Imlie 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie begins the episode by picking up the peas and inspecting the drawers and cupboards. However, she is unsuccessful in her search and departs. Imlie grabs Harish’s radio from him while he tries to find a signal. She searches for proofs that she is looking for a signal. When the signal returns, she checks the couch and other items, and Harish snatches the radio from her. Imlie enters Aparna’s room and conducts a thorough search. Imlie claims she is only cleaning the house. Aparna tells her to get out of here.

Imlie enters Aditya’s room and declares that everything began here and will end here alone. I’m confident Imlie will accept her condition, Anu informs Malini. Imlie, according to Malini, doesn’t have a choice. Imlie goes in search of proof, and she chooses the camera Aditya had left there prior to the incident.

Anu and Malini are on their way. Anu calls out Imlie’s name, saying that because Malini is unable to show her face in public, everyone is tormenting her. Aditya divorced her after he left her for a maid. It wasn’t enough for Imlie, so she wants Malini to spend the rest of her life in prison. Dulari makes fun of Anu’s drama. Imlie must retract her complaint, according to Anu. That, according to Imlie, will not happen. Aparna claims that Imlie has been requested, but she refuses to listen to anyone.

Anu explains that Imlie must accept Malini’s condition, which is that if she loses, she would go to jail, and if she wins, Aditya will accept Malini as his wife for the rest of their lives. After all of this, no one is going to marry Malini, therefore Aditya must accept her. Aditya returns and exclaims, “What madness is this?” He is adamant about not accepting the situation. Imlie, on the other hand, accepts the situation, which surprises Aditya.

Aditya claims that he is not a puppet of anyone and that he will make his own decisions in life. He only has eyes for Imlie and will devote his life to her. Anu claims that if Aditya had kept his cool that day, none of this would have happened. He’s now attempting to avoid his responsibilities. Why is it that he can’t accept Malini? How much longer will Malini suffer for Aditya and Imlie? Aparna is in agreement with Anu. Imlie advises Aditya to have faith in her. He hasn’t taken any action. She’ll be able to locate proof. Hearing this, Malini becomes agitated and claims that there is no evidence against her. Imlie advises her to remain calm.

In the car, Malini inquires about Imlie’s confidence. She appears to have discovered something. Anu encourages her to unwind because Imlie is about to lose everything. Malini, on the other hand, is not convinced. Anu instructs her to recall the events of Janmashtami.

Everyone was inebriated, Malini claims, and she brought Aditya to his room when he inquired about Imlie. Imlie becomes discouraged while looking for proofs in Aditya’s room. She asks how she will obtain proof now. She notices the Sita Maiya idol and remembers giving it to Aditya for his protection. She sobs as she explains why Sita Maiya was powerless to prevent the catastrophe. Aditya’s voice is heard when she takes the camera. She sees Aditya’s video clip that he made for her. He wants to start all over with her. She is disgusted later when she discovers Malini and Aditya’s video in the camera. She claims to have finally discovered the proof.