Kumkum Bhagya Jan 18, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Aaliya telling Prachi that she will use her daughter against her like she used Rhea. She says that when you don’t see your daughter with you, you lose consciousness. She says bye Ranbir and Prachi, you two will hear from me again for sure. Prachi is semi-conscious and sees Aaliya carrying her daughter, and her words echo in her ears. Rhea is stuck in traffic and asks people to move their cars. She starts to run. Pallavi asks Shahana to eat cake from Ranbir and Prachi’s sides. Shahana says I will make them receive it directly. Dida gives her plate of cake. Shahana asks why you made me eat cake and laddoo. Dida says so that you look like a good family. Rhea hitches a ride on a motorcyclist and asks him to take her to the hospital. The doctor tells Pallavi that cake is not allowed. Pallavi says we are very happy. The doctor asks them to go home and do it. Dida says we’ll do more at home. She asks her to smile and makes her eat cake. Doctor smiles. Aryan thinks I wish Mom was like Aunt Dida and Pallavi. Shahana is coming. Aaliya stops seeing her. Rhea asks the biker to go fast. Pallavi says we’ll go find Prachi. Nurse asks Pallavi to get her cell phone. Pallavi and Dida take out their cell phones. Shahana asks Aaliya if the girl is from Prachi. Aaliya ignores it and leaves. Pallavi says so many missed calls from Rhea. Dida says even I got her missed calls. Pallavi says I hope nothing bad happened. Aaliya is seeing the girl and stops seeing them. Rhea arrives at the hospital and runs straight through. She doesn’t see Aaliya. The doctor asks Aaliya to come, thinking her to be a nurse. Aaliya stops. Rhea comes up to Pallavi and Dida and asks where are they? They go to Prachi and Ranbir’s room. Aaliya goes to the doctor. The doctor asks Shilpa, why are you so different and where are you taking the girl.

Aryan and Shahana go to the infirmary and see Prachi and Ranbir sleeping. Shahana says how can they sleep. Rhea asks Shahana to wake them up and says that Buji has kidnapped the baby and knocked them unconscious. She says I’ll go look for her. She goes. Pallavi and Dida come there. They all wake up Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir gains consciousness. Prachi gains consciousness and says that Aaliya Buji came here and asks where my daughter is. She runs out of the ward. Ranbir runs after her. The doctor asks where you are taking the baby. Rhea calls Buji. Aaliya leaves. She collides with a nurse, sits in the cab and drives away. Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir leave.

They look for Aaliya and her baby. Prachi asks Ranbir why he didn’t protect the baby and starts blaming him. Ranbir says I was unconscious like you, why are you blaming me. Pallavi says that Aaliya is not here. Dida says she took the baby with her. Prachi blames Ranbir and says why you left her alone it is her duty to protect her. Ranbir said that I was unconscious in front of her. Prachi blames him for asking her to take the injection. Ranbir says how do i know she was aaliya buji. Rhea says it’s not her mistake, nobody knows she will do such a thing. A nurse who collided with Aaliya tells Ranbir that she went that way and they can catch her at the signal. Prachi runs. Ranbir asks the family to return home and says he will bring his daughter back. He promises them and goes. Prachi comes to the signal. Aaliya asks the driver to drive. He says he has to follow the sign. Aaliya tells the baby that she will be used to emotions. Prachi asks the people if you have seen my girl. Aaliya hears her and thinks that she woke up so early. She thinks if they see me, I’ll be dead. Prachi passes by from there but doesn’t see Aaliya as she is lying on the seat. All cars start and leave. Prachi sits on the road and shouts Panchi. Rhea arrives there in the car. Ranbir and Prachi are sitting in the car. Aaliya arrives at the warehouse and asks her henchmen to bring her baby’s crib. She asks the baby not to trust her and says I can make you fall through the air and then fail to catch you. She says you’re scared.

Ranbir calls the police. The police asks the officer to take two ready teams. He informs another inspector. Ranbir asks Prachi to calm down. Prachi says first bring her then I will be fine. She says I’m not like you. Ranbir says why are you saying like it’s my fault. She blames him for doing nothing. She says you know Aaliya buji has been transferred to another prison, you would have to do something and call security. Rhea says no one thought this would happen. Ranbir says I was unconscious with you, what could I do. He asks her to calm down. Prachi says not to ask me to calm down. Ranbir says if I had known she was coming she would have died but would have saved my daughter. Prachi says I will say this many times as my daughter is not with me. Ranbir says because of her as Aaliya Buji wanted to take revenge on you. He says he doesn’t mean it and apologizes. Prachi says you said that and he feels pain in his stomach. Pallavi scolds Ranbir for saying so much. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir to bring his daughter. Rhea asks Ranbir to take her to her room. Ranbir takes her to the bedroom. Rhea calls the doctor. The police inspector arrives there. Pallavi and Dida tell them that Ranbir’s baby has been kidnapped. The inspector asks if they have any questions about anyone. Rhea says it’s confirmed and says that Aaliya kidnapped her and shows her a picture. Aryan says she is my mother. Rhea says I know where she went. Pallavi, Shahana and others say they will also come. Rhea says Aaliya has two godowns. The inspector says he brought two teams.

Ranbir tells Prachi that the nurse is coming. Prachi says that she wants my daughter back and cries. Pallavi, Shahana and others go to Aaliya’s house, and Rhea goes to the warehouse. Rhea calls Pallavi and asks if Aaliya has been found. Pallavi says no and says he doesn’t know where she took the baby.

Precap: Aaliya calls Prachi and says I’ll make you talk to your daughter. Prachi says that she will come. The police, Ranbir and others overhear them. Aaliya says not to bring the cops, if I see any cops the little baby will fall down the drain.

Update credit to: Sidra