Imlie 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show begins with Malini visiting Kunal’s office to persuade Kunal to leave the office. She asks him to quit the case in the interest of their relationship. Kunal states that she was a child when Malini was doing the right thing , he was with her, but no longer. Malini claims she was an emotionally fooled at the time, and is now seeking to protect her rights. What can Kunal sentence her to prison. Kunal states that he is able to understand how it feels when you are in love with someone and they friendzone you. However, Malini must realize that Aditya isn’t her love. One-sided love does not mean she has the right to evict Aditya physically. Malini says Kunal is crossing his limits. He claims she made use of Aditya. Kunal affirms that Malini visited her to benefit from their relationship. However, he isn’t able to assist her in any way. Malini states that If Kunal is determined to ruin his career, he’s entitled to the case. Malini leaves angry. Kunal ignores her.

Harish informs his family that they have received a court notice and have to provide a an explanation in court. He calls Imlie angrily. Imlie insists that it is about their dignity, and they cannot stop to think about their position. It’s the fault of Malini. Aditya claims that Malini was supportive of them at every step. Malini helped Imlie and him in their relationship even when everyone else was opposed to them. He doesn’t view himself as a the victim since he was only responsible for the wrong thing, not Malini.

Aditya is gone. Aparna claims Imlie is a threat to their family’s respect. Harish insists that they need to be in court, as it is an order. Pankaj wants to know Imlie whether she is confident that she is certain about the decision. Imlie states that she has no choice other than doing this. She will reveal the truth.

Malini informs Dev to inform Imlie that she needs to take her complaint off the table. Otherwise, she could be in prison due to false accusations. Dev insists that she is sure that she did not have any wrongdoing. He was keen to speak with Imlie but for now Malini is getting into trouble due to her own mistakes. He repeatedly warned her but she did not take his advice. Anu believes that the case will be dismissed because she has made arrangements and Tripathis will not appear before the court this morning.

Tripathis leave their home, and some insult Aditya and claim that he fabricated false charges against Malini even though he’s actually the culprit. Aditya loses his composure and slaps one of the people. Meethi is waiting for Imlie in the courtroom. People attempt to defame Aditya in anger , but Imlie is able to stop them. Imlie defends Aditya by explaining why they are taking someone else’s word for it and came to the spot to accuse Aditya.


Aditya is going to be the victim in the end and they won’t be able to hinder him from appearing in the court. Imlie says let us go. Dulari is carrying a sticks and says she’s got how to deal with this crowd. She smacks them, and Tripathis stops her from becoming violent. However, Dulari helps push them away.

Kunal says to the court that the client should have had issues and has no way to get the courtroom. Mr. Desai claims that the prosecutor and his client do not take the matter seriously. They shouldn’t have to wait to be waiting this long. The case needs to be dismissed. Judge is in agreement with Mr. Desai and states that Kunal’s client isn’t there yet. They’re eager to see them. Judge is about closing the case, but Imlie comes in with Tripathis. Imlie apologizes to Judge for her tardiness. Malini is scared, and Anu asks what Tripathis was able to get to her after she had sent an enormous crowd.


Anu assures Malini that Mr. Desai will manage everything. Kunal tells Judge that it will be his proof that Malini was a victim of Aditya while he was in a drunk. She stayed up late with him without his permission. Mr. Desai affirms that the claim is false and cannot be proven either. The lawyer phone calls Harish at the box of witnesses and questions him about to explain what was going on the night before. Harish states that they were drunk , so that he doesn’t recall any details. The witness, Mr. Desai calls Aditya to the witness box.