80+ Instagram Captions for a Dog Photo to Show your Love

It’s time to pay tribute to your companion of all hours, the one who has the gift of leaving your house a mess, but who also knows better than anyone how to get a sincere smile… your little dog!

Our pets teach us to value the little things in life and turn any moment into fun. It’s even hard to explain the love we feel for them, but a great way to do this is to share the collection of photos we have… as we’ve recorded all the cuteness they come up with!

That’s why we made a selection with captions for a dog photo so you can record all the moments you spend together and show everyone how much he makes you a better person. Share with your friends so they can also rock the photo with the pets.

Dog photo captions that express your companionship

That light and sincere love!

If everyone had the purity, faithfulness and innocence you have, the world would be so much better!

I may not have human children, but have you guys taken a peek at my chubby furry here?

They can destroy your shoes, your furniture, your garden. But never your heart.

Dogs are little bundles of love wrapped in fur.

My dog ​​doesn’t have my blood, but if he needed it I would give it to him.

This sincere affection I want to have forever!

Animals are such nice friends: they don’t ask questions and they don’t criticize.

Happy the dogs, who discover their friends by the scent.

With you I learn every day what it is to be a friend!

My DOG mate.

I love this “four-legged” very much.

Here’s a dog and love!

I am happy and honored to have a sincere friend. It is made up of readiness, confidence, respect and courage.

To err is human, to forgive is canine.

God created dogs to make up for some humans’ lack of love.

My goal in life is to become the wonderful person my dog ​​thinks I am!

They are born knowing how to love in a way that it takes us a lifetime to learn…

Some medicines don’t come in bottles but in four legs!

They don’t speak, but their eyes say all the things we’d like to hear from someone!

My best therapist is furry and has four legs!

Dogs never lie about love.

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I understand the dog who doesn’t like people!

Dog life is very short. Your only flaw, really.

There is no such thing as a bad day when you come home and get the love of a dog!

Rich people’s clothes have a designer label. Happy people’s clothes have dog fur!

The only creatures that are evolved enough to carry pure love are dogs and children!

What attracts me most about animals is that they don’t use words, they use feelings.

I love dogs, they offer love without charge and don’t get grumpy.

And when you most need a hand, God comes and gives you a paw!

More than a traveling companion, you will always be a friend for life!

A dog wags its tail with its heart.

I love you despite everything, or maybe because of everything.

Not only did I choose to have a dog… I chose to live in good company!

I don’t have pets, I have furry family members.

The dog may or may not be of breed, but they will always love us, play and never leave us!

Life is more colorful with a dog!

It’s no use treating the human being if you mistreat the dog.

A lick is worth a thousand words!

Happiness is where my dog ​​is!

Part of the family!

This house is full of kisses, wagging tails, wet snouts and lots of love!

Whoever spoke of love for the first time was talking about dogs.

There are people who don’t understand why my dog ​​means so much to me. All right… he understands!

Dogs are like people, but without all the bad parts!

A lesson given by the puppies: dedicate yourself body and soul, without expecting anything in return!

People are surprised when I say that my friend NEVER let me down or lied to me or denied my company.

Look at this little animal that has so much love to give!

If I didn’t have a dog… my house would be cleaner, my wallet fuller, and my heart emptier.

I planted love, loyalty, affection, friendship and joy… A dog was born!

I would give everything I have if it would make my dog ​​live as long as I do!

And if nothing goes well… I know my dog ​​will support me!

My heart is full of love for this dog, just as I know his is for me!

Knowing that someone awaits you every day with the same joy is priceless!

My favorite fur ball!

I don’t need you, I have my dog.

The more I know men, the more I love my dog.

There’s nothing that makes me more happy in this world than seeing the face of that baboon!

And I was terrified of fur around the house, today I let you sleep in my bed!

Nobody can complain about the lack of a friend being able to have a dog.