Imlie 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aditya begins the episode by asking Aparna how Imlie can tolerate the situation. She won’t be able to find any evidence against Malini, and he can’t stay with her because he doesn’t love her. Aparna claims that Imlie was never the appropriate fit for Aditya and that he should accept this. Malini will bring him joy.

Imlie appears and claims to have evidence against Malini. Aditya and Aparna are taken aback. Aparna expresses her want to see, but Imlie informs her that she is unable to face the truth at this time because it would be devastating to her, therefore she would only show the proof to Aditya. Aditya is taken to his room by Imlie.

Imlie shows Aditya the camera, explaining that he bought it for her and failed to turn it off, thus everything that happened that night is recorded on it. Aditya is taken aback when he sees the footage of Malini wearing Imlie’s saree and taking advantage of Aditya while he was inebriated. Aditya sits down, saddened. He claims he never imagined Malini would betray him in this way. She lied to them several times and disrespected their seven-year friendship.

Aditya apologises to Imlie for not believing in her. Only Imlie, he claims, was fighting for the truth, but he misinterpreted her. What will he get now that he has won the case? He was left with nothing. Imlie says she understands his anguish, but Malini should be held accountable for her actions, and the proof will be presented in court to show Aditya’s innocence. Imlie consoles Aditya and offers him strength.

Aparna informs Tripathis that Imlie has discovered something important. Radha assumes it’s another one of her dramas. Aditya arrives with Imlie and tells that Imli was correct from the beginning, but no one believed her. They won’t show the proof to his family right now because Malini did him wrong, but they will see it in court. Tripathis are watching.

Over the phone, Kunal warns Imlie that she should keep the proof safe and that the camera’s memory card is crucial. Kunal claims that he has never felt guilty before, but this is the first time he is being awful. Why did Malini become this way? Malini walks in and tells Kunal that he should be frightened since he is going to lose tomorrow. Kunal teases her, telling her that she should enjoy her freedom one last time because she will be in jail the next day. They discovered the evidence against her, and Aditya discovered her real colours. Malini is taken aback when she learns of this. She stammers and walks away, stunned.

Imlie instructs Aditya to charge the camera so that presenting the proof in court will be a breeze. Aditya is lost in contemplation when he sees the video for the second time and asks how Malini can do this to him when she has to respond in front of the entire courtroom. He had more faith in her than in himself. Malini retires to her room and sobs profusely. She contacts her parents and tells them Aditya has discovered the truth and will now detest her forever. She passes out.

The next day, the judge orders Kunal to present the evidence in court. Kunal takes the camera away from Imlie and claims that Malini is using Aditya in this video and that she drugged his drink beforehand. Kunal tries to access the video but is unable to do so. Mr Desai claims there isn’t any proof, thus it won’t be played. The video, according to Kunal, is on the memory card.

Mr. Desai claims they’re merely acting. Due to a lack of evidence, the lawsuit should be dismissed. Kunal requests an additional 20 minutes, but Judge denies his plea. He claims Kunal’s behaviour was unexpected. Imlie begs the judge to believe in them, but the case is dismissed. Imlie is taken aback.