Kumkum Bhagya Jan 12, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at @go-india.in

The episode starts with Prachi saying that he will not leave Buji, asks the Doctor to save them (Abhi and Pragya) and leaves to stop Aaliya. Aaliya is in her car and thinks today is going to kill her. She drives the car fast and is about to crash into Prachi, when a guy pulls Prachi to safety. He yells at Aaliya, throws his cigarette on the floor and leaves. Aaliya says that now you and your son will both be dead. Prachi takes the ax kept by the roadside and asks Aaliya to come if she dares. Aaliya drives the car fast and is about to crash into Prachi. Prachi is about to hit Aaliya’s car with the axe, when Aaliya drives the car the other way. Gas tank gets damaged due to road stone and gasoline leaks. Catches fire due to lit cigarette. Prachi asks Aaliya to leave and asks her to see the petrol on fire. Aaliya finds her car door jammed. Prachi says this will be the end of her, her evil pot is full. Aaliya asks her to save her. Prachi goes and brings the ax and hits the car window. Aaliya gets out of the car. Prachi takes her to the side and the car explodes on fire. Prachi confronts Aaliya for trying to kill Abhi and Pragya and says why I saved you, because of the values ​​my mother gave me. She says if anything happens to my parents. The nurse gets there and says they are dead. Prachi is shocked and screams. Aaliya asks if Pragya is dead and is happy. She says I didn’t kill Bhai. Prachi says you killed them. The police arrive there. Prachi asks the inspector to arrest her and says that she killed my parents. She swears that she will punish her before the 13th day of her parents’ death. Prachi sits on the road and cries. Ranbir and Rhea go there. Ranbir asks Prachi to get up. Rhea asks about her parents. Prachi says that Aaliya Buji killed them. Rhea screams and says that she won’t let her. Prachi says that Buji choked our parents to death, let’s punish her, she will be punished everyday. She says you called me, I went there but Buji locked the door and took off his oxygen mask. She says I couldn’t save them. Rhea hugs her and cries. Prachi swears that he will get Aaliya Buji punished for the death of her parents on the 13th day of death and make her stay in jail for life. Ranbir cries thinking about Abhi and the times she spent with him.

Later, Prachi, Ranbir, Rhea and others are sitting to mourn Abhi and Pragya in Kohli’s house. Vikram, Pallavi, Shahana and Dida attend to the guests. Pallavi asks Shahana how Prachi is doing. Ranbir says we will go to court. In court, Aaliya says that she cannot kill her Bhai and bhabhi and says it was an accident. Her lawyer says she was drunk. Prachi says that she was on her conscience and tells that she went there to kill them, and told Rhea before going there that she would kill Maa. Prachi’s lawyer shows the CCTV footage. Aaliya’s lawyer argues. The judge says there is no doubt after seeing the CCTV footage and gives his verdict that Aaliya is guilty of Abhi and Pragya’s death, and punishes her with 14 years in prison. Aaliya says I’m innocent, I was drunk and not in my senses. Judge suspends trial.

Prachi tells Rhea that she had told that her parents will get justice on the 13th day and says that they got justice. Prachi’s lawyer asks Aaliya’s lawyer not to take cases from wrong people. Aaliya’s lawyer Manish tells that Rhea cheated on Aaliya and caused her to lose her case. She says that if Rhea wanted it, all the Kohlis would be in prison instead of Aaliya. Prachi’s lawyer tells that Rhea realized her mistakes and corrected herself. Dida blesses Rhea and says that even she will have a good partner for life. Rhea is moved to hear blessings from her and warns that she will go far away from Prachi and her little angel. Prachi asks her not to move away from them. Rhea says when I become Maasi I will come back. She says I have to go, I can’t stay behind after doing so much harm to you. Vikram says that no one will remind you of the past. Rhea says she will feel guilty and can’t stay. Shahana says I never accepted you as I thought you were fake and wrong. Rhea says you weren’t wrong. Shahana asks Rhea to stop for Prachi and says she loves you more than she loves me. Rhea says I love Prachi very much, love her and her baby too, love you all. Prachi then asks why you want to leave. Rhea says I have to go, so the love will stay intact, and she says if I go far all wounds will heal and love will be there too.

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