She keeps the alcohol a secret from him. Tanu keeps the alcohol on hand for Abhi. She wants to warn Pragya that Abhi isn’t the same as he used to be, and that after a period of restlessness, he’ll crave his drink.

Pragya can’t see Abhi’s trembling hands. Siddharth believes Rhea is in love with someone else. Ranbir confirms that it is he. Siddharth inquires if he is familiar with Rhea. He wants to know if Rhea has a boyfriend or girlfriend. He expresses his fear that Rhea is in love with someone else. Ranbir says he doesn’t believe so. He requests that Siddharth spend time with Rhea and get to know her. He claims that if he knows Rhea well, his arranged marriage will work well. He tells Siddharth not to form his own opinions.

Rhea does not speak to Siddharth, according to Siddharth. Communication, according to Ranbir, will solve the issues. Siddharth is adamant about not returning home. He requests that Ranbir assist him in completing work files. Prachi is waiting for Ranbir, he says.

Ranbir arrives home first to meet Prachi. He invites her to sit and converse with him. Rhea is envious of their relationship. Prachi receives anklets from Ranbir. Rhea is curious as to why Prachi is so special to him. Prachi is asked to offer Ranbir a present in return. They are having a beautiful moment together. Prachi agrees to give Ranbir a kiss. Prachi is a shy person. Rhea interrupts their conversation by dropping a vase. Ranbir and Prachi retire to their respective rooms. Rhea is enraged at Ranbir. She resolves to kill Prachi rather than herself in order to remove her from their lives.