Imlie 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Imlie rushes to prepare prasad. Sundar laughs that Imlie is hurrying up her sauma/MIL order. Imlie asks him to stop pestering her. He laughs and says that he’s joking. Aparna comes in and asks Imlie if the prasad has been prepared. Imlie says in 2-3 minutes. Aparna states that orphanage children cannot wait and will perform right away. Imlie insists that she must perform with Adi. Aparna claims Malini is there to help her. Imlie asks her if she would like her to make prasad to stop her. Aparna questions how it feels to be lied to. She says she is at home and not with Adi. Imlie stands sad. Sundar believes it was Imlie’s good works that god allowed her to complete post-wedding rituals. She should be happy and give prasad out to children. She is cheerful.

Nishant is a cheerleader, asking children to chant Jai Sri Krishna. He also welcomes the performers onto the stage. Adi thinks Adi has taken his place. Where is Imlie? He is shocked to see Malini gracefully dancing on the stage as Radha and is stunned. Rupali and Nishant are also shocked. Harish demands Adi dance with Malini, as the children wait for their performances. Adi claims he trained with Imlie. Harish pushes him towards Malini. Rupali questions what Malini is doing in Imlie’s place. Nishant believes it to be Malini’s and Anu’s plan, and he goes to bring Imlie. Adi and Malini dance. Nishant approaches Imlie and asks for her permission to see Malini’s terrible dance. Mithi comes in. Anu taunts Mithi that her servant girl cannot take Malini’s place. Dev is furious at Anu’s taunting of Mithi. Mithi walks up to Dulari to ask her for help. Imlie comes in and says Malini can’t handle performance so she has to leave. Anu drops a juice glass and breaks it. Imlie falls on the glass and injures her foot. Anu wonders if Imlie will take to the stage. Aygiri Nandini.. plays in the background Imlie dances with Adi as he walks to him. Malini regretfully walks down. Dulari taunts Malini that her plan was a failure and she should go back to enjoy the dance. Anu walks towards them. Dulari taunts Anu that her granddaughter’s kitchen ritual is over and that she should just enjoy prasad before leaving. Malini is forced to watch the dance by her forceful hand. Anu claims that just as Malini was insulted, Imklie would be too.

After Imlie and Adi’s performances, everyone claps. Adi notices Imlie’s injury to her foot and questions why she danced. He raises Imlie and leads her down the stage to her room. Dulari and his supporters are happy to see that Anu, Aparna and Malini are fuming. Dulari taunts Anu to get her granddaughter’s prasad ready and then go. Anu fumes. Dulari teasingly says that husband and wife will be locked up in a room after the kitchen ritual. She is too shy to explain what will happen next. Malini weeps at the thought. Anu tells Malini not to cry. Adi tends to Imlie’s wounds and scolds the girl. Imlie claims that family’s dignity was at risk, so she had no choice but to continue the fight. He should have known who did it. He claims she will again blame Malini and defend the real culprit SK. Imlie claims that SK is not the sole culprit, and Malini provoked her. Adi promises to continue to blaming SK. Malini comes in and states that Imlie doesn’t want Malini to stay here. She will leave from here. Adi claims that her presence does not affect anything here. Imlie must understand that Malini is his friend and will remain here. He wants to do one thing to clear all confusion. She wants to know what. He said let’s finalize the divorce paperwork tomorrow. Even she can continue her life and Imlie will be secure. He turns and walks away. Malini asks Imlie whether she is happy now, and she thinks she won. Imlie tells Malini that it is Adi’s decision, and she should end her small conspiracies. Malini advises against jumping high, as the game is just beginning. She should wait and see.