Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The episode begins with Pragya being advised by the lawyer to marry her first husband, and then to stay with him again in order to save her reputation. Sushma questions if the Lawyer has lost it and if he is a lawyer or pandit for suggesting that Pragya marry her husband. She tells her senior lawyer that this case belongs to him and asks him to send it. She said it seemed you didn’t get the case. This is the best way to save the case and image. The lawyer states that my job is to give advice. Sushma wants to know if this is the right advice. According to the lawyer, this is India. He says that the trial takes place in society, before the court. Society gives everyone the same view. He claims Gaurav has attacked you and your image, and wants to ruin your image so that society doesn’t think you are wrong. She claims the case will lose before it is brought to court. If you call my senior, or CM, then you won’t be able to win the case. He leaves. Pragya is asked by Sushma to not go to work today. She needs to rest. She takes her along.

Abhi waits patiently for Pragya. He hears Nihaal speaking to employees about Pragya. Abhi listens to him and asks, “What are you saying about Pragya Maam?” Nihaal claims you are her bodyguard, and that you didn’t know. He claims Gaurav sir said in the media conference to the Media Pragya Madam had molest him. Abhi questions the absurdity and grabs his collar.

Nihaal asked him if he would show an attitude about everyone being her bodyguard and he said he wasn’t making any news, just telling what he saw on news. He said that if he had seen the news, he would have told the exact same. He claims Pragya Madam doesn’t have come to the office. If she does, then she must hear the taunts. He said that we were just discussing it. Abhi claims that you are slandering her because of her job. Your house is run. He asks him if he’ll also joke about his family members. He says that your boss is someone’s child and, more importantly, she is a woman. Therefore, he will be respected. He tells them to return to their cabins. Nihaal apologizes and leaves.

Pragya thinks about Abhi. Abhi calls Pragya. She glances at her phone and recalls Gaurav’s victory to save her. She remembers Sushma’s words, but she doesn’t pick up the call. He believes Pragya isn’t picking my call, and he thinks she must have been very hurt.

Pragya is approached by Shagun, who informs her that someone has arrived to meet with her. Pragya requests her to invite Sushma to meet this person. Shagun says that Sushma met Gaurav. Pragya agrees to meet her. Gaurav is greeted by Aaliya who says that she came to inform him why he should give them money. Gaurav looks tensed. Aaliya asks Gaurav if he is afraid from the inside. He tells her to come in, and then tells her that he doesn’t fear her. After arranging the money, he tells her that he will give her some money. Tanu asks her to stay away from him because she acts as if she is buying me. She tells him that she has a huge plan and needs money to implement it. He wants to know what the plan is. Aaliya tells him that she will tell him when he gives the money. She looks up and sees Gaurav’s dad. Mr Mahesh Thappar. Gaurav is asked by her if he’s his son. Gaurav asks her why she is shocked. Mahesh asks Aaliya to forget what happened. Aaliya said that my business and life were destroyed because of you. Mahesh said that he understands how difficult the past years were for him. Gaurav said you claimed that Pragya had ruined you. Aaliya claims Pragya is responsible to mental fall. However, due to your Papa we have lost all our business. She claims that the singer who filed case against us had bribed your father. We received many complaints about our company because of your father. She claims that your Papa also bribed employees. Mahesh Thappar claims it’s business. I didn’t see my downfall, and that’s what caused your real downfall. Aaliya questions why our company is so successful. Mahesh claims that your company was at the top, and we want to be there. This is the case from 2 years ago, when our company performance in India was poor. Mahesh says your company was on top and we wanted to be there.

Pragya descends to the basement and spots someone in darkness. Tanu turns around and walks in front of Pragya. Pragya remembers Tanu’s taunts. She believes that if she comes to laugh at me, then she will cry from here. Aaliya returns home and asks Mitali whether she saw Tanu. Mitali replies that this is a small house and even a needle can be found. Tanu is not here. She claims there is peace here which is why she was wearing her favorite saree. She asked me if she was going to be a supermodel. She replied that she would change her destiny. Aaliya believes Tanu will go to Gaurav to make money, but she thinks she has a better way to do so. Mitali asks her to chop the tomatoes for dal. Aaliya replies that it is your job to prepare food.

Pragya said that if you’ve come to laugh at my foolishness, then it is your foolishness. Tanu questions why you think I am laughing at you. Pragya claims that your face is visible and suggests that you may have seen the news, which could explain why she laughed. Pragya says that this is real Pragya. She can be concerned, but she’s not afraid. She begs her to go. Tanu replies that she didn’t come to laugh, but to help. Pragya said that I really know you. Tanu said that if someone knows me better than Abhi or Aaliya, it would be you. As enemies, we have a great relationship. She claims that she has seen the news and learned about your struggles. She states that if the case is brought to court, you will be asked such questions in court. She claims she made an offer to you and, in order to protect your business and respect, I can…Pragya requests her to leave. Tanu said that she came to your aid. Aaliya calls someone to ask if Tanu has come to their home. Then, she asks Mitali to search her again at the mall. Abhi questions what they are talking about. Mitali claims Tanu is missing. Abhi requests her to find Tanu. Aaliya claims she called Gaurav but she isn’t there. Mitali is sent to search Tanu by Aaliya. Abhi remembers Gaurav and asks Aaliya, “How did you find Gaurav?” Aaliya replies that she doesn’t know her. Abhi requests her to stop lying.

Pragya is told by Tanu that she knows she is in a trap. She states that you will need to be aided by someone in order to free yourself. Pragya said that even if you are drowning, I won’t hold your hand. Tanu asks you what you will do. She says that the more you use your legs and hands, the more you drown. She assures you that you will find the shore that can rescue you. She said that she is not asking for you to hold mine, but to hold the hand of someone else. She claims that I came to make your husband mine. Pragya is stunned. Tanu claims that I came to make your husband yours. He was once your husband. She said that she is not having sympathy for her, but that it is not like that. She claims that I am doing it because nobody understands me. If you are willing to pay the right price, he will become your husband. Sushma arrives and hears her. Tanu said that you won’t refuse my chance because this is your advantage. She claims that this society is male-dominated and will not allow you to survive. She states that you must change your marital status. Gaurav has told her that you molested Gaurav. If your husband stands by you, then no one will say anything. Pragya requests Tanu to get out and shuts the door. Tanu asks Tanu if he is mad and replies that he can marry Abhi if he sells.

Abhi questions Aaliya about Gaurav’s life. He asks Aaliya, “How did she know Gaurav?” Aaliya imagines a story. She claims that the mistake was not hers. It was all our fault. Our music company went bankrupt. Abhi asks how can you get to know Gaurav. Aaliya said that you need to hear all the details to understand. She claims she had some clues a few days ago, and that she was able to follow them to discover that someone had conspired to ruin our music company. She said that she was not certain who had ruined it. But, the person has now confessed that they bribed the music composer, singer and other people to ruin us. Abhi questions who that was?