Imlie 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie begins the episode by tidying up the kitchen. Sundar advises her to concentrate on her studies. Imlie is told by Malini to tidy her room since dust is harmful to the baby. Rupy teases Malini, claiming that only Imlie can clear Aditya’s room of grime. Anu becomes irritated when she sees the filthy cell and demands VIP care. The lady constable feeds her and dials her aunty’s number. Anu tells the constable to address her as Mrs Chaturvedi and refuses to eat. Anu is terrified as the constable threatens her. Anu’s cellmate introduces herself as Rajni, a woman accused of murdering five people and facing other accusations including human trafficking and kidnapping.

Rajni’s demands are met by Constable, who also provides her fruits. Anu is perplexed as to why she is being treated like royalty. Rajni frightens Anu by brandishing a knife, prompting the latter to scream for aid. Rajni receives a call informing her that one of her friends has been kidnapped and is gone. She claims that the payment has been made and that the tickets have been verified, therefore they will need to find another female. Anu claims she can find her a girl. Rajni receives Imlie’s address from her.

Two government officials arrive at Tripathi’s house, claiming they want to see if any underage girls or boys are employed as servants. After Pankaj informs him, Sundar brings his ID card. They tell Imlie to bring her ID, but Pankaj claims that Imlie is their daughter-in-law, not a housekeeper. They disagree with Pankaj, claiming that Imlie does not appear to be from Delhi and that they have all the necessary information.

Imlie reassures Pankaj by saying she’ll show them her ID. Pankaj dials Aditya’s number, and Sundar displays his business card to the crowd. They tell him to brew a cup of tea. Imlie gives the officials her card and signs the papers, but they kidnap her and hide her head. Aditya tells Pankaj that he should have double-checked their identification cards before letting them in.

The diya is blown out as Meethi prays for Imlie. She becomes tense as she claims it’s a terrible omen. Aditya comes across a broken vase and searches for Imlie. Aditya inquires of Pankaj about the names of the officials. Pankaj and Sundar claim they were unaware of this. Pankaj claims that now that Imlie is missing, he should not have left her alone.

Nishant claims they can contact the Child Labor Department to see whether any officials were dispatched. Rupy and Sundar travel to the colony in search of information. Malini speculates that Imlie is out for a walk. Dulari tells her to stop talking. Imlie has been rusticated, according to Malini, and she is bored.

Imlie regains consciousness and uses a stick to intimidate the men. She claims to be a brave woman who has faced several situations similar to this. They do not frighten her. They kidnap her and force her to view the other kidnapped girls. Imlie is taken aback when he sees them and approaches them. She inquires as to how they came to be kidnapped. Malini is suspected by Dulari of being responsible for Imlie’s disappearance.

When Meethi calls the Tripathi residence, they discover that Imlie has not gone to see her. Meethi becomes concerned when Dulari informs her that Imlie is disappeared. Meethi is told by Aditya to relax since they will find Imlie. Rupy informs her family that the officials did not inspect any other home than the Tripathi residence.

Rajni inquires of Anu about Imlie’s knowledge of home tasks. Anu claims that she despises Imlie and wants to get rid of her. She is familiar with home tasks and will soon be promoted and assigned to work in foreign nations. Rajni speaks with a member of her group and assures them that there will be no problems. Anu smiles as she realises she never expected to make good friends in prison.

Imlie will no longer be a part of their lives. The kidnapped girls are given brooms and instructed to sweep. Imlie is perplexed as to why they would do such a thing. One kidnapper takes pictures of the females and instructs them to demonstrate their abilities by performing domestic duties.

Nishant informs Tripathis that no one from the department has been dispatched for inspection. Everyone wonders why those folks came here in the first place. Sundar chastises himself for abandoning Imlie. He shouldn’t have gone to make tea in the first place. Imlie has been kidnapped, according to Aditya. Everyone is taken aback.