Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2021 Upcoming Story: ASHOK TO TAKE REVENGE FOR HIS WIFE'S DEATH?

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2021 Upcoming Story: ASHOK TO TAKE REVENGE FOR HIS WIFE’S DEATH?

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The episode starts with the search for Pragya. Abhi tries to find Pragya but Ashok’s wife hides Pragya and misguides Abhi about Pragya’s location. On the other hand, Pandit Ji says that there shouldn’t be any interruption in the Hawan as the next 8 hours are very crucial for Abhi and Pragya’s life.

Abhi senses that something is not right and moves to Varsha’s room(Ashok’s wife) but gets interrupted by Ashok’s mother and she takes Abhi out of the room saying that Pragya is waiting for him. Ashok’s mother alerts Ashok and asks him to come early as the situation can’t be handled for a long time.

Somehow Abhi managed to find Pragya in Varsha’s room but as he found her, Varsha and her mother-in-law started beating Abhi and Abhi was helpless as he couldn’t beat women. Abhi managed to get inside the room and tell Pragya how he managed to tie them without raising his hands.

Abhi and Pragya try to find a way to escape from the room and then Pragya suggests escaping from the window. As soon as Varsha and her mother in law get to know that Abhi and Pragya escape, Ashok and Snake arrive at home.

Snake asks about Abhi and Pragya to Varsha and as she says that they escaped, Snake loses his temper and kills Varsha. On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya manage to escape and get inside the car. As Abhi tries to find the car keys, Ashok shows him the keys and tries to scare him but Abhi already has his uncle’s keys and gets off from there. The Hitman follows Abhi and Pragya in Cop’s jeep. Ashok shed tears on seeing his wife’s dead body and decides to take revenge for her death from Abhi.