Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Pallavi asking Prachi if she can prove she is worthy to be a good Bahu. But, she says that Kohli surname is after your name. She suggests that you impress your guests to make them believe that Pallavi Kohlis is a responsible and good person. Prachi hears her tell Soni that Soni said that she had soaked the chole at just the right time. She states that Rhea will use her main kitchen, while Prachi will use her spare. Prachi is told by Teji that chole batter must be prepared with hands. The guests simply want delicious chole batterura. Dida asks Rhea whether she is a good cook. Rhea replies that she knows how to cook. In these two years, I have learned many things. Teji states that whoever does good chole batura will be declared the best bahu.

Abhi is walking along the lane when he collides with another person. The man asks Abhi if he’s drunk. Abhi then drinks and then scolds him. Rhea asks for help and says that she prefers to do things on her own. He said that Pallavi Maam requested him to help her. Rhea requests him to leave. Prachi requests Soni to bring him some tomatoes. Soni replies that I cannot help you because there is a competition between Rhea, you and me. She responds. Prachi says that Rhea, her sister, is the one who is in competition. It doesn’t matter who gets the keys. Rhea says that Prachi may think there is no competition among the sisters but it does exist between us. She said that she would do anything to beat you. Prachi claims that we are all bahus from the same family. We will not fight and we will stay together. Rhea thinks Rhea is missing Maa or Papa. She believes she will not let her miss her sister mayka, and will not feel any missing in her life. Rhea claims you have taken my Dad and my love, and she likes to be alone. She claims that this time, I will plan and you’ll lose because time has changed. Prachi grabs the kadai, and she finds chole masala more. Rhea is not there so she goes to ask her. She wonders where she went.

Sushma is watching the news, in which Gaurav accuses Pragya molesting. She holds the papers in her hands and believes that Pragya will do this and will be free from all problems. This Gaurav Thapar will also get a fitting reply. She questions Shagun about Pragya, and then she goes to her bedroom. Pragya is currently in her bedroom, thinking about Lawyer’s suggestion. Sushma arrives and says that I have the solution. Tanu is also present. Pragya replies that she doesn’t know how to ask her this question, but that she doesn’t want to speak to her. She claims she gets mad hearing her name, and asks him how can he stay with her. He says that he cannot stand for even 2 minutes. Sushma claims that she was thinking about Lawyer’s advice. Tanu says that this is the only way out of the trap. Pragya tells Pragya that you support her and she asks if she is correct. Sushma requests her to be calm and tells her that this is court papers. Gaurav has filed a case against you. He presses you to calm down and says that there is only one way. This was the way Tanu told him and Lawyer suggested. She claims Lawyer clearly stated to her that we must accept society’s judgment in our favor. She claims Judge is concerned with the thoughts of society. Gaurav is ruining you image. We have to bring your ex-husband back into your life and do as Tanu says. Pragya claims she wants to buy him. I cannot even think of anything. Sushma claims Tanu came to you with this deal. She said that this was a chance for her. Pragya said that I couldn’t do it. Sushma wants to know if there is any problem with Abhi being bought. Pragya states that she doesn’t trust Tanu. Sushma asks Pragya to think about her advantage. She asks if she has read the papers and if so, what did he write. She claims he has video evidence against you. Pragya claims that even I will be able to prove my point. Sushma claims that the case will take a long time and people will have the chance to ruin your image. She said that if your image is damaged, you will also be affected. Pragya said that I won’t be silent and would fight back. She said that my mother taught me how to fight, and she also taught me not to give up. She said that I want you to be happy and will do what is right. She claims that she is a mother and that this is a suggestion from a mother. She claims Tanu is talking to her ex-husband, but I’m talking about buying him.

Prachi visits Rhea to get a manicure and pedicure. She asks you if work has not started yet. Rhea states that she wants to be the best version of herself. Prachi states she wants chole masala but doesn’t want her to take it in her absence. Rhea requests her to get it, but not to be formal. Prachi agrees and says that Pallavi has high expectations from you. She leaves. Rhea is told by the beautician that she will do her manicure after she has done her cooking. Rhea claims she will not cook, but will order at a quality hotel. She threatens Rhea to give her the lowest rating and reminds her that she is a high-paying customer. She requests her to compliment her. The beautician believes you are the worst bahu but says you are a good paying customer. Rhea is happy.

Tanu informs Aaliya she went to Pragya’s house because I had an old relationship with her. Aaliya questions why you went. Tanu said that he was there to help her. She claims she was trying to help them, but it doesn’t work. She claims that she supported Gaurav for his help, but he did not give any money to us. Aaliya wants to know why she did it. Tanu states that Abhi told Tanu that my tongue, mind and brain don’t work together without my advantage. She claims that I went there to obtain money from Pragya. Aaliya questions why Pragya would give you money. Tanu replies that I will sell her husband. Pragya is asked by Sushma if she would buy Abhi. Pragya nods no. Sushma claims it’s a trap. Pragya claims she will fight, and will do the same as Abhimanyu. Sushma questions if you knew what happened to him. She says that sometimes you can delay the fight.