120+ Instagram Bio Ideas that Describe who you are

Having an Instagram profile is being in doubt about what to write in the bio to be creative.

Also, it needs to match you and fit the number of characters. With that in mind, we’ve selected the best Instagram bio phrases that will give you lots of ideas on how to fill it.

Check out and choose the one that best describes your personality.

Short Instagram Bio Ideas

Space is small, so sentences need to be smaller. When the words are right, short messages become accurate. See the suggestions we’ve selected for you below:

#. You are what your attitudes say, not your words.
#. I can’t control what people think of me and it doesn’t matter to me.
#. To be true to yourself, you have to be free from the judgment of others.
#. I’m not afraid to show my life because of other people’s envy.
#. Nobody goes far when they’re not true to themselves.
#. My light will not go out because of your darkness.
#. Living to find my place in this crazy world.
#. I follow my own rules and am not afraid of happiness.
#. Life has no secret, just live it one day at a time.
#. Positive thinking, faith and hope that everything settles down.
#. Life is beautiful, but only for those who have the courage!
#. Seeking a new direction that makes sense in this crazy world.
#. For many, the world is big, but my mission is bigger than the world!
#. I know my value, and the price is dollars.
#. Living is drawing without rubber.
#. Home is where the heart is.
#. She carries that sparkle in her eyes.
#. Wanting to be someone different from you is a waste of who you are.
#. To be irreplaceable, you must always be different.
#. Whoever believes, always achieves!

Funny Instagram Bio Ideas

And if you’re a good-humored person, there’s nothing better than choosing a lively and fun phrase to represent you in your bio. See our suggestions below and choose the one you like best:

#. Here you will see edited photo yes, the real life we ​​leave for those who like to see messy hair.
#. Welcome to my open book for the gossips on duty.
#. I pretend I’m nice to people, but actually, my mind is already flying elsewhere.
#. Not all photos are from the time I’m posting because I’m not always that beautiful.
#. I gave up looking for my dreams because it’s too tiring, so I only dream when I’m sleeping.
#. Follow me and we’ll be two lost ones walking together.
#. I may look perfect, but that’s just because I hide my mistakes so well.
#. I’m too lazy about everything, but I’m not too lazy to lie down fiddling with my cell phone.
#. In a war between my dreams and laziness, I watched them lose because I prefer to sleep.
#. If you don’t like me, this is a bad place because my face will be everywhere.
#. I was a baby, I didn’t have talcum powder, Mom put sugar on me…
#. If it’s my fault, I’ll put it on whoever I want.
#. Hope is the last to die and my patience is the first.
#. I went to play fighting with life and I’m getting beaten up until now!
#. Nobody is forced to like me, after all, not everyone is born with good taste.
#. Get away from me with your negativity, because my blood is positive.
#. If you’re going to stress me out, please bring a candy bar.
#. If I don’t fight, I will never be defeated.
#. Change the game, life! I’m tired of just having bad phases.
#. My life represented in Roman numerals: VIXI.