Kumkum Bhagya Jan 17, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Dida and Pallavi giving everyone in the hospital laddoos. Shahana and Aryan go there. Shahana says that Ranbir took the cakes. Pallavi and Dida say that the laddoos are needed to share the good news. Aryan says we’ve done so much unnecessary hard work to bring the knife. Shahana says let’s celebrate with laddoos and cake. She says that Ranbir said that Dida and Aunty Pallavi will cut the cake. Pallavi asks what is our cake? Shahana says all 9 cakes. Aryan says it took 9 months to come. They cut the cakes. Dida says they won’t have any bad eyesight. Aaliya overhears them and says that she is not a witch to leave 7 houses but she is Aaliya and does not leave her own family. Shahana goes to her and offers her a piece of cake. Aaliya takes it and goes. Dida gets the call from Vikram and asks him to age as the little angel came to their house. Aryan says that Dida shouldn’t have said that and tells Pallavi that she too will grow old. Pallavi says that she is thinking of calling Rhea as this happiness came in her life because of her otherwise Aaliya would have ruined everything. She calls Rhea and tells her that Prachi has given birth to a daughter and tells her that she has become Maasi. Rhea is happy. Pallavi asks her to go to the hospital and wish for Prachi. Rhea says that she cannot come and asks pallavi to wish Prachi. Pallavi asks her to come and forget the past and celebrate happiness. Rhea gets teary-eyed. The call ends. Pallavi says she would, if Rhea hadn’t done this then she would be with us and celebrating. Ranbir shows the moon and star pendant on the chain and says it’s for our daughter and says it’s like her birthmark. Prachi teases him by saying that he thought it was for her. She says she’s kidding and asks him to bring her. Ranbir takes the baby and hands it to Prachi. He then makes her wear the chain and pendant, and says that now the baby will have no claim on her.

Aaliya arrives there as a nurse and says that the doctor asked her to give the injection. Prachi says the doctor didn’t say. Ranbir says you bear so much pain, accept it. Aaliya gives her injection. Prachi faints. Ranbir calls her and thinks that she slept tired. Aaliya then pierces the injection into her neck and he immediately passes out as well. The baby starts to cry. Aaliya puts the baby to sleep and takes him in her hands.

Dida and Pallavi give everyone a cake. A patient eats the cake. The nurse tries to stop her. Pallavi and Dida thank you for sharing your happiness. Shahana and Aryan ask Pallavi to dance. Aaliya tells the baby that she is very beautiful and says that she will not apply black tika on her but just kiss her. She says that she loves her very much and says that she had planned to come here to meet her. She says you are very beautiful like Rhea Maasi. She asks if you didn’t know Rhea Maasi, she didn’t come to meet you. She says I’ll make you talk to her on the phone, but I don’t have a phone. She said we’ll use her daddy’s phone. She takes Ranbir’s phone and thinks what the phone password is. She thinks the password might be related to Prachi and says she shares a birthday with Rhea. She says Prachi doesn’t suit Rhea, she has no class. She calls Rhea from Ranbir’s phone. Rhea answers the call and says Ranbir congratulations on the daughter you wanted a daughter. She says Ranbir I am so happy and excited. She says I’m sorry I can’t go find the baby because I’m going to find Buji. Aaliya says no problem as the baby and I are here. She says she came to see her niece’s daughter and says she’s much cuter than you. She congratulates you. Rhea asks what are you doing here? Aaliya says I thought you would be happy to listen to me and you have completely changed sides and are at enmity with me, if you didn’t change your statement then Ranbir would be in prison with his family, and Prachi’s baby would have been born in an injured and she would have to work on many houses. She says that because of you I killed Pragya and my Bhai also died. She says what the punishment is for 3 murders, hang the punishment. Rhea stops the car and gets shocked. She says no Buji. Aaliya says I thought I’d call you as I’ve been released from prison. Rhea says you broke out of prison. Aaliya says whatever I’ve done is on my own and I’ll only do it on my own. She says she is taking the baby with her. Rhea asks what? She screams and cries. Aaliya says not to scream and says I sent them to the dream world, they are in deep sleep. She says I don’t have time right now, I’ll call again for sure. She ends the call. Rhea considers calling Pallavi. She calls Pallavi, but Pallavi is busy dancing with everyone. Rhea says I have to save Prachi’s baby, she is like my daughter, I will save her from Buji. She says my daughter, I won’t let anything happen to you, I’ll save you, I love you so much since you weren’t born.

Aaliya tells Baby that she will get her out of this mess and then she will write everyone’s fate. She asks her to come and says let’s go. She asks the baby to meet her mommy one time and asks Prachi to see the baby one last time. She says her mother is not in her right mind, I gave her the chance to meet him. She says you two forced me to do this. She says that I told Ranbir to marry Rhea, and says that if you had married her, then this girl would be my Rhea’s, and I would have become her loving Buji. She says you turned Rhea down and that her daughter will suffer for what you’ve done.

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