Imlie 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aditya informs Imlie that he’s the most dangerous criminal and will surrender his identity to the police. Malini begins a blackmail attack that is emotional and asks what she doesn’t think of her? What would people consider her character. She embraces Aparna and behaves as a crying. Dulari believes that Kalini is more sinister she’ll take her down in the future. Adi claims that once the jail is emptied and is sentenced, Malini is not to blame. Imlie is adamant that, after thinking about her family and family, she decided it’s better for him to stand with Malini and out of the house. Their story is so interwoven that it’s time to end their bond. Their relationship is tied through trust, and she’s breaking it. She leaves together with Mithi and Dulari carrying her bag/potli. Anu smiles as Imlie’s supporters are crying. Adi is trying to walk in front of Imlie. Aparna warns him that if he tries to stop Imlie and sees her face dead.

Imile tears up when he walks out of the main door and hugging Mithi. Mithi states that Seeta Maiya will take care of everything. They are a group of religious people with god’s idols, and Imlie believes that when sin occurs God will come to the rescue and she should begin her fight right now. She spots her burned sari fragment in Dev’s dickie, and when she opens the dickie with her hair pin, she thinks it is her sari. Then what’s it doing inside Dev’s car? Why do Anu and Malini attempt to burn it? Malini get intimate to Adi while wearing the sari? Malini committed a major error and will receive her punishment.

Adi demands Aparna to allow him to move to Imlie. Malini insists that he take God’s advice and accept Imlie. He states that he will never be without Imlie. Aparna believes that whatever is happening right now is true. The police siren is heard and Aparna questions Adi what prompted him to call police. Harish inquires Anu whether she called police. Anu says she didn’t. Rupali inquires about who called the police, and then. Inspector and his team are in. Aparna insists they didn’t call him. Radha says Adi didn’t do any mistake. Inspector inquires about Malini Chaturvedi, and she declares she is wanted. Dev surprised asks why. Anu questions who was the complainant. Imlie along with Dulari and Mithi comes in and tells her she had complained about Malini. Adi wants to know what she’s doing. Imlie declares that she’s going to get Malini arrested for liarizing her husband by spending the night with her. Anu shouts at her what is nonsense. Harish asks Imlie if she knows what she’s telling her. Anu questions how can woman impose herself on the man who is 6 feet tall. Harish claims that the inspector is wrong. Inspector claims complaint has been made and they must resolve the matter between Harish and Inspector. Imlie states that Malini made a hypnotic drink then served the juice to her parents and husband , and then became romantically involved with her husband. Adi asks her to stop. Imlie insists she will not allow injustice happen to him. She will not be silent until she sees Malini penalized.

Malini claims she’s alleging her to vent her anger. Adi claims she accused Malini earlier without evidence. Imlie claims she has evidence, and she shows her burned sari claims she found it inside her car. Malini employed it to entice her. Anu insists she attempted to burn it, but it was not Malini since she bought Sari to her daughter. She also said that having a maid dressed in the same to her sari, she can’t be able to bear it. Imlie claims she’s lying. Anu declares she’s lying and has provoked a tigress Now she and the entire Tripathi family members will not be saved and she could ruin their reputation. Imlie requests the inspector to detain Malini. Inspector detains Malini and drags her off. Imlie and her team are satisfied with their accomplishments. Aparna inquires Imlie what she did to justify this. Imlie claims she was right and that without complaint she would not have received justice. Aparna inquires if they received justice for what she did to them. She asks why she return , when she was on her own. Harish inquires, what she says about defending their dignity, then how did she destroy it. Radha is also a bit critical. Dulari is rudely yells at Radha and claims she’s not literate, yet knows that no matter if a male or woman makes mistakes, they should be punished.