Karthika Deepam 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Written Update, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mounitha begins the episode by saying, “Everyone may alter Karthik in these 18 months, therefore I won’t give them time, and I won’t let Deepa be reunited with Karthik because I’m not a person who cries in jail, and I pledge to create toofan in Deepa’s life from jail itself.”

Karthik enjoys playing hide and seek with the kids, and Anandrao and Soundarya are pleased to see their joy. Anandrao claims that for the first time in a long time, we are hearing happiness in our family. True, everyone must bend in front of time, as Soundarya says, and Karthik proved his innocence and was released from prison; may God bless them.

Anandrao says that seeing their enjoyment while out for a morning stroll makes him happy, and that this morning is the finest for him. Soundarya believes that everyone believes that everything has come to an end, but I believe there is still something remaining. Karthik wins the game by catching Hima, thanks to Soundarya’s ideas.

Deepa notices them and believes he is helping her win the life game. Karthik looks for Sourya, and Deeps approaches them, sensing her presence. Sourya inquires as to how he discovered it. Karthik claims it’s due to the smell of coffee. It’s Granny, not Mom, according to Sourya. Karthik catches Sourya and tells him he has won the game by opening his blindfold. Aditya claims that his sibling has missed out on 11 years of bliss.

They can’t change the past, Shravya says. Schools are resuming, according to Soundarya, therefore students should pay their school bills. Karthik inquires as to which standard they are now learning. Sourya admits that they are aware of the situation and assures him that the school fees would be paid. He then requests him to take them. Deepa asks Karthik to offer her life, and Karthik agrees. Soundarya encourages them to travel together as a family. Karthik concurs.

Deepa prepares herself. Karthik requests that Deepa arrive as soon as possible because the children are waiting. Deepa thinks Karthik said last night that he wants to move to America, but now he is going to pay the cost; he doesn’t know what’s on his mind, and he prays to God to change his mind, because he wants to stay here with his family.

Mounitha devises a strategy to prevent Deepa from altering her Karthik, stating, “I won’t let anyone separate Karthik from me, so I’ll teach Deepa a lesson.” Conestables approach Mounitha and request that she visit their fellow Conestable Sukanya, who is suffering from a stomach ache, because their doctor has not yet arrived.

Karthik wonders why they’ve come when he can lay it himself. Hima explains that they want to spend time with him, which is the major reason, and the children urge Karthik to teach Deepa to drive. Karthik claims that I tried to teach her, but she had an accident and broke someone’s leg. Deepa recalls a previous occurrence in which she encountered Vihari in an accident and Karthik questioned her. Kids say that if Dad doesn’t learn to drive again, he will have to treat them badly.

True, says Karthik. Kids inquire if he becomes enraged. Karthik claims that he took it lightly, just like I did. If you take it lightly, Deepa believes we will never be apart. Karthik leaves the kids off at school, and the kids beg them to return in one hour and pay the money. Deepa goes to buy mixy, and Karthik gives her his card and tells her she may buy whatever she wants. Deepa claims that she doesn’t require anything and that he is sufficient for her.