20 Ways to Propose a Girl on Instagram

Social media has become a very powerful tool in proposing your lover. The motive behind this article is to help the youth of today who are looking for new ways to propose their love. Young men are much more imaginative today when it comes to proposing to their lovers, they try out different and unusual ways; some make videos while some use social media platforms like Instagram to propose their love.

Instagram is a wonderful platform for all the youth of today to communicate with each other, not only for communication but it has become a powerful tool in proposing your lover. In fact, it has been ranked as one of the best media platforms where you can propose your desired girl or boy without any hassle and you can get to know the reply soon in minimum time.

It also acts as a great platform to express your feelings and thoughts. So let’s get started with our article here are twenty ways in which you can propose your desired girl or boy on Instagram

20 Ways to propose a girl on Instagram

1.) Make the first move

You should be the one to take the initiative when it comes to proposing your desired girl or boy. So go ahead, shoot them a message on Instagram well before they come up with something. Once they see that you are interested in spending time with them then they would definitely give a positive reply.

2.) Be your true self

You should be confident in proposing your desired girl or boy on Instagram, so choose the picture which you truly feel best defines who you are and that’s what matters.

3.) Make it mysterious

In order to get more response from the person whom you want to propose you should leave them wondering, that what has made you message them so much. If they are left curious about your motive then they would reply back to you for sure.

4.) Keep it simple yet creative

The key to getting a positive reply from the person whom you want to propose is by creating an attractive Instagram post. You can create a creative, fun and interesting post which can grab the attention of your loved one. Make sure that you send them a message through Instagram with a creative picture or video.

5.) Know your partner’s Instagram password

You should know his/her Instagram password so that you could personally know their activities on social media and can actually be part of it. You can add them and send a message through Instagram to propose your love.

6.) Keep in contact with them

You should be in touch with them on a regular basis, so that when you two are chatting over phone or any other media platform then you could make the conversation romantic and get the opportunity to propose your love. So keep the chat going on with them and tease them to get a positive reply.

7.) Be creative

You should be more creative when it comes to proposing your desired girl or boy, if you propose someone just like that then they might not even respond back. So you should try and create an attractive and fun post on Instagram and share it with your loved one.

8.) Be patient

Patience is the key to success; you should wait for the right time and place before proposing them. You cannot force people to love you, so keep your cool and be patient until you find the perfect moment.

9.) Play it smartly on social media

You can propose your loved one by sharing romantic pictures or quotes on social media platforms like Instagram.

10.) Be creative with the caption

You should be creative while writing the caption of your uploaded picture, this will help you to grab their attention and may get a positive reply from them.

11.) Use emojis

Instead of typing you can use emojis in your messages to propose your loved one on Instagram. It might be a little difficult to understand the emotion behind them, but they are a great way to express yourself and show how you feel for that person.

12.) Stick to the plan

You should have a plan ready in order to propose your desired girl or boy. You can create a collage of pictures or a video with different stages of your relationship and share it on Instagram.

13.) Choose the perfect day

You should choose a right date to propose them, this will give you an opportunity to get the attention of your loved one and they might reply back too. Try and propose them when you know that they would be free from their work or studies.

14.) Be positive

You should be positive about getting a reply from the person whom you want to propose, just don’t lose hope and keep trying until you get a good response. So never stop being proactive towards your love life, stay optimistic all the time.

15.) Involve their friends & family members in your proposal plans

In order to have a great experience, you should involve your loved one’s friends and family members in your proposal plans. This will help you get the full attention of the person whom you want to propose and they might also accept it happily.

16.) Make them feel special

You should make them feel special, which will give you a better chance of getting a positive reply from the person whom you want to propose. Try and bring some changes in your relationship which will make them think about you often.

17.) Be creative while making plans for proposing someone on Instagram

You should use all of your creativity while making plans for proposing someone on Instagram, just avoid doing the same thing again and again. Try and make use of hashtags, like #Proposals, #Instaproposal etc in your pictures to attract more attention towards your proposal.

18.) Always let them know that they are special

You should always let them know that they are special for you; you can also try sending a text message or written letter before proposing them. You can tell them how much you love them and why they are so special to you. So try and bring a smile on their faces which will also have a positive impact on your relationship with them.

19.) Avoid being over-the-top

You should avoid being too romantic or over the top when proposing someone over Instagram, just keep it simple so that you can get a positive response from them.

20.) Be yourself

You should be yourself while proposing your loved one over Instagram, just don’t pretend to be someone else. Proposing someone has no rules; you should do what you feel is right.

Conclusion :

You should follow these 20 Ways to propose a girl on Instagram, and try to make it perfect. Also, you can propose a boy in the same ways by changing the gender from “girl” to “boy”. If you have any questions then ask in the comments.