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Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Tanu and his family arrive at Pragya’s residence at the start of the episode. Mithali knocks on the door and stands there waiting for someone to open it. Pragya, who has a cone with her, requests that her maid open it. Tanu begins counting down, and the door opens.

Tanu enters the house, believing that it is her ruin that is doing so. Pragya believes she is planning to ruin her, but this is her home and her rules, and her first rule is that she is always the victor. Aliya is the next to arrive, and she believes she is going to take everything from her and toss her out of the house.

Pragya believes she understands what she is thinking and that she enjoys breaking the rules, but this is her home and her rules, and she will not be defeated. Mithali enters the house with a smile on her face and takes a seat on the sofa. Dadi approaches Pragya and requests that she accompany her to Abhi’s room. Pragya asks the maid to tour them around the apartments before leaving with Dadi. Mithali requests breakfast and tea from her.

Dadi is taken to Abhi by Pragya. Abhi is still in a coma. Dida claims she heard him fall down the steps. Tanu is claiming that she attempted to murder Pragya, according to Pragya. Dadi claims that no matter what people say, she will never harm Abhi. She informs her that this is no longer her Pragya and that she has evolved.

Pragya is going to inform Dida about her misunderstanding, but she tells her to forget about it because everything is good now. They hear Abhi, and Dadi joins Abhi on the couch. He would have drunk a lot, she claims, and that’s why he tumbled down the steps. Abhi inquires if Pragya has complained to her about him.

She didn’t, according to Dadi. She explains that they are staying with the family since Pragya has requested Tanu and everyone else to come here because she has asked her to send him but she has refused because she wants to keep him with her. Pragya is the focus of Abhi’s attention. From there, Dadi departs. Abhi informs her that Dadi believes she loves him, but this is not the case. From there, Pragya emerges.

Tanu informs Aliya that she does not have faith in Mithali. Aliya assures her that they both trust each other and that they will stick by each other because Pragya is their common adversary. Tanu tells her that if she follows the plan, they will soon rob Pragya of everything she owns and reduce her to a pauper. Sushma is aware of them and recalls Pragya’s comments. Pragya is both a daughter and a wife, and she knows how to protect her home, so she believes they can’t do anything to her.

Rhea wakes up and looks out the window at the rain. She recalls Ranbir’s comments and declares that her goal is to hear him say “Love you.” She believes he is thinking about her right now.

Ranbir is absorbed in his thoughts. Rhea’s words stick with him. Prachi approaches him and inquires whether he is thinking about Rhea. He inquires as to how she came to know. Siddharth was sleeping outside, according to Shs. She inquires, but he refuses to answer. He claims that their connection is based on their love for each other, but that is not the case for everyone. He hugs her on the side. The screen becomes unresponsive.


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