Imlie 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Malini begins to cry seeing Aditya. Adi states that he doesn’t know why he is crying. He just remembers Imlie being with him and nothing else. Malini asks Adi if she has any memories. Malini replies that her head was spinning and she doesn’t remember anything. Imlie shouts to stop the lies. Malini claims Imlie is shocked but also says that she’s shocked because she was wronged and can only remember. Imlie shouts that she mixed a hypnotic tablet in juice. Malini cries more. Adi follows Imlie as she fumingly walks away from her family. Malini wipes her fake tear and walks back to her family. Aparna questions Imlie about why they were all so drunk last night. Imlie claims that Malini mixed a hypnotic tablet in juice and served them. Malini asks Malini to stop blaming herself and asks why Adi brought Malini here to be humiliated by Imlie so many times. She knows that people will now blame her. Harish tells her to stop crying because it is not her fault. Aparna claims that only Imlie can make them hypnotize like she did many times before. Imlie calls her maa, but she says that she didn’t. Aparna warns Imlie not to call her mom and tells her she is shocked that Imlie can be so humble. Dulari yells at her to stop talking and tells her she’s not going to humiliate her. Adi claims he can’t recall anything, and Malini is the only one who can answer. Malini asks Imlie why she did this horrible act and Malini replies that she doesn’t know how she can answer. Radha consoles Malini. Aparna asks Pankaj to tell Imlie’s parents what they will do. Harish tells them they must bear humiliation, and asks Aparna to call Anu.

Anu and Mithi rush to T house, crying and hugging Malini. She told her to leave, as she has been stamped with the stamp of divorcee, and now she is humiliated, and they can’t face anyone. Adi asks her why he did this to her daughter. He claims he can’t remember what was in his juice and that he doesn’t recall anything other than being with Imlie last. Only Imlie is his wife. Malini cries more loudly. Adi walks towards Imlie and Imlie goes to her bedroom. He follows her and tells her he loves her. Imlie tells her he loves her, but not his family. He questions her about whether she trusts him. She claims that her amma trusted Dev when Dev told her he loved her. But she was betrayed in return. Adi claims Dev deliberately betrayed her mother, but he can’t recall anything. His love for her became so weak that it required him to explain why he should have drunk that juice. He said the juice was mixed, but he didn’t trust it. How did he suddenly change? He claims he only remembers that he did not do anything conscious, but he does recall being with her last. She claims it is Imlie’s plot. He claims he has known Malini for years and that she cannot stoop so low. She wants to know if he ever stooped so low back then. He apologizes for his mistake.

Imlie goes home to her family, and she cries. Mithi consoles her, and asks Seeta Maya if there is still something in her daughter’s love for her suhaag. Anu said that women don’t have any defects, but men have who are so weak they want to end all relationships and run away. Adi betrayed Malini, and she now stands behind Imlie. But Mithi is now feeling the pain of Mithi. She asks Imlie to not ruin Malini’s life. If she considers Malini her sister, will she allow her dignity to be destroyed? Aparna claims that Malini is Adi’s legal wife, but the divorce proceedings are still not finalized. Imlie should consider it her wish. Anu argues that she came to India as a mother, not an English madam. Imlie should save her daughter’s dignity. Dulari, in her usual arrogant tone, shouts that she hasn’t given anything to Imlie until now and is now giving Imlie her sin. She begs Imlie to not fall for Anu’s fake tears. Anu claims her daughter will be called “a second woman” and asks Imlie to not force Malini to divorce. Adi insists that these decisions can’t be made in a hurry. Aparna asks him not to speak and he turns away. Harish promises he will make further decisions. He tells Imlie that his mother used to say she could do anything for their family. It is better for all of them that Malini remains Adi’s spouse. Anu smiles at the thought and pleads again.