Imlie 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Virat and Pakhi meet at a cafe. Pakhi orders two double espresso cafes and tells her that expresso is his favorite. Adi orders green tea. He says that things change over time, and that even his preferences have changed. He questions why she called him here. He is hurrying and she tries to check his temperature. He interrupts her and tells her not to worry. She then asks her what she wants to talk about. She tells him that Samrat wanted her to make a decision, and she would like him to give his opinion. He wants her to be more specific. She tells him what she should do. He wants to know what she means. She replies that she meant what should she do for her life. He claims it is her life. How can he respond? He says it’s her life, and she agrees. Samrat would like to be with her, she says. He then asks him what he should do. He holds his hand and she says that he has been ignoring her for so long, and that they should talk about it. He pulls back his hand and says that there is nothing between them. Why doesn’t he understand this? He says that he knows that she will be staying at Chavan Nivas for her. He said that she was a mature girl who should be able to understand that things change over time. He says he didn’t forget everything. They were at war in Nasik and they met in camp. 1000 words of meaning was all that was left. He said it was his past. She should also understand that not all stories are complete. They separated when fate brought them together. She claims she believed he had moved on. Samrat hadn’t married her when they met again and she agreed to marry Samrat at his insistence. He claims he can recall everything. He stops her.

He said he had already explained to her that he would repeat the ending of their story when Samrat and their family were accepted as Samrat’s wife. He says he is doing this to her because they have the chance to reunite. He requests her to sit down, and she says that she must understand that her husband is her brother. She tells him he has betrayed her. He also loved her before he asked her to let her go. He claims that a lot has happened in a year, and even his promise. He made promises and she got married to Samrat because he promised that they would love each other. Then Sai came into his life and changed everything. He claims he keeps saying that he has changed. What would she do if she were there? Kamal sir is dead and he can’t repay Kamal sir his debt.

Sai arrives at college to think about Virat’s decision. If he decides not to leave her, how will he take care of her. Then she wonders why she is so concerned about him. Pulkit observes her and asks her why she is so tense. She says Virat has a high fever. Pulkit assures her that Virat’s viral fever will soon subside. Sai’s friends meet them at a coffee shop and invite her to join them. Sai says she doesn’t need to go home and that she will return soon. Friends insist. Pulkit informs Sai that college will never return. She will miss the times spent with friends. Cafe is on her way to Chavan Nivas so she must go. Friends insist, and she agrees.

Pakhi is still crying, but she believes Virat has moved on in her life. She stands at the same spot thinking he will take her broken heart and asks him if he feels anything for her. He said he didn’t deny her words but that he understands that they have many relationships and are attracted to people. Later, he realized it was only an attraction. They are very close and they should understand that it was only an attraction. He gave Samrat one chance to them, which Pakhi did not to Samrat’s. She can understand why Samrat left her the next day, but fate is giving her another chance. Pakhi claims she wants to live a happy life with Virat. In fact, Samrat wants the same. He asks her why she doesn’t understand that he is married Sai, and feels for him. He knows it and she can see it in his eyes. But Sai doesn’t love him and doesn’t understand him. He claims he knows, and he has told her this. He then asks her what he sees in Sai that she doesn’t. He warns her to not cross her boundaries.