Kumkum Bhagya Jan 23, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Ranbir checking her bracelet size and buying a red bracelet. Prachi asks the little girl if she liked the red bracelets. The girl says that Bauji said she will bring him. Prachi tells him to bring whatever he wants, he is late. She asks if you like my choice. Ranbir asks the shopkeeper to show him something to wear around his neck. He likes the chain and says I know her choice well, and she will jump with happiness when she sees it. The girl tells Prachi that Bau ji will not like the glitter. Prachi says it’s a boy and warns that he will find out that I know you more than he does. The shopkeeper tells Ranbir that nobody knows as well as you do and says that many parents come here but get confused when selecting things. Ranbir says actually… Another vendor goes down. Ranbir gets the call from Pallavi and says that he brought it and says that she will be fine. He asks her to prepare everything. The seller says that the girl is lucky to have such a father.

The girl with Prachi tells her that Daddy won’t like it. Prachi says to tell daddy you look beautiful wearing this and says daddy will accept defeat and say his choice is the best one. Ranbir says my choice is the best. Dadi’s sister comes there and tells you that you were just like her, when you were little, Pragya had shown me an album. Shahana comes there and asks Prachi to do prasad halwa. Prachi asks the girl to go with Maasi and asks her not to go with her Bauji without meeting her. Shahana takes the girl with her. Prachi is going to do prasad. The girl asks Shahana if her eye shadow and copper blush is good. Shahana says it’s good. Ranbir asks the girl that she applied this eye shadow and blush. Pallavi arrives there and says she’s pretty, let her be. Ranbir says she doesn’t look pretty. He wipes excess makeup off the girl’s face.

Mauli’s father tells Prachi that he doesn’t like her makeup. Prachi says I make her get ready every year since she was 1 and asks him to leave her alone. Dadi tells Mauli’s father that Prachi sees his daughter in Mauli.

Pallavi says that once she wears the dress you brought her, she will look prettier. Dida takes her to change clothes. Pallavi says you see her daughter in Radha. He says yes and tells that Radha was born on the same day as Panchi, 10 Monday. Pallavi asks really. He says yes. She says Bhairav ​​is needed. A boy arrives there. Ranbir does the kanya pujan/kanjak puja while Prachi does the same at his house. Prachi asks the children to finish the prasad quickly. Shahana says that Mauli will have food by hand. Prachi says sure. Mauli asks her to make her eat puri. Prachi says my Panchi would have eaten kheer like me and thinks my daughter would have been like me. She blames Ranbir and says if Ranbir hadn’t gone there I would have caught her. Ranbir thinks that his daughter would not have eaten candy first and thinks that he would have made her red dress worn. He thinks that Aaliya is slipping and the baby is falling into the river. He remembers asking Prachi to leave as she stole his happiness from him. He thinks that his daughter is not with him because of Prachi. Prachi thinks my daughter is not with me because of Ranbir. Dadi asks Prachi to forget everything and asks her to apply the kajal on the girls and also tie up mauli. The lady asks the children not to spoil things. Prachi is going to apply kajal on the girls. She thinks if my daughter went today, her eyes would be like mine.

Prachi and Ranbir’s daughter is shown wearing the star and moon pendant on a black string. She is seen singing in the temple when aarti is taking place. She takes flowers and bathes in the Goddess. The lady gets there and pulls her ears, scolding her not to come there. She says I asked you not to come, but you came here. The girl says that she couldn’t stop hearing shank’s voice, as if Mata Rani was calling me. The lady says Mata Rani has no job but to call you. She asks her to sell all the flowers on the sign. The girl walks barefoot and sells the flowers. The lady thinks people will feel sorry for her and will buy her flowers. A lady buys flowers from her and gives her 100 Rs. The girl goes back to the lady and asks her to take 100 Rs and give 70 Rs. The lady steals 20 Rs and gives 50 Rs to the lady. The lady scolds her and asks her to keep the remaining money as well. She goes when the signal starts.

The girl goes back to the lady and says Maayi you gave me 20 Rs less. The lady says if they steal 20 rs each then it’s 200 from 10 people. The girl says that it is wrong and says that the lady who bought it got mad at her for the 20 Rs, and she will not buy flowers again. The lady asks if she is from the satyavaa family. She asks where she learned these things and asks her to go sell all the flowers. The car stops at the light. The girl asks the lady in the car to give her change, otherwise her mother won’t return the change properly. The girl’s Maayi listens and thinks that she is really from the Satyavaan family. She thinks that her mother must have died while she was telling the truth because of poverty.

Prachi gets out of the car in front of the AK financial. Priya, her assistant, tells her about the meeting. Prachi says the meeting is here not there as they want funding not us. She asks her not to be mistaken and to be careful.

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