Imlie 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Adi is told by Imlie that dadda/Satyakam/SK killed him. But Malini filled his gun with gun powder and provoked him to confess Adi loved him. Malini questions Malini about what she means. Adi has information on their relationship, and Malini wonders why she would have the number of a criminal. Imlie tells Malini that she wants her out of the house and Adi out of her life. Aparna cautions her against making false allegations about Malini. Mithi supports Imlie and claims she heard Malini, her mother, talking about provoking SK. Aparna claims that this criminal family is a big lie and has conspiracies. Dulari claims she can’t allege them without evidence. Adi questions how many proofs they need. Even if Malini provoked SK to shoot him, How can he? If Malini approves anyone firing Imlie, then who is the one doing it? Mithi remains silent. Adi tells her to speak to her. If she answers this question, the world will fill their ears. However, it doesn’t mean that they can kill their loved ones. Imlie also believes that Malini made a mistake. Adi questions if Malini was wrong when her fatherda shot her first and buried him underground. Adi says that she supported her dadda all the time and saved him from his many sins. Pankaj is asked by Aparna to calm him down, or his health could deteriorate further. Mithi tries again to justify SK’s actions. Adi angrily questions SK about whether he will shoot anyone, even if they are not listening to their side. SK is a prisoner for animals like SK. Malini tells him to calm down, as she is the cause of their fight. She will continue from here. Adi insists that she won’t go anywhere. Imlie claims Malini arrived here to cause a rift. Adi claims she caused a rift between them, by helping SK escape and supporting her husband. His condition worsens and he falls. His family supports him and takes him in.

Malini taunts Imlie about how she kicked the axe on her foot when she made SK elope. Imlie claims she didn’t expect Malini to be so humble, Dadda will get punished, and even Malini, Malini’s plan to murder Adi failed, and he is still alive. Malini claims that Imlie will soon be out of the house. Imlie counters that she will expose Imlie in front of Adi, and will kick her out the house. Malini insists that only time will show it. Adi, in his bedroom, gets upset at Imlie’s justification. He thinks he loves Adi but won’t support her in her wrongs. Imlie weeps at Adi’s words and believes she will expose Malini to Adi at all costs.

Harish, who had been on a morning walk with his family, returns to their home and asks Adi how he is doing. Adi said that he is now fine. Harish claims Janmasti is available after two days. He has invited orphan children and will teach them Geeta Shloks. Radha says that he doesn’t want to bore children with his philosophy. They will cook a feast for the kids and organize janmastami plays for them. Pankaj makes fun of Harish. Harish claims he will be Krishna, and Radha is his. Harish claims Janmastami should not be considered a retirement game. Adi and Krisha will take on the role of Krishna. Adi hesitates, citing his injured right hand. Nishant assures him that he will be fine within two days. Aparna states that she is certain Adi will become Radha and Krishna, Malini as Radha. Imlie, Dulari and Dulari walk in and everyone looks at her asking if she has something. Pankaj denies it and says that Adi will play Krishna and Imlie as Radha. Radha claims that Imlie will ruin this festival. Aparna claims they will make chits to select Radha. Pankaj is given pen and paper by Dulari. Pankaj silently writes Imlie’s name in chits hidden and then mingles them together with Aparna’s chits. Adi picks Imlie’s chit. Radha questions Aparna about her inability to wring Malini’s name. Dulari says that she and Pankaj have added Imlie’s Chits to Radha and Aparna. Imlie will celebrate Janmashtami along with Adi.

Imlie approaches Adi as he is writing an article. She asks him to dance with her. He insists that he finish the article but she disagrees. He becomes angry but soon calms down and dances along with her to Piya Tose Mille. Malini watches them dance. Adi notices Malini and stops feeling hand pain. He replies that it is not terrible. He then asks if it is not bad. She should explain what the problem is. He says that he is only showing Krishna raasleela. However, Rukmini is important in Krishna’s world as his wife and cooks for him. Imlie claims people only talk about Radha Krishna. Malini claims that Rukmini is Krishna’s wife and will always remain so.