Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Rhea is praised by Rajeshwari Ji, who tells Prachi that she is a badi bahu in all ways. Prachi is shocked when she tells Prachi that she doesn’t know how to wear a saree. Dida insists that it’s not like that. Rageshwari Ji thanks Rhea again for saving her meeting, and praises her once again. She said she wasn’t going to give a bad impression. Teji said that Pallavi would have to be ashamed if Rhea hadn’t helped. Rageshwari Ji ji tells Rhea it’s no problem, that she will always remember her and that God blesses her. Sharda follows her blessing Prachi. Pallavi visits Prachi and questions her about how she can be so careless when I have told you that nothing will go wrong. She demands her to give an answer.

Abhi is told by Mitali that she heard Aaliya asking money from a man and that if they didn’t help him, he would go to jail. Aaliya claims that she had not said it. Mitali claims that my ears are very sharp. Tanu claims that Bhabhi said anything, but Aaliya did not mean that. Abhi questions Mitali about what he thinks. Mitali tells Abhi that Aaliya said she wanted to save him money and that he was the gold-laying hen. Abhi questions Mitali about the name of the man. He tells her to not be afraid. He tells her that they are already in debt of 15,000 rupees. Tanu is reminded by him that he released her from prison with great difficulty when she was detained. Mitali says that she didn’t hear him name because they may not have taken his name. Tanu says that Aaliya was speaking to Bansi while she saved him from the Police when he tried to arrest him. Mitali questions Tanu if he claimed that you were gold for laying eggs. Tanu claims that he promised money to us when he got it. Abhi questions Tanu about this and says that he promised to give us money when he gets it. He then asks Dadi where he is. They say that Dadi went to purchase vegetables. Abhi questions why you sent her to purchase vegetables at this time. Aaliya claims she has some work with Babita, and so she goes. Tanu states that even though she has work, she is also going. Mitali asks Abhi whether he would enjoy tea. Abhi says no.

Pallavi questions Prachi about his treatment of Rageshwari’s foot. Dida said Prachi tried from his side and treated Rageshwari’s foot as well. Pallavi claims that this is the problem for today’s generation and says she was flying high. Rhea smiles. Teji says that she doesn’t complain about Rhea and that she does all the hard work well, but that mistakes can ruin everything. Dida said that outsiders will correct the mistake, and that the family would praise the person for being better. Teji asks Pallavi if Dida can understand. Pallavi assures Prachi that she will understand. She also says Rageshwari Ji had visited me, if I was free from my home after I received two bahus. She said she wanted to know if my bahus were handling home, so I could get free time and be able to manage NGO after her. She said she wanted me to host a lunch for the committee so that they would be impressed with me. Prachi is scolded for not respecting her. Prachi says sorry. Teji mocks Prachi for going the wrong route and getting married. Dida shouts, “When we forget then why can’t we?” Teji states that if Prachi had learned from her mistakes, this would not have happened. She asks, “Why don’t you all forgive her?” Pallavi is offered an apology by Prachi. Rhea asks Pallavi for forgiveness. Pallavi asks if you will give her a guarantee that this won’t happen again. She explains that all of them were affected by what happened two years ago. Rhea remains silent. Pallavi replies, “I got my answer.” Dida asks Pallavi for forgiveness and to end the matter. Pallavi states that it’s good that Rhea acted quickly and saved the situation. She said she wouldn’t have recommended my name. She claims that if she does not become chairperson, people will claim that it was because of my bahu that I could’t be there. However, I was worthy and that would have stained my name. She claims that people will claim that the bahu can’t handle NGO at home and that her saas can’t handle NGO at home. Prachi requests her to not forgive her but believes her. Pallavi says that you are Ranbir’s wife but not the Kohli family.

Pragya watches news, where she is humiliated and abused by Tanu, Aaliya, Gaurav, Gaurav, and the media. Babita invites Tanu and Aaliya to her house to view the latest. Babita claims that the girl is so beautiful that she will molestation the man. Tanu claims she can do it. Babita questions why they are making fun of the girl by hiding their faces. Tanu claims they hide their faces so they can make someone’s face black, because it is fashionable.

Pragya is approached by Sushma, who asks for food. Pragya says no and insists that everyone knows by now. She claims that people will discuss it and that she will feel humiliated. Pragya is asked by Sushma to fight for her respect so she doesn’t feel humiliated. She said that she always saw you winning and fighting, so it is hard for her to accept defeat. She claims that we both know the truth of the accusation and must fight it. She convinces her to eat. Pragya enjoys the food and hugges Sushma.

Tanu is told by Aaliya that Pragya defeated them, but not this time because she doesn’t know where they are attacked. Tanu claims that we struck her so far that the bullet hit her forehead. Aaliya states that she doesn’t know the answer to our questions. Tanu said she was crying a lot, and that she would like to see her crying face. Aaliya wants to see her face and asks if we can go to her house. She said that we would have celebrated if Gaurav had given us money. Tanu asks if we can get defeated. Aaliya said that we used to focus on her love and marriage, but now we are focusing on her respect. She can’t resist, she is done. She smiles. Tanu smiles, too.

Pallavi asks Prachi to not make her feel bad. She says that if a bahu is crying, then saas looks terrible. Prachi replies that I won’t cry because it was my fault. She will learn from my mistakes and try to correct it. Teji asks her to not make mistakes that Pallavi must bear. Dida asks Teji not to continue and asks Pallavi about the lunch for the members of the committee. Teji assures that there will not be any problems in the lunch and promises to make sure they do their work correctly. Pallavi asks Pallavi for one key. She asks when is lunch? Pallavi replies that it will be tomorrow. Rhea and Prachi are asked to prepare chole batura in a different way, since the guests are Punjabi. Dida questions why the food should be prepared separately. Pallavi said that if Rhea makes good food, then I would appreciate her. And if Prachi makes great food, then I would forgive her. Teji praises Rhea, and says that you are badibahu and your status is different. Rhea visits Dida and asks Prachi to speak to her. Dida promises to talk with her. Rhea claims that I don’t feel like that. She tells her that she may be feeling that I am happy and that everyone is impressed by me. She is a good person and claims she doesn’t want the keys. She claims that there was so much miscommunication between us. I don’t want this to happen again. Dida goes. Rhea believes everyone talks sweet but is bitter in the back. She claims that even I had backstabbed and tells Prachi that Dida wanted Prachi the keys. She claims that I will receive the keys because I am the badibahu of the Kohlis and that is my guarantee.