Kumkum Bhagya Jan 16, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that it is time for her delivery. Dida asks Ranbir to pick her up and take her to the hospital. Aryan asks him to drive safely. Pallavi asks Aryan to take them and says that my bahu is going to be a mother, let’s hear the baby cry. She gets excited, they leave. Ranbir and Prachi are in the car. Prachi tells him that she is in pain. Ranbir’s car stops suddenly. He gets down and asks God to do some miracle. Rhea is walking out of there and to the car. Ranbir tells her that Prachi had labor pains and her car suddenly stopped. Rhea says we’ll take my car. Prachi asks Rhea how she is here. They sit in Rhea’s car. Prachi asks why you didn’t come to the party. Rhea said her aunt called me, but I was going to Buji as she was being transferred to a big, strict prison and she wanted to see me one last time.

Aaliya is taken away by jeep. The policewoman tells Aaliya that her niece didn’t come to find her. The inspector asks the police lady not to argue with her. Police lady says that she was showing arrogance in prison. At that moment, the van steps on the bags and the police officer and Aaliya lose their footing in the van. Aaliya takes the policewoman’s gun and points it at the inspector and her. She asks them to stop the van holding the officer at gunpoint. She then asks the Inspector to go from there. The police lady asks him to go. The inspector leaves for Aaliya to leave the policewoman. Aaliya asks the police officer what she said to her when she was transferred to prison. A fb is shown. Aaliya says you said that if I am the god. She says that today you have not seen God, but seeing me and they will all see me whose name I had taken. She says her number first. Police lady says you said you’re leaving me. Aaliya shoots him in the leg and says I keep my promise. She says I am going to Ranbir and Prachi to ruin their lives. She walks away from there, holding the gun.

Rhea and Ranbir bring Prachi to the hospital. Rhea says my sister came to deliver the baby. Ranbir says the reservation is done and asks the receptionist to reserve the cake. Prachi asks what are you doing, I am in pain. They hold Prachi’s hand. They take her to the delivery room. Ranbir asks the doctor to give him a pain reliever. The doctor says she has to endure the pain. Ranbir is about to go with Prachi to the delivery room but Prachi asks him not to argue and leave. Ranbir asks the doctor to do something so that no pain happens to her and childbirth takes place. The doctor looks at her. Ranbir says ok, she won’t feel much pain. He asks why Prachi is angry. The doctor says 99% of wives do this. Rhea congratulates Ranbir and says that you are going to be a father. Ranbir says there is still time and warns that she will be the first person to wish him. Rhea says she has to go find Buji, and says it’s just that she did me a lot of favors and was with me when no one was with me. She says there was no one for her but me. Ranbir says but you have them all. Rhea says I have all my family and asks him to take care of her sister and says she’ll be back. Ranbir says she is my wife. Rhea goes. Ranbir is happy and thinks that she is going to take her baby in her arms. He says you made that bad reflex/Aaliya Buji out of our lives, thank goodness.

Aaliya arrives at Kohli’s house. She collides with Priya and the gun falls and goes into the table. Priya said you were in prison. Aaliya says that she was released from prison as she was cleared and tells that Kohlis invited them to the party. Priya asks about her clothes. Aaliya says that she will have a simple life and a big thought. She asks where is everyone? A guest says that Prachi had labor pains and so they went to the hospital. Aaliya is shocked and says that’s why they were calling me again and again. She says she’s going to London tonight. She leaves, planning revenge. Pallavi, Dida and others go to the hospital. Nurse leaves. Ranbir asks how his daughter is doing. The nurse says yes, it’s a girl. Ranbir, Pallavi and others dance happily. The doctor leaves and asks them to celebrate in the waiting room. She says that only the baby’s father can see the girl. Ranbir says I am the father. He enters and sees Prachi. He kisses her forehead and goes to take his daughter in his arms. He says Prachi. Prachi tells his daughter. Ranbir says our daughter Panchi. He says that he always wanted a daughter and he saw that little Prachi came, her smile is just like hers.

Prachi asks how are you feeling? Ranbir says I don’t understand, how am I feeling and asks how is she feeling? Prachi says that she is feeling complete now. He looks at her foot and says someone is stepping on it. Prachi says it’s a birthmark. Ranbir says that it is like moon and star standing on her. The doctor gets there and says you have your life. Ranbir says my life has doubled. The doctor asks him to keep the baby in the crib. Ranbir says to let her stay with Prachi. The doctor says she has to check it out. Ranbir says I will keep the baby with me. The doctor asks him to keep the baby in the crib. Prachi tells the Doctor that she got all the happiness and Ranbir is also very happy. She thanks the baby for coming into their lives. Shahana and Aryan go to the hostess and ask if it’s their cakes. The hostess says yes and advises that the delivery guy didn’t bring the knife to cut the cake. Shahana asks if the knife can be fixed. The receptionist asks them to ask the nurse.

Shahana and Aryan are coming to the infirmary. Aaliya arrives at the nurse’s room and hits the nurse on the head to knock her out. She then takes her identity card and changes into a nurse’s uniform. Aryan and Shahana arrive there and see the nurse on the floor. Aaliya says that she is my sister who had an attack. She asks them to keep her on the couch. They keep her on the couch. Aryan and Shahana tell her that they came to get a knife to cut the cake. Aaliya says who gave birth to the daughter? Shahana says Prachi, my sister. Aryan says that Ranbir wanted a daughter. Aaliya gives Shahana a knife. Shahana says that she will come and give her cake. Aryan asks her to show her face. Aaliya says that she has an infection and that’s why she wears a mask.

Precap: Ranbir and Prachi are happy about the birth of their daughter. Aaliya reaches there and gives Prachi injection. Prachi faints. She then injects Ranbir with an injection from behind. Ranbir and Prachi faint. Aaliya steals her baby and considers using the baby against them.

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