Imlie 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Dev tells Imlie that Mithi is in a good condition and that the doctor gave her an injection. He also suggested she rest because of her internal injuries. Adi promises to book a taxi for Mithi’s return. Malini claims that Radha and Aparna are already mad at Imlie and don’t know what to do when they get Mithi home. Anu comes in. Dev requests her to stop creating drama because Adi is coming to take Mithi. Anu states that she will allow Mithi to stay here for human rights reasons. Imlie claims she invited her home last week and insulted her. She reminisces about the incident and cannot allow amma to stay here. Adi has booked a hotel for Mithi, and the three of them will all stay in the hotel until Mithi recovers. Malini believes that if Adi or Imlie shift to a hotel, they will become closer, and Mithi will be left alone at Tripathi house. So she suggests that Mithi should rest here until she recovers. Anu agrees. Imlie also agrees. Adi states that he doesn’t believe it’s a good idea. Dev backs Imlie next. Imlie promises to drop Adi and Malini. Malini requests that she stay with her mother. Adi rides off in his bike with Malini. Dev tells Imlie to not worry about her mother, and to be there until she has her medical records.

Mithi awakens and, seeing Dev’s house, thinks that she can’t be there and should go to her child. She falls. Imlie helps her up and asks if she has a new hobby, wandering. She then asks her to go back to sleep. Mithi insists on leaving because she cannot stay with a sughan/married women/Anu. Imlie insists that she will stay here, claiming that she is not an outside woman. Mithi questions if her inlaws have not accepted her. Imlie said they would discuss it later. Mithi should first rest as she is weak. Adi, on the other hand, tells Malini while riding his bike that he should have stayed behind Imlie to help her. Malini believes he is still thinking of Imlie and asks him to stop his bike near the tea stall. He promises they’ll get home soon. She said it was a nice environment and that she would like to have tea with him again. He accepts the offer and purchases tea. Imlie calls him to inform him about Mithi’s situation and he rushes towards her. Malini fumingly throws away tea, claiming that he still has a mad streak for Imlie despite her presence.

Anu notices the servants setting up dinner. She asks them who they are serving since Dev isn’t home. Servant says Imlie madam to her mother. Anu angrily scolds the servants for calling Imlie madam and her mother. Angrily, she throws chairs at the dining room and shouts that her mother and servant are staying free of charge and wants royal treatment. Aparna, who is fuming at Tripathi’s house, says Imlie will stay here forever, and that her mother Mithi is now staying in Anu’s house. She feels sorry for Anu and doesn’t understand why she allows her sautan to remain in her home. Pankaj suggests that she should take pity on Mithi because Dev had betrayed him. Aparna claims that Imlie brainwashed her and that she would rather die than see Dev’s face. Rupali says it is easier said than done. She should be able to understand Mithi’s and Imlie’s pains. Harish suggests that they stop talking about Imlie. Radha suggests that they take Adi to a saint/baba to keep Imlie’s ghost away. Pankaj jokes about Radha going first. Adi and Malini return home. Nishant inquires about Mithi’s health. Adi states that she is now feeling better. Rupali questions Imlie. Malini questions why Imlie is needed here. Rupali wants to know. Malini replies that she meant Mithi needs her there. Aparna states that they won’t need to see Imlie for at least a while. Malini believes that Imlie will soon be leaving this house. Rupali believes it is wasteful to argue with Radha or Aparna. Adi asks Adi to wash her hands until she makes him dinner. He tells Imlie that he has already prepared fat rotis. Malini believes it is time to change Adi’s taste.

Imlie takes Mithi to dinner. Anu claims she would have asked them for dining chairs. However, termites infest the area and cause damage. Imlie tells her mother she needs food in order to get medicine. Anu requests that she go to dinner with her servants. Imlie believes it is better to leave than to argue with Anu. Anu grins. Malini, at Tripathi house hides Imlie’s fat Rotis and prepares dinner. Adi questions her about what she is doing. She said she had thought of giving him veg rice, and that if he doesn’t like it she would serve him fat roti. He agrees. He is served veg rice. Anu returns to Chaturdevi’s house and sees Imlie, Malini and servants having dinner. She thinks that Malini and her daughter Malini are finally together and will take back what Mihti or Imlie have taken from them. Malini remembers that Adi and Malini had dinner together after they finished their dinner. As she passes Adi’s bedroom, she gets annoyed at him talking with Imlie and complaining about feeling hungry because he didn’t like Malini’s food. She runs to the kitchen, hiding the rotis. Adi enters the kitchen and looks for rotis. Imlie believes that Aparna and Radha must have made rotis. He suggests Adi eat a healthy diet today. He tells her she can make him fat rotis when she returns. Malini, who is watching him hide, thinks that she won’t let Imlie return home to this house.