11 Ways to Talk to a Girl You Don’t Know

In today’s society, talking to a stranger is so rare that those who do it are considered brave. However, now you have come across a beautiful stranger and would like to talk with her. The following guide will help you know how to talk to unknown girl effortlessly.

1.    Approach slowly or suddenly

There are lots of ways to approach a girl you don’t know. One of the most popular is to suddenly pop up in front of her and ask for directions. If she’s too busy with something else, don’t be discouraged; just try again later. Another good way to start up a conversation is to move slowly towards her from behind, preferably while she’s looking the other way.

2 .    Give a compliment

Start things off by giving a compliment. You can say anything that comes to mind, but the classic “I like your hair” is always good for starters. Don’t hesitate to drop in something cheeky if you see fit!

3 .    Do not mention the weather

Even if you meet somewhere with very strange weather, for example inside an igloo or in the middle of a desert, never make any reference to it. It will make her feel uncomfortable. Even if she brings it up herself, stay calm and don’t act like anything is wrong; smile and say “yeah it’s pretty weird isn’t it?”

4 .    Introduce yourself

If she doesn’t introduce herself first, then you should introduce yourself. Be sure to use your most interesting name. Girls love a man with an exciting name, like Mungo Bonham or Kermit Jagger. If you don’t have one of those, just pick a random one from the telephone book.

5 .    Ask for her name

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say after you’ve introduced yourself, so ask her for her name. Just tell her “hey, I’m (your name), what’s your name?” If she asks what yours is, make something up. If she tells you her first name, say “oh, that’s a beautiful name” and if she tells you her last name, say “that is a very lovely last name – I bet you get teased a lot for it.”

6 .    Keep eye contact

Even if she looks away, keep eye contact with her. A girl won’t like you if she thinks you’re shy and timid, and eye contact is very important when talking to a stranger (especially one you’d like to get to know better). If she doesn’t look at you at all, find some other person who would make a good friend and start up a conversation with them instead – just make sure to glance back at the girl every now and then.

7 .    Own up to your mistakes

Even if you make a mistake (let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes), own up to it right away. For example, if you realize that you’ve been mistakenly following her for half an hour and ask if this is where you’re supposed to catch the bus, don’t pretend like you know what you’re doing. It will make her extremely uncomfortable and she won’t want to talk with you anymore.

8 .    Show your sensitive side

If a girl sees that you have a soft and affable personality, she’ll be more likely to want to date you. Try not to get angry or yell, even if she does something wrong. Show your sensitive side by crying a little bit. Remember: women find it attractive when men cry. It shows that you’re strong but also sad and sensitive at the same time, which is a great combination for a good boyfriend!

9 .    Ask her if she has a boyfriend

If you want to know if she’s single or not, ask her. If she tells you that yes, she already has a boyfriend and is very happy with him, find another girl who would make a good friend and start up a conversation with her instead. But if she says no, then congratulations – the only thing left to do is ask her out!

10 .    If she tells you that she already has a boyfriend, don’t become angry or jealous. You can always find another girl who would make a good friend and start up a conversation with her instead. If you really want to be friends with this girl, try asking if she knows anyone else who would be single. It could lead to a great friendship!

11 .    Always be yourself

Finally, never try to imitate another person or the things they do, no matter how much you admire them. For example, if someone close to you admires Brad Pitt and tries to act like him by doing his accent and wearing the same clothes, don’t join in on this. They will not be happy about it and they will not want to talk with you anymore. You don’t want that, do you?

I hope these tips help! And remember, the most important thing is confidence – if you act confident even if you’re scared or nervous, girls will pick up on that. Just be yourself!