Kumkum Bhagya Jan 20, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with the goon shouting that they came with the police, Ranbir and Prachi assure that it is not the case, Prachi asks Aaliya to return the child, the family arrives and everyone also asks her to return the child but Aaliya refuses to believe anyone, she asks if everyone thinks she is foolish enough to listen to her lies because they already sent her to prison, Aaliya threatens to throw the child into the river, Prachi and Ranbir slowly start walking towards Aaliya when she keeps giving her steps back, Aaliya accidentally throws the child after hitting a rock, the family in between is stunned, Ranbir manages to prevent Prachi from jumping into the river, Aaliya tries her best to run away while Prachi is knocked unconscious.

Prachi is unconscious, Aaryn arrives informing that the doctor said Prachi is fine but she needs to not feel any stress, Rhea exclaims that she is going with the police as he has formed a search party, Ranbir offers to go with her but she replies that he needs to stay with Prachi.

Prachi suddenly gets up explaining that she has to go find her daughter but Ranbir says she needs to rest and she is not well, Prachi questions how he can behave like that because he is a father too so he needs to look for his daughter but he is not doing anything, Ranbir replies that even he can blame her because she tried to be too smart and her actions caused this, Ranbir explains that she sent her to prison, Prachi asks how can he say that when she is the mother, he her fault . Prachi questions why he came when Aaliya asked her to come alone but he came followed with the rest of the family and didn’t stay behind, Ranbir explains that he just wanted to save his daughter, Prachi sits on the sofa exclaiming now that he should to bring back his daughter, Ranbir breaks down emotionally. Prachi still blames her but Pallavi angrily exclaims that enough is enough, she mentions that everything happened because of Prachi and her family son is dead, Prachi asks her not to talk like that as her daughter is still alive. Ranbir asks how she can think well when her daughter of a day fell from such a height that both of them would not be able to survive, Ranbir angrily says that she is the reason why he lost his daughter, Prachi asks Ranbir not to talk like that because the same situations can happen, Ranbir angrily asks if she would leave but he explains that this time it will end everything between the two, he mentions that she already signed the divorce papers so she needs to leave his house, he says everything is over between the two. Prachi tries to clear up, however Ranbir refuses to listen to anything saying it’s over, Prachi slowly leaves the house. Shahana asks Ranbir what he is doing, he scolds her instructing if he wants to leave then he can go with Prachi, Ranbir is heartbroken and sister on the sofa.

Prachi once again arrives at the bridge, calling out to her daughter assuring her that she will find her, Prachi exclaims that she won’t be able to live either if she can’t find her daughter, Prachi is frantically searching in the middle of the road when she arrives hit by a truck and falls into the river, the police inspector tries to save her but fails to do anything.

Ranbir in shock throws the phone, everyone asks what happened when Ranbir exclaims that she fell into the same river her daughter fell into and the Inspector said her body was not moving so she died, Shahana asks if he is happy because her anger caused all this, she runs out of the house explaining how she is feeling suffocated here, Ranbir also runs out.

Ranbir reaches the bridge as the police try to stop him but he mentions that Prachi is his wife, they mention that they already called the professional divers but the flow of the water is too fast so the body would have gone too far, Ranbir leaves blaming the police for being unable to do anything.

Pallavi calls rhea who is driving the car, she informs that Prachi had an accident on hearing that Rhea is stunned, asking how it happened. Pallavi replies that she doesn’t know anything, only that the inspector called informing her that he saw Prachi on the same bridge where the baby fell in the accident. Pallavi explains that she is very scared for Ranbir, rhea asks her to stay calm as she was already with the police and will try to find Ranbir.

Ranbir while driving the car thinks about when his daughter was born, he informed Prachi that this child will be the beginning of his family, he is constantly thinking about all the time he spent with Prachi, he cannot think of anyone, Ranbir loses focus and suffers an accident. Rhea manages to see Ranbir unconscious in the car, she quickly runs to try and wake him up but he is unresponsive.

Rhea is with Ranbir, who is still unconscious, she immediately calls Prachi ad Dida as he slowly wakes up, Ranbir is constantly asking after Prachi and her son, Pallavi explains that they couldn’t find her, Ranbir vows to find both of them alone, in the However Dida says that they died but Ranbir refuses to believe it, Pallavi tries to convince him that they died, she informs him that they searched for five hundred kilometers and no one was found, Pallavi hesitantly explains that only a woman’s corpse was found and it was ruined inasmuch as they could not recognize it. Dida reveals that they even performed the last rites, Ranbir however mentions that he wants his Prachi, but Pallavi asks who he would go there for, Ranbir once again falls unconscious.

Six years later, trumpets sound in the Mandir.

Ranbir is trying to find someone a dress when the seller asks if it wouldn’t be long for a child, but Ranbir mentions that she is now six, so it would fit her perfectly.

A girl runs to hug her mother, she feels emotional saying that she has grown a lot, the girl replies that her Bau jee says that she has grown a lot. Prachi leaves explaining that he has a surprise for her, she brings the thali showing that he brought a lot of things for her, the girl however says that her father said he would bring the Chuniri for her, Prachi mentions that he knows his father’s choice is not good so she would wear anything of her choice as she even has earrings.

Ranbir is also sorting things out, he even demands the bracelets for his daughter, the seller asks if he is sure it would be the right size, Ranbir is sure, Prachi also takes off the bracelets.

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