Imlie 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Mithi remembers Malini confessing that she is Malini Aditya Tripathi and thinks if Imlie continues trusting Malini, Malini will snatch Adi from her, so she needs to i inform everything to Imlie. Anu tells Malini that she is very proud of her that she gave a nice reply to Mithi and asks what if Mithi informs everything to Imlie. Adi with Imlie walks in and asks Mithi not to wander in house and to rest. Mithi says she doesn’t want to stay here and informs Imlie that Malini wants to separate Adi and Imlie. Malini tells Anu let Mithi say whatever she wants to. Adi tells Mithi that she has misunderstood Malini and ask her to rest. Mithi says Malini had visited her village and lied her name as Kalpana. Adi says she didn’t do anything wrong to them till now, else why would she bring Mithi’s favorite sweet for her. He reminisces Malini asking Adi to bring sweets for Mithi as she is at her mother’s house. He tells Mithi not to think much and rest and walks away. Mithi asks Imlie if she also doesn’t trust her. Imlie says she trusts her and knows about Malini’s intention since long, she doesn’t know what to do as she has her elder sister on one side and her husband on the other. Mithi asks her to trust Seeta Maiya, she is with her always.

Aditya with Malini, Anu, and Dev waits for Mithi and Imlie. They walk in. Adi says Mithi told Malini visited Pagdandiya before. Malini agrees and says she doubted from before that Imlie is Dev’s daughter and wanted to confirm it, but Dev wanted something else that time. Adi tells Mithi that Malini had some other reason for lying. Anu says her daughter is kind hearted and people misuse her kindness and misunderstand her. Adi says nobody is misusing Malini, its just a misunderstanding. Mithi says she made a mistake under medicine effect, its god’s wish that she met with an accident with Dev’s car and came here, so she will stay here and will go only after fixing things.

Radha and Aparna speak to their relative and congratulate her for becoming a grandmother of a baby girl. Relative invites them tomorrow to meet the girl and asked to call Adi’s wife, relative’s family had attended Adi and Malini’s marriage and consider Malini as Adi’s wife, but Adi will definitely take Imlie along, so she doesn’t know what to do. Next morning, Imlie wishes good morning to Harish. Harish ignoring her watches news where reporters informs about a veil donning lady trio gang who loot people. Radha ready to visit relative’s house scolds him to get ready soon and calls everyone. Everyone walk down. Rupali says her cousin Nandini is younger than them and they are going to see her baby girl. Nishant jokes. Aparna offers her family necklace to Malini. Malini requests her to give it to Imlie. Aparna says its not a normal necklace to give it to outsiders. Rupali offers her necklace to Imlie. Imlie says she is fine with just her mangalsutra. Malini gets jealous hearing that. Adi informs Imlie that her mother has called her. Aparna comments don’t know what will Mithi teach Imlie now. Imlie takes call. Meanwhile, Malini hurriedly sits next to Adi in car. Imlie reaches. Malini apologizes and says she will go and sit back. Adi says its okay, Imlie will sit behind. Imlie with frowning face sits behind.

Tripathi family’s car punctures while returning from relative’s house. Adi and Nishant go to seek help. Family chats and jokes meanwhile. Imlie picks an alert signal from car’s dickie and keeps it on road. Harish asks what is she doing. She says she is keeping an alert sign till Adi returns. Malini says Imlie just needs attention, she means Imlie is getting bored and cannot sit silently. Imlie feels sad hearing that and questions Seeta Maiya till when she has to fight for her right and Adi. Three thief trio ladies throw away barbed wires used to puncture car and think this family has more jewelry than usual. They walk to Tripathi family and say they missed their bus and are waiting for a transport. Family smiling chats with them. Imlie thinks Aparna and Radha are speaking more smilingly than her, its better if she would have gone with Nishant and Adi. Ladies throw a hypnotic powder on Tripathi family and making them unconscious steal their jewelry and try to escape in their car. Imlie returns and noticing that tries to snatch jewelry bag back from them. They fight. Imlie draws a line and challenges them for a kabbadi match. They struggle to snatch back jewelry bag from her and she slaps them repeatedly. Finally, they push her on ground.