Imlie 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anu suggests Malini to tell Malini that she must fight for her rights. She cannot allow someone else to take her husband away, thereby compromising her 7-year-old marriage. Malini agrees to fight for her rights. Anu asks Malini if she’s sure, and then gives her a medicine container. Malini adds prasad to the medicine and then throws it in the dustbin. Imlie spots her and asks what’s in the bottle.

Malini tells Imlie that it’s a high-end game and she takes prasad along. She gives prasad both to her family and orphanage kids. Dulari suggests that she taste it first. Imlie comes in and asks everyone to not eat it. Anu questions Aparna about why she made it. She also asks Aparna if her maid bahu has been a drama queen at every function. Guruji says to Harish that they will never forget the humiliation.

Harish makes fun of Imlie. Imlie claims that Harish scolds Imlie for refusing to let anyone eat Prasad because Malini had poisoned it. Anu reminds her to be careful with her language. Malini shouts at her if she is blaming herself and eats prasad. Adi also tries it, and agrees that it tastes good. Malini claims Imlie made her feel bad as she served her prepared Prasad. She hates Malini to the core and will not stay there after all that has happened.

Adi interrupts her and tells Imlie that she did wrong and should apologise. Imlie and her supporter stand stunned. Malini accepts her apology. Adi claims Imlie showed her disrespect and walks away. Aparna claims she curses the day she allowed Imlie into her home and she takes Malini with her. Harish claims that Imlie made a sin and now he suffers humiliation every day. Radha claims that Imlie has lost all her respect. Pankaj Rupali and Nishant, Imlie’s supporter, also walk out. Nani and Mithi try to console Imlie. Imlie says that she would prefer to be left alone and so, she stands crying.

Imlie weeps and tells Seeta Maya that she saw Malini mix poison in prasad. How can children be not affected? Malini comes in and claims she fooled her. She wanted to prove Adi a liar and mix medicine in juice and serve it to her family. Rupali, who is intoxicated, walks in and claims she hates Malini because Imlie hates her. Malini insists that feelings are mutual and she doesn’t dislike her for the same reasons.

Rupali asks Imlie to be her friend because she is so adorable and Imlie then tries to hug Rupali. Malini pushes Malini away. Rupali walks away complaining Radha. Imlie questions her about why she is doing this, and requests that Adi leave her alone as he only loves her. Malini claims she is Adi’s legally married wife. They have a seven-year-old relationship. Imlie was born between them. Imlie claims she is Adi’s first wife. Malini questions Imlie about why she kept the truth from Adi for so long. Imlie said they couldn’t conceal truth. Malini questions Imlie about her emotions and asks her why she made a joke of them. She then orders Imlie to take care of her family.

Imlie walks to her family and observes their strange inebriated behavior. Harish and Dulari dance with her and drag her along. Malini comes in and tells them he needs to speak to them. Aditya’s sole and only legal spouse Malini wants to tell them that Adi and Adi were happy before Imlie interfered in their lives. Aparna will not relinquish her rights and she will still be Adi;s legally married wife. Tripathi family laughs loudly. Malini claims that tomorrow they won’t remember what she said today. Imlie recalls Imlie’s warning.