Imlie 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Imlie 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Pallavi says goodbye to her family and asks them to take care Nishant and their children. Pallavi gives her a hug and asks her to not worry about Nishant. Nishant asks Pallavi not to make Pallavi feel more emotional, as she will soon return from Australia after her course. Adi states that it is time to fly. Radha claims she brought Radha home only a few days ago, and now she’s going. Aparna said that one should go and one should stay home. Nishant claims they are getting late. Aparna claims she won’t go with Adi to drop Pallavi at Radha’s car. Adi claims he and Imlie will ride on bikes. Malini recalls Imlie riding Adi’s bicycle before, and wonders if Anu would have stopped her. Adi agrees to go with her on the bike and she asks for Adi’s assistance. Imlie tells Aparna that she will not like it if she goes with them. Adi heads off. Rupali informs Malini that her husband is married to a second woman. Nobody respects her, and believes she has destroyed a happy family. Malini believes she is correct, as legal marriages are respected and not forced ones. Rupali believes Imlie will soon get everyone’s approval. Rest Malini is intelligent and knows what she means. Malini notices Imlie seated behind Adi on his bike.

Mithi arrives in Delhi to search for Imlie’s address. She is injured and conscious when she collides with Dev’s car. Mob gathers around Dev’s car and, seeing Dev’s concern, asks her who she is. He tells her that his daughter is his mother and asks them for help getting her in his car. Adi is then called by him as he thinks it will be too late to take her to the hospital. Sundar answers the phone and informs Adi that Pallavi’s family has left to pick her up at the airport. Dev believes there is only one way to go.

Tripathi family is back home to try and cheer up Nishant. Nishant claims Pallavi won’t have the time to talk to him due to his busy schedule. Imlie is Pallavi and Nishant’s wedding videographer. Aparna is furious to see Imlie dance with her family in the video. She switches off player and says that they should edit the video because it’s their son’s wedding video. Adi said that she doesn’t hate Imlie but wants to spoil their sweet memories. Malini believes she could not see Imlie trying lure Adi by acting helpless. Aparna claims that Imlie is always there for her, and if he’s so concerned, he should send Imlie elsewhere. He claims he has already said to her that he would also travel if Imlie went. Aparna warns against supporting Imlie. Imlie begins her jokergiri in an effort to ease the situation. Pankaj, Rupali and Aparna both fume in anguish. Malini claims Imlie must leave this house one day. Pankaj questions why she is saying this. Malini states that Imlie must leave the house to pursue higher education because Adi doesn’t like her college, whether it be in India or abroad. Adi promises to support Imlie as Nishant supported Pallavi, and will take her to the airport. Malini believes that Imlie will leave this house.

Sundar informs Malini about the fact that her family called her nervously, and that there is a problem. Malini calls Anu from her bedroom to get the truth. Anu insists that everything is fine, but panics when she sees Dev bringing Mithi home. The argument begins. He asks her to get Mithi out. He shouts at her not to speak. Imlie, who lives at Tripathi’s house, prepares honey milk to Radha and Aparna. She jokes with Rupali about how their tongues are bitter from taunting them throughout the day. Rupali laughs, saying that she finds positivity everywhere. Imlie claims they used to be good friends before they discovered the truth. Rupali claims she blindly believes in everyone, without knowing if they are trustworthy. Imlie questions her about who she is talking to. Rupali claims Malini is her older sister, and she blindly believes her. However, Malini came here with bad intentions and asks Imlie to be careful until Malini arrives.

Malini arrives at her parents’ house to see Anu shouting at Dev. Anu tells Malini that Dev had brought his mistress/keeper home. Malini is shocked to find Mithi unconscious on a bed. Dev keeps shouting at Anu to stop and show some humanity. Anu claims that he bought a house in Imlie for her and supported her over Malini. Malini will not take it anymore. Malini asks her to be calm and takes Malini in. Aparna informs Radha that Imlie won’t leave their home forever. Radha suggests they call Imlie’s mom and ask her to bring her daughter with them. Aparna thinks Mithi was beautiful, but she doesn’t know enough about Adi or Imlie to take her daughter back. Radha requests her to give it a try. Aparna calls Pagdandiya’s post office to find out that Mithi is in Delhi. Radha suggests that she might want to move here with Imlie. Imlie comes to the room to make milk, and Mithi hears their conversation. Adi rushes to her panicked and asks him to find amma quickly. Anu, on the other hand, tells Mithi Dev said Mithi came under his vehicle, but why would she? Malini insists that she came to meet Imlie. Dev calls Adi to inform Imlie that Mithi was with him, and they had an accident through his car. Malini claims Imlie doesn’t like staying at Tripathi house so she called her mother with a plan.