Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Dida arriving at Prachi’s bedroom and seeing Prachi crying while holding Prachi’s photo frame. Dida asks Dida if she misses her. Prachi said that she misses her every day, but it makes her feel like crying. Dida wants to know if Prachi is afraid of being scolded. Prachi replies that Mummy is older than me so she can scold you. She also tells Dida that she did such hard work to get scolded. She claims she trusted me but I fell in front of everyone. She claims that I have damaged the image of the house. It is good that Rhea managed it. Dida asks Prachi for help and Pallavi is grateful. Prachi assures me that I will not do it again. Dida says that you are holding your mother’s picture while saying this. Prachi looks out the window and states that Prachi is right. My mother taught me to persevere through all my problems. Dida states that Pragya seems to be standing before her. She asks Dida if she can make chole. Prachi said yes, but not as market. Dida said it would be delicious. Prachi is grateful for her support. Dida promises to support Prachi until her death. Prachi hugs her. Rhea stares at them and believes she will get the keys. Ranbir returns home and embraces Dida. He inquires about the guests. Dida replies that everyone was there. She asks him to meet Prachi. She asks him how to keep her happy. Ranbir asks her how to make her happy. Dida said, “Shall I teach you.” Ranbir said that Prachi makes Ranbir happy. Dida said that a happy house makes everyone happy. Soni asks him where Prachi is. Soni replies that Prachi is in the kitchen. Ranbir claims she is making tea for me. Soni claims she is checking the bulb. Ranbir questions Soni if she’s an electrician. Dida tells Ranbir that she is sarvagun-sampan. Ranbir enters the kitchen and grabs Rhea thinking she is Prachi. He says, “I missed you” and then asks her why she hasn’t called. He said it seemed like he hadn’t seen her in years. Prachi arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Ranbir hugging Rhea. Rhea replies, “Ranbir, it’s me.” She turns around and walks back. Ranbir is stunned and says sorry Rhea. Ranbir attempts to clarify while Prachi is upset. Rhea enters her bedroom and feels his touch. She becomes restless, and she goes to the bathroom. She cries and sits down.

Ranbir arrives in the room and clarifies that he had asked Soni about Soni when he returned home. He claims Soni told him that you were in the kitchen, and that’s why he thought it would be a surprise for you. He said that he sees your face in every girl. Prachi said that this has been going on since the beginning and that’s why he hugged Rhea. He is asked not to do it in front of her. Ranbir said that love is a constant source of happiness. She said, “I know you love me so much that I call you many times and keep you in your thoughts and heart.” Ranbir said, “How can you believe that I can hug Rhea?” Prachi asks when did you say that? Prachi says she was clarifying when I was leaving the kitchen. He asks him if he is not upset with me. Prachi asks, “Why will you be?” Ranbir questions Ranchi if she doesn’t doubt him. Prachi reminds Ranbir of his words. Prachi asks her why she reacted that way. Prachi claims she was just teasing him. Prachi says that when you love, then trust me. She tells him that she cannot believe that Rhea will do anything because she has been changed. She is aware that her love is now her sister’s husband. She claims she doesn’t want Ranbir, and she helped her today. I am telling her that she has changed. Ranbir said that he is happy that Ranbir got mayka and sasural and that he is happy for you to be with Rhea. He said that Sid is no longer between them after Sid’s wedding. Prachi claims he wants to marry a girl like me. Ranbir claims Rhea isn’t like an old girl. She was after me and now she is your jethani.

Rhea lies on her back, thinking of Ranbir. Sid approaches Rhea and asks her if she’s sleeping. Sid asks her if she is sleeping. Sid places blanket over her and lies beside her. Rhea takes the blanket off her. Sid believes that the room is cold and she doesn’t need to cover herself.

Ranbir awakens in the night to find Prachi missing from his bed. He finds Prachi learning how to make chole batterura and he comes to her. Prachi tells Prachi that Mummy gave them the task of making chole batura for special guests at tomorrow’s lunch. He said that you haven’t done anything for me before. Prachi states that I know you won’t get upset with me, that you will love me and that that’s why there is no need for me to put in any extra effort. Ranbir claims that my love is taken as a given. Prachi claims it isn’t like that. She says the husband and wife’s relationship are such, no matter what happens, bitterness doesn’t come. But in other relationships, she must put all her efforts. She claims that Mummy has accepted me and considered me her bahu. She says she is willing to make extra efforts to cheer her up. Ranbir said that my mother’s anger is similar to hot oil, which stays hot for a longer time. Prachi claims all mothers are the same. I know she is angry with me and she will be happy tomorrow. Ranbir said that we would sleep. They lay down on the beds. Rhea lays down on the bed, thinking about Ranbir’s words.

Pragya is leaving. Shagun attempts to stop Pragya and asks her to leave the back door. Pragya ignores her suggestions, and opens the main entrance. Media stands in front of her and asks her questions, including what her next move will be. Pragya assures her that you will find out soon as lies can’t be sustained for too long. Another reporter claims that Gaurav is calling you a liar. Another reporter questions Pragya about the many marriages she has had in self defense. Pragya is stunned and states that she doesn’t have to answer for anything. The reporter claims Gaurav thapar was right. You are aggressive and can do any thing in anger. Pragya tells them to get away. Shagun and the Lawyer try to get them out. Lawyer shuts the door and tells Pragya she will not speak to the media in that manner. Sushma takes Pragya inside. She is told by the lawyer that she will not be aggressive and that she will refrain from answering any questions. Pragya claims they wanted to make Pragya angry so they could tell a new story. Pragya is asked to take a major action. Sushma said that the senior lawyer we have hired suggested our name because you are an expert. Media is multipliing Gaurav’s stories and making it up. Pragya claims she already knew this. She wants to know what we will do. The lawyer said that if media are not allowed to speak, it will save your respect.