Imlie 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie tells Aditya to wake up and get ready for work in the first scene of the episode. Aditya responds, “Did she forget about his job loss?” Imlie claims he will be rehired respectfully because the court has not yet found him guilty, so why is he blaming himself? She forces him to stand up and tells him that he is free to be angry at her, but he must not accept the penalty or else people will treat him unfairly for no reason. Aditya claims his boss fired him, but he can’t shamelessly beg him to reinstate him.

Imlie claims that she believes Aditya is not guilty. Later, Aditya declares that he will not enrol Imlie in college. Aditya becomes enraged when Imlie refuses. Imlie gets ready to travel with Aditya, but she doesn’t show up for courses at college. Aditya has to go to work, and she has to quit college. Aditya returns to Imlie and inquires about her whereabouts. Imlie makes an excuse and decides not to attend college. Imlie is scolded by the guard, who informs her that she is no longer a student here.

Imlie was accused by their professor, according to the guard, and she was suspended. Aditya is taken aback when he learns this. Imlie also sacrificed her dreams for him, which makes him feel awful. Imlie claims she will go to any length to prove his innocence. Aditya advises Imlie to forget about the situation. He advises Imlie that they should start over. Imlie will be taught by him. Imlie claims she will drive him to work today. Imlie declares that she will ride the bike, but Aditya asserts that he will.

Aditya and Imlie arrive at work. Imlie maintains his innocence until the court finds him guilty. Aditya claims that the same is true with Malini. Imlie believes she must reveal Malini’s true identity to Aditya. Aditya walks into the office and informs Suraj that his case is still pending, and that the board of directors has no authority to declare him guilty. He claims that if he leaves the job, he will take his contacts and ties with him. He is waiting for Suraj’s response. He believes Imlie has a high level of faith in him, and he has regained his job. He can’t, however, endorse Imlie’s decision to imprison Malini.

Kunal inquires if Imlie intends to drop the case due to a lack of proofs. She also misplaced a lot of stuff. Imlie claims she overheard Anu say that day and feels she can prove Aditya’s innocence. Kunal commends Imlie’s bravery and declares that he will fight the case even if there is no proof, and that he will win. Imlie will never uncover any proof, Malini and Anu agree, and she will leave the Tripathi house as well.

Dev claims that their wish will never come true because Imlie has gone to live with her father. Dev gives Anu and Malini an article in which he claims Imlie is his second daughter. Anu becomes enraged. Malini explains why Dev didn’t tell Imlie to drop the lawsuit. Dev claims that even though Imlie did not listen to him, he knows she is correct. Malini claims she will present Imlie with a condition that will compel her to accept Malini’s demand. Dev inquires about her plans. That, according to Anu, is unexpected.

Imlie believes she is unable to inform her family about her search for proofs. She walks into the kitchen and spills peas on the floor. Aparna is irritated. Imlie takes them from the table and looks through the drawers and cupboards for proofs. Aparna inquires as to what she is up to. Imlie is concerned about how she will obtain proof now.