Karthika Deepam 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Written Update, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Karthika Deepam 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Written Update, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sourya and Hima are thrilled to be back in school, and they are looking forward to meeting their classmates next week. Shiny approaches them and says she needs to tell them something. Sourya inquires as to what it is. Shiny says, “I heard your father was arrested for murder, and your father is a horrible boy.”

Sourya claims that when Mounitha aunty returns, Dad would be released from jail, and she apologises to us. Shiny claims that your father and Mounitha had an affair, and I overheard my parents discussing how your father had betrayed her. It appears that your family members have kept secrets from you. Hima sobs. Sourya becomes enraged and orders Shiny to leave.

Sukanya is treated by Mounitha. Sukanya is relieved right away. Conestsbles inquires as to her whereabouts. Mounitha claims she had stomach ache as a result of gastric pain. Conestsbles claims it’s because she has a habit of drinking ten sodas in one day. Mounitha walks away, pleading with her to keep it under control.

Karthik arrives at the hospital. The staff greets him enthusiastically, compliments Deepa, and then begins to console him over the Mounitha situation. Karthik interrupts them, urging them not to discuss personal matters and instructing Bharathi not to contact any other doctors because he will be visiting the hospital on a regular basis.

Hima inquires about Shiny words with Sourya. Stop crying, Sourya advises, because you don’t believe her words. Hima wonders why Dad would defraud Mounitha aunty. It hurts so much to hear that Dad is a horrible boy. Soury says she feels the same way, but it won’t help if they cry outdoors and hope their father will arrive soon.

Bharathi expresses her regret to Karthik for misinterpreting him. Karthik asks her to leave the subject alone since he wants to forget about it. Bharathi inquires whether he also wishes to forget Mounitha. Mounitha, according to Karthik, marks the end of a chapter in his life. Bharathi claims that while she may not be your partner, she has become a part of your life. Even after knowing everything, Karthik claims he’s startled to hear these comments from you. According to Bharati, you can’t deny that you’re the biological father of Mounitha’s child.

Mounitha fantasises about marrying Karthik. Sukanya, a jailer, approaches Mounitha and inquires as to why she appears to be so joyful. Sukanya agrees to aid Mounitha with one task. Sukanya claims that since she became her admirer, she can do anything for her. Mounitha encourages her to contact her friend Shivani, who works as a reporter in jail. Sukanya concurs.

Varanasi is wiping his eyes, so Deepa inquires as to what happened to him. Varanasi tries to deceive Deepa, but she asks him to stop the car, then she inquires as to why he is lying to her, and she demands that he explain the truth. Varanasi, in tears, tells her how everyone in their Basti is hating on Doctor Babu, and how it hurts her when they say the worst things about him. Deepa tells him not to think about what they’ve spoken before they depart.

On Karthik’s perceptions of Bharathi terms. Sourya comforts Hima by telling her not to trust Shiny’s comments. Hima inquires if she believes it. Sourya claims that Dad has been released since Mounitha is the perpetrator. Everyone, according to Hima, lied to us. Karthik makes his way to school.