Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Written Update for Kumkum Bhagya on September 22, 2021 Pragya issues a warning. Rhea is dancing in Dida’s room. Rhea, she believes, loves Siddharth and is content with him. Vikram makes a full recovery from his sickness. He informs Dida that he wishes to share Pallavi’s responsibilities. Dida inquires if he only worries about his wife. She cracks jokes in order to make him laugh. She encourages him to keep laughing and staying in shape. He wants to go to the office to see how things are going. He claims that Siddharth is unable to concentrate on his work.

She claims that Siddharth understands the need of balancing job and family life. Siddharth is a diligent worker, he knows. He asks for her permission to go into the study for a while. Siddharth is found napping in the study. They inquire as to why he is sleeping here. Siddharth explains that he had been working hard and had fallen asleep. Siddharth, according to Vikram, is very focused. Dida invites Siddharth to join her for breakfast. Dida becomes concerned for his safety. She wonders if Siddharth and Rhea ever fought. She had no idea why Rhea was so joyful at the time. Baljeet, on the other hand, inquires as to whether Pragya is offended.

Pragya informs them that they must prevent Abhi from drinking. She enlists the assistance of Sushma and Baljeet. Sushma informs her that there is a more pressing issue that requires her immediate attention. Pragya asks her to share things with Baljeet because she is a trustworthy person. Sushma informs her that Tanu and Aaliya are plotting against her. They didn’t come for Abhi, but for money and property, Pragya knows. Tanu is trying to ruin her, she says, but she shouldn’t be concerned. She is certain that she will not allow Tanu and Aaliya to triumph.

Pragya has received their blessings. Rhea is overjoyed to receive the house keys. She keeps her eyes peeled for Ranbir. Breakfast is served by Prachi and Ranbir. Dida notices Rhea and Ranbir bonding. Siddharth invites Dida to accompany him. Dida wishes she was thinking incorrectly. She doesn’t want her reasoning to be proven correct, because that would be unfair to Siddharth. Rhea detects Dida’s scepticism. In front of the family, she treats Siddharth well. She’s hoping to gain Dida’s trust. Dida wants to speak with Prachi and show her how Rhea and Ranbir are connecting.

She doesn’t want the tranquilly of the house to be disturbed. Mitali is looking forward to eating delicious meals for the first time in a long time. She requests that Aaliya allow her to eat whatever she desires. She isn’t fond of the meal. She instructs the servant to prepare nutritious food. The servant expresses regret to them. Tanu and Aaliya reprimand her as if they were the house owners. Tanu assures them that if Baljeet joins their cause, they will be able to resume their previous lives. Tanu informs Abhi that she only listens to Baljeet and that she should avoid siding with Pragya. Baljeet may reconcile Abhi and Pragya, but they must keep Abhi in their grips or they would lose their lavish comforts, according to Aaliya.

Tai ji and Mitali agree to assist them in their scheme. Pragya has become weak as a result of Gaurav’s condition, according to Aaliya, but she will become strong with Abhi’s help. Mitali is adamant about not returning to the chawl. Tanu and Aaliya are asked to share the plan with her. Tai ji reveals that she has a plan to make Baljeet despise Pragya by forcing Abhi and Pragya to fight. Mitali does not believe it is so simple. Tai ji claims to have learned a lot of politics in order to divide and rule. Tanu is pleased to be a part of her team.

Pragya informs Sushma that she obtained the cctv footage and that Abhi’s friend delivered the alcohol crate that evening. She contacts Sumit to find out why Gattu brought the alcohol home with him. She inquires as to why, after apologising, they brought the alcohol. She wishes to dispel her scepticism. Tanu had dispatched Gattu with the alcohol for Abhi, Sumit discovers. She expresses her gratitude for the knowledge he has provided. Tanu had sent the booze to injure Abhi, she says Sushma. She urges Abhi to change his ways and stop drinking. She says she’ll confront Tanu first and teach her a lesson. She meets Tanu to find out why she sent the booze.

Tanu pretends to be attempting to stop Abhi from drinking. Pragya admonishes her to change her ways. Tanu inquires if she has rekindled her feelings for Abhi. Pragya refuses to respond to her. Tanu believes Abhi will be unable to cope without alcohol, so Baljeet will allow him to drink and then Pragya will confront Baljeet. She wants to witness their brawl. Siddharth questions Rhea about why she was so polite to him. She claims that the family was present, and that she was acting polite to keep them from suspecting them. She isn’t bothered by Siddharth’s presence.

She tells him she has no idea what’s going on between them. She admits that she appreciated having her own space and solitude when he left the room. Siddharth is perplexed as to what she desires. She becomes more articulate. She requests that they remain apart. She informs them that they are not intended for each other and that they both require clarity.