Imlie 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Imlie weeps because Malini hates Imlie now. Everyone thinks that she gave Malini the wrong medicine, and her entire family hates her. She leaves her home. Adi calls Imlie and then returns. Anu then calls Imlie and sees Anu. Anu claims that he brought Malini with such confidence and promised to take good care of her. However, she is now resting in a hospital room. Adi claims that she has left Malini in hospital. If she ceases her evil thoughts, the half of their problems can be solved. Anu is furious. Adi walks up to Malini, asking how she is doing. She tells him she’s fine and then asks where he went. He said to pharmacy to discover the truth. Imlie went to pharmacy but he is certain she can’t change her prescription and harm her. She said they blindly trusted Imlie, and she let her make the same mistakes. Adi wants to trust him and he tells her that Imlie can’t hurt anyone. Pankaj informs Adi that Imlie has left their house because Anu claimed that Imlie would harm them all. Adi questions why they let Anu in their home, and then goes to look for Imlie.

Imlie, who is walking to the bus stop to remember her family’s allegation, is about to board the bus when Dulari stops. Imlie gets nervous seeing her. Dulari questions Imlie about her inability to come meet her. After much discussion, she says that her sautan had barged into her home and she asked her if she could help her. Imlie claims she is correct that they can’t get the ghee using straight fingers and will need to bend the finger in order to do so. Naani will now take care of Malini. Adi calls Mithi back at T house and discovers that Imlie wasn’t there. Radha states that it is time for evening aarti. Rupali claims they kicked out a person who used to do aarti. Aparna claims they don’t need her, and Malini will do aarti. Next, Adi vented his anger at Radha and Aparna. Aparna requests that Adi not vent his anger on her, but instead control Imlie, who must have gone for an evening stroll. Pankaj questions Aparna about her argument with Adi. Aparna questions why she would do that and asks Malini to perform an aarti. Malini claims it’s the bahu’s right, and Imlie will feel terrible. Aparna claims she is her bahu, and asks her to perform aarti. Adi is unsure who to call to find out more about Imlie.

Malini is just about to begin aarti when Imlie comes back and she promises that she will light the lamp. Rupali gets happy seeing Imlie back. Imlie believes it is her right to perform evening Aarti just like Malini. Malini returns her matchstick. Imlie, with a smile on her face, performs aarti as everyone prays god. Radha then sees Imlie perform aarti and informs Radha that she had heard people don’t believe the world is round at first. She also tells Radha that she believed it later. Even though she is the bahu of this family, she will always remind everyone that she has to protect this house against evil nazar and people like Malini. Anu questions her about why she returned after she left the house. She replied that she had, but then returned with an explanation.

Dulari invites T family to visit and welcome their samdhan. Imlie believes the answer is strong. Aparna, her family, walks into the living room. Dulari orders Sundar to press her feet and Aparna asks who she is. She claims she is Imlie’s grandma/nakli naani/grandmother. Dulari, seeing Aparna with family, asks Sundar to press her feet. She keeps going with her normal behavior, and she says Kalpana/Malini is well-acquainted with her. Anu is then annoyed by her greedy behavior and touching her jewelry. Anu is accompanied by Malini. Imlie stands grinning. Adi touches Dulari’s feet and tells him that if he had known, he would have picked Imlie up. She blesses Imlie and her jodi. He asks her to come into her room. Nishant informs Imlie that her Naani is cooler than her. Imlie walks to Malini’s room. Malini questions Imlie about her visit. Imlie fastens her rakhi to Malini and promises her protection from evil. Malini says she considered Imlie her sister and breaks her rakhi. However, she made a joke of their relationship so she will cut Imlie’s ties to this house like this thread. She will also not compromise her rights.