Imlie 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Dulari eats food while Sundar prepares her food. Aparna walks with others to her. NN tells Aparna to sit in her chair because it is her house. Anu tells Aparna that this is her house. Soon, it will be a hotel. Imlie, her servant, will bring all her relatives. Imlie smiles when she hears this. Anu believes Aparna must feel good about serving her bahu’s family. Dulari finishes her meal and asks Imlie for help in making arrangements for her stay. Imlie tells Dulari that she is able to sleep with her. Dulari believes Imlie should be sleeping with her husband. Imlie says no. Dulari states that she won’t sleep on the floor because she prefers to sleep on a cot, even in PD. Therefore, she will be sharing her bed with petite madam/Malini. Anu reacts. Imlie grins again. Rupali enjoys Dulari irritating Anu. Dulari is explaining Anu in her own language, Nishant claims that no one can face her. Dulari requests Sundar to move her belongings to Malini’s room. Anu states that she can’t stay in her daughter’s room. Dulari claims that Malini and she are guests. She leaves the house with Sundar.

Anu questions Aparna about what’s happening. Imlie tried to hurt Malini the morning before with the wrong medications and now Imlie’s relative has entered Malini’s room. Harish claims that Dulari is too old to send away guests. Nishant insists that he should not apologize because naani is correct in saying that Dulari is also a guest at the house like Malini. They don’t send guests away. Anu claims that Malini’s body will be expelled from this house. Aparna asks her to not say that they are helpless, but on Malini’s side. Anu claims that servant Imlie attempted to harm Malini the morning before and that Dulari strangled her. Imlie comes back to Dulari to get more food. Anu asks Imlie not to worry, as she will take good care of Malini. She will send Malini only once she is completely well. Anu frowns, while Rupali grins and Nishant smile.

Malini questions Anu about her new plan to harass her grandma/naani and barge her on her. Imlie said it was accidental and that she didn’t know why the naani arrived. Malini wants to know if naani came by herself and asks if she would like to stay in Malini’s room. Imlie denies again. Malini tells her to clear her name once and for all. She also claims Adi and his entire family belong to her, and Imlie has no right over them. Imlie threatens Malini that she will inform Adi of her conspiracy theories, but her family will be devastated. Everyone loves Malini so much, she isn’t against Malini, but she will not allow her to win. Malini claims she doesn’t understand why she is supporting or against Malini, but she does not want her to stop from here. She had left here before, but her family refused to accept Imlie because of one reason. She looks into the mirror and tells Imlie that she doesn’t mean to talk about her face. Being a villager is a good thing, and not trying to make Adi and his family happy is wrong. Adi is hers and she won’t give up this opportunity to win her over. Imlie stands looking herself into mirror.

Anu throws water over Mithi, and after waking her up, asks her if she’s sleeping peacefully. Mithi questions if her mother came to this house. Anu claims that her mother broke into Malini’s bedroom and is now troubling her. Mithi asks excitedly if her mother came to Imlie’s aid. Anu takes her out of bed, and she says that she will now sleep on the floor. Mithi thanked her for the good news. She said that her Imlie could melt a stone and that T family is already soft. Now nobody can stop Imlie becoming T family bahu. Anu is left fuming. Mithi prays that amma won’t cause any problems there.

Imlie walks up to Adi and asks if he feels bad about naani’s sudden appearance. He said no, and if she can tolerate his family, then he can tolerate her Naani. He asks her not to insult his in-laws. He suggests that she bring a shawl to naani as well as a sari to her. She claims she doesn’t wear such a type of sari. He suggests she try new clothes. She inquires if the old clothes pose any problems. He tells her that there are no problems, and then he asks about the incident. He brought her a new sari, but she cries. He wipes away her tears and tells her he won’t change his look if he’s a rickshaw driver or a low-paying job uniform. His family’s thought is also wrong. He doesn’t like her appearance and wants her to move on. His love for her will never change. She cries and says that she had thought a lot. He assures her that his love will never change and that she will always be the same jhalli as him. He smiles and she thinks she is right.

Dulari’s loud, snoring makes Malini unable to sleep and she stuffs cotton balls into her ears. Dulari places her hand on Malini. Malini takes Malini’s place. Dulari tries to kiss Malini while she is asleep. She pushes naani aside and believes Imlie is playing a nice, friendly game. If Imlie thinks she will be afraid by her heinous acts she will not and won’t leave Adi. Next morning, Imlie dressed like Malini performs aarti. Malini wonders who is performing morning Aarti so early in the morning and runs out to verify. The whole family gathers. Aparna and her family are furious at Imlie’s makeover. They ask what is going on in the early morning. Imlie says she is performing aarti. Aparna wants to know if Imlie thinks she will undergo a makeover. Imlie said she’s still the same Mrs Aditya Kumal Tripathi. Radha questions Imlie if she believes her status will change due to clothes. Adi claims that Taiji judges people on the basis of their clothes. Radha tells him to stop and that their opinion on Imlie will not change because of this stupid idea. Imlie claims it is Malini’s idea. Malini stands shocked.