Imlie 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins beginning with Aditya saying to Imlie she can’t be able to prove anything so she’ll apologize to Malini at this point or else she will not talk to him. Malini is struggling to control Anu and she laughs constantly. Imlie is seen coming out, and Malini states that she’s not going to talk to her. Malini isn’t able to become Malini in her saree. Anu exposes the truth about how Malini was forced to transform into Imlie the night she died because she had no other option.

Imlie is shocked to hear this and Malini places Anu in the car. Imlie prevents Malini from leaving, and Malini warns her to be careful not to irritate Malini. Imlie states that Anu will reveal the full truth and will speak to her. Aditya arrives and Imlie is nervous. Malini says to him to control his wife since she was threatening Anu and Aditya holds Imlie with a firm grip.

Imlie insists that Anu has just been honest and Aditya should not question her. However, Malini insists that If Imlie is ever near to Anu anytime soon, she will file a police report against her. Malini quits. Aditya informs Imlie that he asked her to apologize to Malini however she made matters worse. Imlie asks him to speak with Anu but Aditya is forced to take her inside.

Aditya abandons Imlie in the college and says she shouldn’t risk her academics. Imlie questions why he doesn’t believe her statements. Aditya states that Imlie assisted Satyakam escape when he fought the man and she had proof as well, however she does not have evidence against Malini and she’s accusing her. Aditya goes away. Imlie gets angry thinking that she’s fighting for Aditya however he’s not her supporter.

Malini offers medication to Anu and tells her she should have been cautious. Anu apologizes and tells her she was not expecting Imlie would be so clever and even abducted her. Malini tells her she’s got the answer now. She is leaving for college. In the office of Aditya, employees talk about her two marriages. They believe that Aditya acts like someone who is a victim. In the future, the situation will be a problem for them as well. They cannot work together with him.


The boss of Aditya’s tells everyone to not talk about gossip. The boss instructs Aditya to visit his office. Aditya declares he will discuss with him in front of the whole office. His boss has him fired because he fears that he will bring a negative image to the company because of the legal case. Aditya states that he devoted the last ten years of his life in the company and took a number of chances to tell some stories. What if he forgot the past and deport him based on certain social media Trolls. It’s not happening. The boss claims it’s the decision of the board of directors. He is unable to help Aditya. Aditya provides the ID number to Aditya.

Imlie attends college, and students accuse her of making false accusations against their instructor Malini. Imlie insists that she is guilty and should be punished , and the accusations aren’t true. One student slams Imlie’s family, and the other loses his cool and grabs her collar. Imlie says it’s about her family’s reputation, and no one is able to talk about it negatively. One professor stops Imlie , and asks her to meet with the her Principal.


Aditya’s goes into his office and collects all the medals and awards. He is nostalgic, thinking about his accomplishments and walks out of the office. The Principal is told by the professors that they are unable to instruct a student as talented as Imlie. They go on strike. The principal criticizes Imlie for including her school as a victim in each scandal. He warns her to not make a fuss about Malini in a way that is unnecessary since she didn’t be accused of anything illegal. She advises Imlie to apologize to Malini.

Malini arrives and appears as if she’s worried about Imlie’s future. She pleads Malini to not ruin her career. One professor believes that Imlie is venting her frustrations with Malini. Principal claims Imlie could become a Satyakam If they do not stop her. He decides to detain Imlie.


Imlie declares that she has a dream and she arrived here with a lot of hopes. She isn’t able to suspend her. She pleads with him, but Principal issues a suspension letter to her. He claims that all is set today. Imlie isn’t allowed to study at this school. Imlie remembers Satyakam’s words, and is devastated.

Imlie believes Tripathis don’t support her, and she’s now found out that her college also turned her down. Imlie is disappointed. Malini goes to the office of the Principal and then meets Imlie. Malini states that Imlie should not have been able to attack Anu in that way. Imlie has done her wrong and then she’ll also be suffering. Imlie says she’s was always wanting to look at Malini’s smiling face. If Malini is content with her tears, then is fine. Malini claims she stole everything from Imlie Now she’s all on her own. She’s not a recipient of the scholarship either. Imlie declares that I am confident in myself and I’ll prove your case and prevail in the case. She asks Malini to pray for her and goes away. Malini watches.