Kumkum Bhagya Jan 13, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Rhea asking Prachi not to stop her and asks her not to make things difficult for her. She says I always complained that only Daddy loved me and nobody else, but I was so wrong. She says you loved me when I was wrong and until now. She says I have to get away from you for the love to stay. She calls Pallavi aunt Pallavi and says I will call you aunt but you will always be like my mother and you have always loved and supported me. She says I won’t hurt you anymore. Pallavi hugs her and says that he always wanted her happiness. Rhea thanks you for your support. She tells Ranbir that she cannot apologize to him and that she is feeling bad. Ranbir asks her to look into his eyes and asks if she is still feeling bad. Rhea says she’s done so much wrong that I can’t go on with this and asks him not to hate her and let love stay forever. Ranbir always says. Rhea is about to leave. Prachi hugs her and cries. Rhea asks her to take care of herself and the baby too. Prachi asks where will you go alone? Rhea says that she is in love with everyone and asks her to call when the baby is born. Aaliya is locked in jail. She threatens the officer who pushed her inside. The inspector warns her. The police lady asks who she is, to say that she will not let everyone and says that now this prison will not let you. She asks her to apologize for her sins. She sees the female prisoners and yells at them. They threaten her. Aaliya threatens them back and says that I am not the god to forgive anyone and I will take revenge on everyone.

After 4 months, Aryan comes home from a run and says hi girls. Pallavi says babes, rally. Dida says she thinks she’ll stay young all her life with a few exercises. Abhay says I am young and energetic after running. He asks what’s going on here. Pallavi asks Dida, didn’t you tell him?

Ariano asks what? Shahana says I have given dresses to Ranbir and Prachi. Aryan asks what’s the cliffhanger? Pallavi, Dida and Shahana say there is nothing. Aryan tries to ask them. Pallavi and Dida say that there is nothing. Aryan says there certainly is something. He says he will see Shahana later. Dida asks Pallavi to scold him. Pallavi stares at him. He says he’s leaving. Dida says that even now he is afraid of you. Shahana says everyone gets scared but me. Pallavi stares at her. Shahana says he respects her. Pallavi says that today is the surprise party for Ranbir and Prachi. Shahana says we shouldn’t tell anyone. Pallavi asks what they said when they saw the dresses. Shahana says they were asking the same thing from each other. Prachi asks Ranbir why we are getting ready when we don’t need to go out. Ranbir says you should be taken to some baba like you did vashikaran on me. Prachi says vashikaran. Ranbir says I feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world. She says you’re crazy about me. Ranbir says I always love you and my love is always constant amidst the situation. He says it means you’ve worked magic on me. Prachi says yes I did that and smacks his head. He acts like he’s in pain. She blows on his forehead. Ranbir says that he likes this vashikaran. Prachi embraces Ranbir. Shahana and Aryan go there and blind them. They take Ranbir and Prachi downstairs and open the blindfold.

Ranbir asks what is it today? Prachi asks what is special about the party. Pallavi says today is Valentine’s Day. Prachi says it’s in February. Pallavi recounts that Ranbir had proposed to Prachi on 13 January. Prachi says that she proposed to her in February. Pallavi says she confessed her love in a letter on January 13th. She says that she found it in his soul. Ranbir asks her to give it to him. Pallavi refuses. She says that she has organized this party to read this letter and says that Prachi doesn’t know about this letter. She says that seeing her face, I came to know that Prachi has no idea? Prachi hesitantly says yes. Pallavi says now my son Ranbir will read this letter to Prachi. Ranbir gets shy. Pallavi says he is blushing and turning red. Ranbir says no. Dida says that you are Kohli’s son and that they are romantics by birth. Ranbir asks what my daughter will feel if she hears this. Pallavi says the baby will enjoy seeing her novel. She says I have proof, kids like to see their parents dating. Aryan asks if he won’t like his parents’ romance. Ranbir says that he will feel awkward as his mother is beautiful and his father is simple and wears glasses. He says my Dida is adorable and he’s her son, otherwise I would have married Mom to a tall, dark, handsome guy. They laugh.

Aryan and Shahana ask Ranbir to read the love letter. Ranbir says it was my first love letter, if there is any mistake then forgive me. Pallavi says can you please dim the light. Ranbir reads the letter and says hi Prachi, I wanted to ask you a few things, why are you doing this, why are you on my mind and seen by me everywhere even when I close my eyes. He says I want to talk to you all the time, and think of me all the time. He asks why my heart always wants to be with you, why I care for you so much. He says I wanna make you mine, I don’t wanna date you, cause I’m old school, ishq wala love type. He says I want to ask you. Shahana asks even now you want to ask. Ranbir asks her to wait. Aryan asks Shahana to shut up. Ranbir asks Prachi if you like me. He bends down and asks if you want to associate your name with me, if you want to become Prachi Ranbir Kohli, if you want to marry me. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir says that he wrote letters during his college days and didn’t write the principal. She asks what? Ranbir says I love you. Prachi embraces him. Ranbir and Prachi dance to the song Rab jaanda… Prachi starts experiencing labor pains and tells Ranbir that it is time.

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