Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bhagya Kumkum Updated on October 1st, 2021 Rhea makes a promise. Rhea and Prachi’s outburst of rage is all in their heads. Rhea can’t stand Ranbir’s enmity. When Ranbir informs her that he despises her and never wants to see her face again, her imagination is shattered. Rhea doesn’t want her squabbles to become serious and enrage Ranbir. The overly dramatic scenario is finally finished. Prachi fears Rhea is changing, while Rhea intends to kidnap Ranbir. Aaliya dials Rhea’s number and informs her of a plan to carry out. They come up with a plot to stop Prachi. Pragya never loved Rhea, Aaliya says Rhea; she just loves Prachi. She explains that they must eliminate Pragya by focusing on her vulnerability, Prachi.

Rhea recognises Prachi as Pragya’s Achilles’ Heel. Prachi will be destroyed, according to Aaliya, if she loses her husband Ranbir. She goes on to say that they must attack Pragya’s weakness because if Prachi is injured, Pragya will suffer greatly. She tells Rhea that she wants to crush Prachi’s heart by separating Ranbir and her. Rhea makes the decision to wreck Prachi’s life. She swears to kidnap Ranbir and Abhi from Prachi and Pragya, respectively. Rhea swears to reclaim Ranbir and Abhi, the two people in her life who mean the most to her. What does Rhea want to do with Ranbir while in Bangalore? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Continue reading for a complete update.

Prachi is defended by Dida. Pallavi claims that Rhea has always been her favourite. Pragya loves Prachi, she says, and she sacrificed Rhea’s happiness for Prachi’s sake. Prachi, she claims, did not intervene in Ranbir’s marriage to Rhea since she knew he was going to marry her. Prachi is labelled as egotistical by her. Prachi’s egotistical decision, she claims, wrecked the two families. She accuses Prachi in the same way as Rhea does. Vikram tells Ranbir that he may marry anybody he wants, but he regrets losing Abhi. Prachi, he believes, is unlucky for them. Dida warns them not to make fun of Prachi. Pallavi thinks of Rhea as the house’s Bahu, someone who wants what’s best for her. Ranbir talks about how he has the right to assist his wife.

He claims that Prachi is the reason they are all together. Prachi, he continues, has always wanted him to return to his family; she has never taken the insult to heart, and she has always wanted him to reunite with his parents. He was well aware that his parents did not accept Prachi with open arms. He is well aware of Prachi’s humiliation as a result of Rhea’s actions. He can’t take any more of his wife’s insults. He makes the decision to leave the house. He asks Dida not to intervene. Prachi is crying when he discovers her. He informs her that his family does not value her and that she should not mourn over them.

Prachi is very important to him. Rhea prevents them from departing. She informs Ranbir that he has always stood up for Prachi, even when she isn’t around. She inquires as to why he can notice Prachi’s insult but not her/grief. Rhea’s She requests that he respond to her. She claims that everyone is aware of her feelings for him, which is why they were planning to marry. Prachi snatched her affection, she adds. Rhea is asked by Ranbir not to repeat this in order to offend Prachi. Rhea claims that it isn’t her or the families’ fault. She tells him that it was only because of Prachi that she was able to get away from Ranbir. She explains that her love wasn’t one-sided; Ranbir adored her as well, and the two agreed that he would woo Prachi before breaking her heart.

Ranbir confesses that he was stupid when he accepted to her offer, but he later fell in love with Prachi. He laments that Rhea forced him to make his life’s most beautiful mistake: he fell in love with Prachi while pretending to love her. Unlike Rhea, he thinks Prachi is the best girl in the world. Prachi, he says, isn’t aware of manipulations or machinations; she only knows how to love. He explains why he chose Prachi rather than Rhea. He apologises to Prachi for not informing her sooner. Prachi inquires if Rhea used to despise her so intensely that she hired Ranbir to exact vengeance. Rhea is the one who reveals the past truths.

Prachi believes she was mistaken in believing Rhea had changed. Rhea, she knows, is still the same. Prachi grabbed her love, and Pragya snatched her father, therefore Rhea accepts that she is still the same Rhea. She understands that Abhi would never be satisfied with Pragya, who will never be able to provide him with true happiness. Rhea is asked by Prachi not to get in the way of Abhi and Pragya. Pragya took Abhi home to save him from his alcoholism, she claims. Pragya wants to kill Abhi, Rhea says. Prachi cautions her not to spit poison at Pragya. She chastises Rhea for her errors. She claims that Rhea lacks a true heart, that she abducted Ranbir, and that she just knows how to despise everyone and make them into her adversaries. She predicts that Rhea will perish in the flames of her rage.

She claims that Rhea exploited her as well, asking her to abandon Ranbir and give up her love. She goes on to say that Rhea is only using them for herself. Rhea had kept the condition in front of her, she claims. She yells that Rhea can’t stand seeing Abhi happy and that she intended to keep Abhi and Pragya apart. She declares that she believes Rhea will change, but Rhea can’t be loyal to anyone unless her parents are loyal to her. In rage, she curses Rhea. She severs her relations with Rhea after the latter disparaged Pragya.

Prachi apologises to Ranbir for concealing Rhea’s illness in order to reunite her parents. Ranbir requests that her refrain from apologising. Prachi, who sacrificed her love for her parents, is praised by Ranbir. He chastises Rhea. Rhea is told by Ranbir and Prachi that they despise her. Rhea weeps bitter tears. She tells Ranbir that she loves him. She begs Ranbir not to abandon her and leave. Rhea yells, and her imagination comes to an end. Prachi asks if she’s all right. Rhea is in control of her rage since she is aware of the implications. She doesn’t want to lose Ranbir, therefore she wants to be close to him. She confides in Aaliya in order to calm down.

Rhea informs Aaliya that if she tells her the reason, she can provide her a means to regulate her wrath. Rhea says she’ll take out her rage on someone since she can’t stand Abhi working as Pragya’s servant. Aaliya promises that if she becomes enraged, she will not tell her anything. She advises Rhea to channel her rage against Pragya by focusing on Prachi. Rhea agrees to back Tanu and Aaliya in their fight with Prachi and Pragya. She swears she’ll win Ranbir.