Imlie 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Mithi recalls Imlie asking Anu to serve dinner to her amma, and Anu asking her if she would like to have it with her servants. Imlie walks to her. Mithi insists she shouldn’t be there and asks where Malini is. Imlie claims she is at Adi’s house, and it’s a big story. Mithi claims Malini shouldn’t be at her inlaws’ place, and she shouldn’t be there. So she will go back to Pagdandiya. Imlie should also return to her inlaws. Imlie promises to bring water and then walks off. Malini feeds Imlie her prepared fat rotis and video calls Imlie. Anu loves the show and believes servant Imlie’s food can be eaten by dogs. Malini states that Adi will not be allowed to eat any Imlie-prepared food until she is at Anu’s house. Anu says sure. Imlie listens to their conversation. Dev walks up to Mithi, asking how she is doing. Imlie returns nervous. Mithi questions why Imlie looks so nervous. Dev questions her if she has spoken to Adi. She responds yes. He suggests she return to Adi. Imlie says Mithi needs her. Dev tells her not to worry about Mithi, he will protect her against Anu, Adi and she should go back to him. Mithi supports him.

Malini, a Tripathi house resident, goes to the kitchen to make tea for Adi. Sundar claims he has already made tea. Adi loves extra ginger and cardamom, so she can make his tea for him. He goes. He leaves. Imlie comes in to make tea for Malini. Malini questions Imlie about her decision to be here, rather than being with her mother who is seriously ill. Imlie claims her mother sent her to this place and asks Adi why she didn’t let her prepare rotis for her and feed them to dogs. Malini is nervously unsure what Malini is talking about. Adi comes in and asks Malini what she is doing. He would have picked her back up if she had told him. She said she would not have noticed his surprise face. He walks off and asks Malini to make him tea. Imlie asks Malini if she will prepare Adi’s tea. Malini tells Malini that she nearly made it and will make it for Adi. Imlie grabs the pan and becomes obstinate. Malini tells her to behave. Imlie refuses to give up. Tea pan falls down. Aparna rushes in to ask what happened. Malini claims Imlie stopped her from making tea for Adi and tried to grab the pan from her. Adi walks in. Malini states that if Imlie has a problem, she will leave. Aparna believes she should not go with Imlie because of her behavior. Adi claims Malini doesn’t need to leave here and takes Imlie there.

Adi pulls Imlie aside, and she says that she is sure she won’t make a scene or fight with Malini. Imlie claims Malini doesn’t like them being together. He asks why she would do that. Imlie claims she supported them previously, but now doesn’t want too. She also reminds him of the party dress incident and Malini giving rotis to dogs. Adi suggests that Malini may have done it because he had fried rice. She shouldn’t be so critical as he is with him and can make rotis again. Malini listens to their conversation and believes it is easy to manipulate Imlie, proving that she’s immature.

Mithi, seeing the servant mopping floors, asks him to mop her entire room. The servant ignores Mithi. Dev questions the reason. Servant claims Anu madam forbid Mithi from accepting her orders. Dev mops Mithi’s floors. Anu claps and taunts Dev, while Dev holds a mop. Dev claims Mithi is their guest. Anu claims that he brought his keep/mistress home with him and wants to spend time with her. Dev shouts at him to stop. Their argument begins. Mithi attempts to flee. Anu stops her, then pushes Mithi towards the door. Malini holds her. Mithi refers to her as Kalpana. Malini claims she is Malini. Mithi, shocked, asks Malini if she’s Dev’s child. Mithi questions why she lied. Malini claims she will now introduce properly and that she is Malini Aditya Kumal Tripathi, Aditya’s wife. Mithi claims this is incorrect as Imlie was married to Adi before her. Malini claims it was a forced marriage. Adi and Malini were married by mutual consent for 7 years. Mithi claims she has supported Imlie in the past. Malini claims she was bound by Malini’s good deeds, and could not see anyone in pain. Mithi claims Imlie blindly believes her. Malini claims that even though she blindly believed in Imlie, she betrayed her husband and took her away. She will not leave her right and is now legally married to Adi. Mithi shock walks out, saying that she can’t stay here. Dev attempts to follow her. Anu stops her. Dev said that he had promised Imlie that he would take care of her mother. Malini questions Dev if he promised Anu. He said he could not keep his word and supports Imlie. Dev claims he has made many mistakes, and is working to rectify them. However, they are stopping him. He will never see his daughter again if he leaves Mithi. Dev said that he misses his best friend and daughter.