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Karthika Deepam 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Written Update, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Mounitha stares at the jail walls that she has written Karthik’s name on and says, “I have to stay in this jail for 18 months and I will cheerfully survive those months by chanting your name and we are safe here, so take care of your health.”

Constable inquires as to his identity. Mounitha declares that once my sentence is completed, he will be my husband, and Karthik is Mounitha’s lover. Constable believes the jailer is accurate and that this is a distinct instance, so she leaves, claiming to have work. Mounitha converses with the walls.

Soundarya’s hand is massaged by Sourya and Hima. Soundarya asks them to sleep, but they refuse since they are in a grouchy mood. Early to bed, early to rise, says Soundarya. Sourya says we already know about it, so tell us what we don’t know. Soundarya inquires as to what she has to say.

Sourya invites her to tell him about her early years. Soundarya informs them about the situation. Children explain why they lie to them. Soundarya inquires as to what their issue is. Isn’t it true that until now, we shared our parents separately and pretended to believe your lies? Soundarya instructs them to clear their minds of those thoughts. Sourya inquires whether she has anything new to tell them.

Hima speculates that there may be fresh lies. Soundarya brings them to a close by declaring that our lives would be filled with joy. Will we stay as a family, asks Sourya? My parents aren’t going to get along. Soundarya claims that the evils have been erased, and that no one will be able to separate you from your parents, and that we will remain as a family. When Anandrao sneezes, he tells them it’s a positive omen.

Deepa recalls a previous occurrence. Karthik enters the room and takes a seat on the floor next to her. Deepa claims that she did not approve of him sitting on the floor. Karthik claims that many people have described how women should be, but there is nothing for men, and that our lives have taken so many twists and turns in the last 11 years that I never expected to see us again, and that it’s as if Thoofan has vanished from our lives, so let’s start a new life by forgetting the past.

Deepa claims that it isn’t over yet, that Thoofan may return to our lives after 18 months with her baby, and that we don’t know how to respond to our children if Mounitha visits our home, therefore it’s best if we tell the truth to our children. Stop it, Karthik Sats; why do you want to tell them the truth? And how are you going to tell them about this terrible situation? And what they will understand? So it’s preferable if we relocate to America before Mounitha arrives in our lives. Deepa tries to speak up, but Karthik walks away, stating that his decision is decided.

Mounitha wakes up in jail the next day, thinking she can finish her sentence by remembering him, but we won’t see each other for another 18 months, and what if Deepa makes you forget about me? And what if their friendship grows stronger, and everyone manages to sway Karthik’s mind? She believes she will not give them enough time to change his mind.


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