20 Way to Impress Indian Women

It’s a myth that all Indian girls are beautiful. They have their own share of problems and are much more demanding than American women. This is a list you can keep in mind to impress an Indian woman:

1- Make A First Good Impression: Indian

women are very conscious about their looks and follow the latest fashion trends. Be sure to be dressed according to the occasion which can make a first good impression.

2- Gain A Positive First Impression: Indian girls like it when you try hard for them and give them flowers and gifts on special occasions. Don’t forget to book a table in a good restaurant to make your date even more romantic.

3- Do Not Rush Them Into The First Physical Encounter : Indian women like men who can be true gentlemen. They are not pushy and do everything at their own pace. Even when you sleep with her, let her do it on her own without any pressure. She will appreciate the fact that you respected her wishes.

4- Show Off Your Manners: Indian women like men with good manners and etiquette. So show off your table manners, open the door for them and do not enter a room until they have entered first.

5- Make It Clear That You Are Interested In Them: Indian women hate it when guys try to hide their feelings. A girl wants to know that the guy is interested in her even before she falls for him.

6- Respect Her Religious Beliefs: Indian girls are very religious and like it when you respect their traditions. Try to read Hindu or Buddhist literature to understand your date better.

7- Make Time For Them: Indian women are used to the fact that their men are always busy with work or family obligations. That is why they value a man who can make time for them and show interest in what they have to say.

8- Show Your Interest In Their Culture And Traditions: Indian women are very conscious about culture and tradition, so try to learn some facts about Indian culture. This will not only make her happy but she will also appreciate your effort in trying to learn about her country.

9- Try Not To Be Too Dependent : Indian women are used to men who are very independent, so it is best not to be too dependent on an Indian woman for any reason unless she is too open with you about her life.

10- Try To Understand Her Point Of View: Indian women are more emotional and they think a lot before taking any decisions. So try to understand what she is trying to say and do not misinterpret anything for the sake of fun.

11- Have An Open Mind : Indian women love men who have an open mind and can take their opinions in the right spirit. Indian girls are highly intelligent and mature so take it easy if she tries to correct you or show you a better way to do something.

12- Be Patient And Tolerant: Indian women like men who can be patient. They expect them to handle frustrating situations with ease and take insults positively without getting angry.

13- Be Honest And Do Not Lie: Indian women hate it when a guy tries to lie about his past or present situations. They want a man who is honest and sincere with them at all times.

14- Reveal Little About Your Personal Life : Revealing too much about your personal life can be a turn-off for an Indian girl. Try to keep your personal life away from them unless they are very open with you.

15- Do Not Expose Their Past Relationships : Indian women do not want their past relationships to be exposed in front of others, so it is best not to ask anything about their past partners. They will reveal things on their own when the time is right.

16- Maintain A Distance: Indian women like it when you respect their personal space. Remember, they like to be friends with men before getting too intimate with them.

17- Do Not Forget To Flatter Them: Indian women love the idea of being pampered by a man who is interested in her. So do not forget to flatter them and express your love for them.

18- Keep Your Promises: It is best to avoid saying things just to impress them or get into their good books. Indian women cannot stand men who promise things and fail to fulfill them later on.

19- Do Not Rush Things: Indian women like men who take their time to get serious with others. They do not mind taking things slow and steady so you should not rush things when dating an Indian girl.

20- Do Not Talk Too Much: Talking too much can be a major turn off for an Indian woman. You need to give her enough space and time to express herself. Indian girls want a man who is not very talkative and can listen to them carefully.

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