100+ Instagram Captions for Boyfriend that Show how much you Love Him

In this age of social media, we are living in, images play a very important role in our lives. Part of our daily lives is also on social networks, showing friends, family, and acquaintances what is happening to us. Photos are a great way to show the world what’s going on in our lives right now or even reminisce about a past moment.

Taking on a dating relationship, a new relationship status or even ending it can be done by photos! Also, social media is a way to save memories virtually and share them with those you care about.

How about posting a picture with your boyfriend and showing all the love that surrounds you now? We’ve selected some phrases that you can use as captions for a photo with a boyfriend. Check it out and get inspired!

Caption for a photo with music boyfriend

How about finding that phrase of a song perfect for your photo with the love? We selected the best ones for you to caption photos with your boyfriend. Check out:

#. I fit in your scent and there I leave myself whole…

#. Just don’t forget that my heart is yours!

#. You are the love of my life.

#. Wherever I go, I want to be your partner.

#. Ô baby, I like you better than me!

#. If you’re talking about love, I’ll always remember you.

#. I can’t say, I saw you and I already knew it was meant to be, that it was you.

#. I would start all over again if I had to, my love.

#. My private sun!

#. And if love had a color, it would be yours.

#. I made you my fuel, my horizon, my shelter.

#. You are the tide of eternal luck.

#. Anyone who has love in life is lucky.

#. Ten street kisses are not worth half yours in the corner of the mouth, imagine the mouth.

#. I choose you with all your flaws and that crooked way of being.

#. Away from you, I can’t!

#. My world has its own way.

#. Be for me what you want, as long as it’s my love.

#. My love, you give me luck in life!

#. It doesn’t matter the result, but the path taken, thank you for having walked yours with me!

#. Even with eyes closed I think you are the most beautiful.

#. My lucky charm, who only attracts me good.

#. You are pure like the air I need to breathe.

#. I will love you from sunrise to sunset and there is no chance for you to run away from me.

#. It’s you, only you, who knows how to make me happy…

Caption for a photo with smiling boyfriend

A smile is the purest and most spontaneous way of showing joy. Smiling with the one you love is priceless. Have you shown all your love for the smile of your love today? Get inspired by the captions we’ve listed and post that photo smiling with your love!

#. I’m dating your smile, just like the sea loves the moon.
#. Beautiful is when you look at the person you love and they smile at you.
#. Owner of my smile.
#. Just one smile from him for me to be happy!
#. It’s in your smile that I find the reason for mine.
#. That exchange of glances that ended in smiles, kisses and then us.
#. From laughter to laughter we arrive in paradise.
#. He has an easy smile, a sincere look, an open heart…
#. It is in your smile that my kiss wants to live.
#. He has a transparent smile, full of love.
#. Smiling for nothing, just vibrating love and peace.
#. His smile is so intense that if the weather was closed the sky would open up just to see him smile.
#. How can a smile affect me so much?
#. Your smile brings me peace, just like watching the sky in a late afternoon.
#. Maybe your smile is peace.
#. And with each new smile from you, I’ll be happy to love you.
#. If you see me smiling alone, there’s no need to doubt that the reason is you!
#. Make my smile your smile, my embrace your shelter.
#. And life smiled when you arrived.
#. Me out of wits and you with that smile…
#. You made me find the best in me: the ability to blossom among thorns.
#. Your smile saves me from any bad day.
#. There will come a time when you find someone you want to make smile for the rest of your life… I’ve already found it.
#. Your smile is contagious, there is love inside your heart!
#. Your smile wins me.

Cute caption for a photo with Boyfriend

If you’re all romantic, you must love posting that super cute photo with your boyfriend, right? The caption is essential to match the image and shape the mood of love. Check out some cute phrases we selected to caption your photos:

#. Before it was me. Before it was you. Now it’s us.
#. And if the world ended today, it would have been worth it just to have met you.
#. You are the best part of this messy life.
#. After you, the others are the others and that’s it.
#. I know that time is difficult and life is stumbling, but if we go together, it’s fine.
#. And in the midst of so much mess, you are my tranquility.
#. How lucky we are. In this world there are so many people and life has put me by their side.
#. With you, even the worst storm is beautiful.
#. Not everything in life is a competition, but I just beat you.
#. With you, heaven is a place on earth.
#. You don’t need to give me the world… you are my world already.
#. I made your kisses my pier, your love my port and you my home.
#. Take good care of those who do you good.
#. Although nothing is eternal, everything we take care of lasts longer…
#. Your hug took the grace away from everyone else!
#. May God save us from loveless days.
#. I found in you the peace and tranquility I always wanted.
#. The more I get to know you, the more I’m sure I’ll never meet someone like you.
#. I love every bit of you.
#. And I would still choose you, even with all the options!
#. I don’t want someone to calm my storm, I want someone to dance in the rain.
#. There are people who hug you and restart you.
#. To love is to risk putting everything to gain.
#. Your embrace falls on me as well as the sunset falls on the horizon…
#. Because my heart is more yours than mine…

Funny Caption for a photo with boyfriend

Among all types of couples, there are always those who value a good mood 100% of the time! Always smiling, joking, having fun with friends and parties together. Have you identified yourself? So take a look at this list of funny captions for you to use in photos with your love:

#. She is mad. He’s crazy. They are crazy about each other.
#. If it’s too late, we’ll enjoy the night.
#. If you take “Love” out of the word girlfriend, it becomes “Nothing”.
#. The lid of my pot is you.
#. Do you know why there are no rats under your bed? Because a kitten sleeps on top.
#. It’s not love that sustains the relationship, it’s whether it makes you food or not!
#. If a little ant bites you, don’t be scared, you’re sweet.
#. He didn’t believe in love at first sight… Then I went through again!
#. If I earned 1 real every time I think about you, I would be thinking about you in Paris.
#. My love for you knows how it is, right? It can range from 5,000 to infinity.
#. I want our dentures in the same cup when we’re old, that’s true love!
#. You are like Google. Everything I look for, I find in you.
#. Why drink alone if I can have someone hold my hair at pt time? Thank you honey!
#. I want to kidnap your heart, hold your thought of hostage, and even ask for a kiss as a ransom.
#. Couple that is a couple puts the terror together on the weekend!
#. I just don’t think about you 24 hours a day because I take 4 to 6 hours to sleep, rest and have the energy to think about you again!
#. Love is like when you lose the remote. You search the entire house, but when you get tired and stop looking, it magically appears.
#. Date someone who takes your hand, not your foot!
#. Dating is serious business! Or have you ever seen a couple of clowns kissing in the street?
#. Role of a boyfriend: carry the bags while you shop.
#. The Ministry of Health warns: seeing you away from me makes me miss you.
#. Aside from the times, it takes you to answer me, I love you so much! (Now you will visualize the message I sent you, love).
#. Even when I’m mad at you, I can still love you…
#. I thought my soul mate was a chocolate cake until I found you.