Kumkum Bhagya Jan 19, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Aaliya asking the henchman where is Madan? She says she needs to make calls. Aaliya takes her phone and breaks it. She then slaps him. Madan arrives there and brings Aaliya a new phone. Aaliya asks why he had a phone. She hears someone coming and hides. Rhea arrives there with the police. She thinks I never thought you’d side with Prachi. Inspector tells Rhea no one is here? Rhea gets teary-eyed when she sees the crib there. Aaliya is in the car and tells Rhea, you didn’t do the right thing. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks her to bring the girl back, and tells her that she is an innocent child. Aaliya says that even you were innocent but now you are not innocent nor mine. She says you went to enemies. Rhea says you can do anything to me but leave the baby and give her back. Aaliya says I will do harm to you too, as your blood and Prachi’s blood are the same.
Rhea says that she is proud to share the same blood as Prachi and praises her. Aaliya says what you came for. Rhea asks her to leave the baby and says we’ll do what you say. She says it’s a small baby and says I’m sure you won’t do anything wrong. Aaliya says I don’t want to see either of you happy. She says you are listening to me for the last time, I will never call you. Rhea cries and says Buji. Aaliya says you’ll see my bad side and says anyone who hurts me regrets it later.

Nurse asks Prachi to take medicine. Prachi takes medicine. Ranbir asks if Prachi is going to rest. The nurse says she’s going to sleep too. Rhea tells the inspector that Aaliya was just here and threatened her. The inspector says we should go home. Rhea says no, let’s search the baby. The inspector says that Aaliya will call the demand. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will go out and see. Prachi checks the time. He goes back for the phone. Prachi says that she is feeling strange, she has no energy and strength and she cannot breathe and she is sleepy. Ranbir says that very soon you will be normal. Prachi says my baby. She asks him to leave and close the door. Ranbir leaves and closes the door.

Rhea calls Pallavi and says she was just there and ran away. Ranbir asks if she was there. Rhea says yes. The inspector says she got out of there. Prachi’s phone rings. Aaliya calls her and tells Prachi. Prachi says Buji. Aaliya asks how you are feeling after becoming a mother for the first time. Prachi asks her to leave her daughter and apologizes to her. She begs in front of her to leave her daughter. Aaliya says that she couldn’t appreciate this sight. She is standing on the bridge and asks if she can stay with you for an hour. Prachi says if anything happens to my daughter I will take her life. Aaliya says you’re speaking my language and says I don’t know what you told your sister she has it against me. Prachi pleads in front of her. Aaliya asks her to come there in 10 minutes. She says you have to come alone, if someone else comes with you then you know what can happen. Rhea says I just want to help everyone. Ranbir asks how you can help. Pallavi asks what you are saying. Ranbir says that Prachi is screaming even in this condition. Pallavi says that everything will be fine. He says thank God, Prachi is not here, she must be screaming, and says that she was given sedatives and slept for some time. Prachi is behind and hears them. She thinks she threw up. She blames him in her heart and says that this time, her heart won’t be the same.

Ranbir says I don’t trust anyone and will go look for her. Pallavi says at least you’ve seen her, but we haven’t seen even a glimpse of her. Ranbir says that now Aaliya Buji also hates Rhea, along with Prachi and says that he will never forgive her. Prachi says because of me and Rhea?

The inspector gets a call and leaves. He sees Prachi leaving in his car. He leaves and tells them that Prachi left. Aaliya calls Ranbir and asks if he is enjoying it. Ranbir says it’s a big sin and this game will cost you dearly. Aaliya says I’m loving it. She says that Prachi doesn’t love you. Ranbir says tell me softly, where are you? Aaliya says I asked Prachi not to tell anyone, and she hasn’t even told you. She asks him to go there with the family and asks her not to bring the police otherwise she will fall into the ghaat. Ranbir says no, I will. The inspector says we have to go with you, that woman is crazy. Ranbir asks them not to come as he cannot take any risks. The inspector says we should go and make the mission impossible.

Prachi arrives at the place and calls Aaliya and Panchi. She finds the crib empty. Aaliya says I’m here. Prachi asks her to give her baby. Aaliya says I will give it, I asked you not to call the family, then I called the family to the party too. She says there will be good news for the party. She gives the baby to Madan. Prachi asks her to give the baby to her. Aaliya asks if she wants the baby dead or alive. Prachi lands on her feet and asks her to leave the baby. Aaliya asks her to give and take. She asks her to sign the papers. Prachi signs. Aaliya asks her to ask first what are these papers? Prachi signs. Aaliya says they are property papers that Abhi has appointed for you. She then gets her signs on the divorce papers. Prachi asks her to give her baby. Aaliya asks what is her name? Panchi. She says she is very pretty and stops giving her the baby. Ranbir asks her to return his daughter to him and asks her to do anything with him. He says return our daughter to us and beg in front of her. Aaliya says her father didn’t know her mother signed the divorce papers. She says her parents love you very much. The goons see the police and tell Aaliya.
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