Imlie 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Imlie returns home. Rupali questions Imlie about where she was since the morning. Malini responds that Imlie went to her for medicine. Rupali thanks Imlie and suggests that we finish the rakhi ritual first. Imlie insists that she have her medicine first. Malini believes that Imlie should feed her medicine before anyone else. Imlie gives her water and medicine. Malini believes she doesn’t know what she will face after taking the wrong medication. However, she is willing to take any risk to keep Adi from Imlie. She begins to feel uneasy and starts coughing vigorously. Radha and Aparna are concerned and ask her what has happened. Malini claims she can’t breathe. Aparna asks Adi for help. Adi examines the medicine and tells Aparna that it is not Malini’s. Imlie says Malini gave same prescription slip. Pankaj calls doctor. Malini is allergic to a substance. Imlie attempts to help Malini. Aparna warns her against coming near Malini. Harish questions Imlie about the medicine she gave Malini. Imlie shows prescription slip. Adi claims that this prescription is not for Malini. Radha brings another slip, and claims she found it in a dustbin. Adi claims that this is Malini’s prescription. Radha accuses Imlie of changing Malini’s prescription slip and trying harm Malini. Malini recalls throwing the original prescription in the dustbin. Radha and Aparna continue to blame Imlie.

Dulari is informed by Mithi via phone that she can’t return to Pagdandiya because Imlie needs her. Dulari shouts at Mithi that she is having a feast and leaves her with stale food. He demands that she return to Pagdandiya as soon as possible. Anu asks Mithi rudely to pay her phone bill and she says that she has been enjoying free food, stay and calls since she arrived here. Mithi claims she called her just now. Anu tells Mithi that Malini will soon kick out Imlie from Tripathi House and then they can both return to Pagdandiya. She receives a call about Malini’s health and rushes to get out of her house worried. Dulari informs Mithi that she will take care of things immediately and disconnects the call.

Imlie walks to Malini’s room. Malini says she’s fine now that she has received treatment from the doctor. Imlie questions why she gave her the wrong prescription slip. Malini questions Malini about why she would take wrong medication and put her life at risk. Imlie insists that she knows and says that she doesn’t. Malini finally admits she wants Adi back in the family. She says that she has sacrificed everything to get Adi back and that she forgot that Imlie doesn’t have any left. Imlie can’t handle what she gave her and Adi, and her father is fighting with Adi’s family for Imlie. What will Imlie gain if both of their families are ruined because of her? Imlie claims she did not do anything to gain or lose. Malini claims she is fighting for her right, even though she once supported her, but she now supports her and will fight for her rights. Imlie claims she has never considered her rights and has always valued Malini’s happiness over all else. Malini wants to move on. Imlie tells her she can’t. She tried her hardest to avoid Adi but Seeta Maiya brought them close and everyone is now comfortable with their relationship. Malini wants to know the basis. Imlie said that Adi and her love one another deeply. Malini claims that Adi loves her too. Imlie claims she is determined to get Adi back and risk her life to do so. Malini claims she is capable of doing anything for Adi. Imlie states that she doesn’t need to do the same for Adi, and can continue doing what she can for him. Malini wants to know if she won’t move away from them. Imlie claims Malini is actually between them. Malini claims that now that all is open, they will fight openly. Imlie claims she has been attacked by terrorists and goons, and that she is prepared to confront her sister. She will also end her hatred.

Adi goes to the pharmacy, and shows a prescription slip asking if he has sold this medicine. Pharmacist agrees. Adi requests him to show the CCTV footage. The pharmacist says that they cannot show it like this. Adi claims he sold medication on a false prescription slip and could be prosecuted. The pharmacist is afraid and offers to show CCTV footage. Adi examines CCTV footage and discovers Imlie purchasing medicine. He thinks she looks happy, and wouldn’t leave original prescription in dustbin. He needs to support Imlie at all costs, even if she is wrong.

Anu arrives at Tripathi family, and she reveals to them with a sarcastic smile that Malini brought her here. However, her condition worsened. Rupali suggests that she take her daughter back. Anu responds that her parents brought her here from her inlaws’ home. Radha tells Rupali to stop interfering with elders and sends Rupali away. Anu questions who brought Malini the medicine. Harish replies Imlie. Anu claims they blindly trust their servant-bahu and should be ready to kill her one day. Aparna only has two options. She can either accept the servant bahu, or kick her out and keep her away from their family. Radha is reassured by Imlie that she won’t go because Radha has always believed in Malini and her family. Anu claims she wouldn’t lie the first day. Imlie claims she can take the insult from her family as long as they love her and will accept her one-day. Anu claims it is absurd, she had been accepted as a servant by her family and not as a bahu. Imlie claims she won’t understand why her family elders treated her as a servant and not a bahu. They may be mad at her now, but they love her tremendously. Pankaj claims they used to love her. Anu asks Aparna whether she loves a girl who made her son against herself, and then asks Harish or Radha. They remain silent. Imlie walks away. Anu claims that Imlie is now ashamed of her deeds and has left her home.