Imlie 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode opens with Malini recalling how Adithya had stated that he would like to spend some time with Imlie alone over lunch in the previous episode. Malini believes that he has expressed an interest in going on a date, and she wonders how she can prevent him from making new plans all of the time. Imlie arrives and begins getting ready in a Japanese style, prompting Malini to inquire as to who she is. She expresses interest in meal delivery. She takes her hand fan from her hand and Malini glances at her face in disbelief. Malini confronts her and asks her what kind of nonsens she is talking about. Imlie stated that she desired Japanese cuisine, and here she is, complete with a Japanese appearance. Imlie requests that she be fed. Malini tells her that she does not want to eat food from her hand and that she should stop acting. She asks her to leave the premises. Imlie informs her that she is expecting a child. Malini is startled, and Imlie takes care of her. Imlie is continuing in this manner. Malini becomes annoyed at the situation. Imlie inquires as to what she intends to eat the next day. Malini tells her that she must leave. Imlie then departs from the location. Malini believes that she is exclusively interested in Adhitya. She decides to keep her baby as a pawn in order to regain his presence in her life. She contacts her mother and begs her to do anything to help him in any way she can.

The Tripathi family is enjoying their morning meal. Rupa has stated that she will assist imlie in getting ready for the date. Adithya is the focus of Imlie’s attention. Malini has stated that she will receive nothing and that she will remain at home. Harish informs them that Anu has extended an invitation to them for a Pooja at their home, which she has organised for the baby. The fact that she has done something so horrific with her son, Pankaj says, prevents him from going there. Aparna believes they should leave. Pankaj inquires as to Adithya’s thoughts on the matter. Imlie believes they should all be dismissed because the job is excellent. Malini claims that she is putting in a lot of effort to care for her and her child. She claims she is unable to express gratitude to her. She invites her to accompany her on her journey. She assures her that her kid will be happy if she joins them on their journey. Imlie informs her grandmother that she needs to get dressed since she is dissatisfied with what Imlie has done. Imlie believes that Adithya was interested in getting to know her throughout the date, but he was unable to do so.


In her thoughts as she walks down the road, Imlie wonders when the distance between her and Adithya will be too great to overcome. She recognises someone on the road and becomes happy because she remembers him. It turns out that he is an actor and that she is Radhika from the movie Shiddat. She inquires as to whether he will be attending a party. He claims that his vehicle has been damaged and that they are attending an event. They are promoting their film.


Anu yells at her maids for not bringing silver bowls, which they have failed to do. Dev approaches her and inquires as to what she is doing and whether she is doing something terrible. Anu explains that she is preparing to become a grandmother and that she is doing so for her child. Dev believes that he knows her better than she knows herself, and she is preparing for something new.


Imlie bursts through the front door. Adithya inquires as to why she is in such good spirits. She claims to have met a number of actors. Hr inquires as to whether she has fallen and been harmed, and whether she is seeing stars. Adithya regrets that she will not be able to attend the event on the scheduled date. Imlie expresses her dissatisfaction with him, claiming that he has betrayed her. Imlie walks out to the car and sits in it. Adithya is perplexed as to how to bring a smile on her face. Nishant inquires as to what has transpired and why he is staring at her in such a loving manner. Adithya requests that he do the task that he has assigned to him. They are all sitting in the car. Malini receives a phone call from the doctor, who informs her that she has asthma and advises her to take good care of herself. He tells her that she must look after herself. Malini believes she has captured this Havan in order to prevent them from going, and she is powerless to prevent this at the moment. Adithya approaches her and inquires as to her well-being after she has sat in the car while the doctor has phoned her. Malini deceives him into believing he was requesting that she take care of herself. Malini is frozen in place on the screen.