5 Things Great Dads do to Make Their Daughters Happy

5 Things Great Dads do to Make Their Daughters Happy

Dad, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me! 

The relationship between a daughter and her father is unique. It can even be difficult to explain why they are so attached. In fact, some fathers can be extremely protective of their daughters. They take on the role of a superhero who is always there to come between his princess and the dangers of everyday life.

As a man, he is also able to show his daughter that not everyone has good intentions, especially men. He can teach her all the tricks men use to get a woman in their pocket. He can also teach her the art of deciphering the telltale signs that prove that a man is truly in love with her.

And, now that you’re an adult, you think you don’t need your dad anymore. Yet despite everything you want to remain his little princess! After all, he was your first true love, and he’s always been there to support you through tough times. He was with you to celebrate your victories and your successes, but he was also there to pick you up with a spoon after a failed love affair or a difficult period.

Besides, without his unconditional support, you would never have become the woman you are today. Do not forget to make him understand that he has a special place in your heart and in your life. Don’t forget to thank him for everything he has done for you.

A father’s biggest dream is to see his daughter happy

It is only now, after you have grown and matured, that you realize how much your father has done for you over the years. Thanks to him, you have succeeded in forging a personality for yourself of which you can be proud. You have values ​​and qualities that are unique to you and have enabled you to succeed in your profession, career, and personal life.

You already thought he was perfect, but it wasn’t until he became a grandfather that you discovered a new side of his personality. You tell yourself that your children are very lucky to have a grandfather like him because he has a lot of compassion and patience. Thanks to him, you have always been ready to face the world and its dangers.

But, what are the 5 greatest traits of this extraordinary father? What makes him different from others? We made a list of the 5 greatest qualities of this kind of father, the one who is always there for his daughter and who has only one goal that is to make his daughter happy.

1. Your father is your best friend.

When you were a child, you were inseparable. And, even though you’ve grown up, things haven’t changed much. He is always there, by your side! In fact, many people around you wonder how a father and his adult daughter can be so close. The answer is simple: he is your best friend and vice versa!

When everything goes wrong and life is only sending negative vibes to you, you know you can always find comfort and support in your father’s arms.

2. He taught you to work hard and get what you wanted.

He taught you to be independent because he always worked hard to support you and to have a successful career. So he passed on this productivity gene to you. He always encourages you to pursue what you desire to have or accomplish and never settle for an average or even mediocre situation.

Thanks to him, you know that giving up is not an option. Strong and independent people give themselves the means of their dreams and they do not despair at the first problem or obstacle. Your father also taught you to stay calm when problems arise and keep a clear mind to find the right solution.

3. Your dad is always your biggest fan, no matter what.

Even if you weren’t very good at sports or art as a kid, he always came to your concerts or matches. He applauded with all his heart and encouraged you to continue on your way. Moreover, to prove to you that he was always there for you, he had even decided to help in the preparation of this kind of event.

Star of the evening or not, he was always proud of you. He always made you feel like you were the best. Besides, when you received an excellent grade in school or when you got a new job, he was always the first to celebrate it. He was bragging about how lucky he was to have a girl like you!

4. Sometimes he pretended to disagree with you to prove to you that you weren’t always right!

Even as an adult, you continue to listen to your father. You don’t always agree with him, of course, but everything he says gives you pause for thought. The most important thing for you is to get his approval and support so after every disagreement, you feel like you are even closer to him. He may be bossy and persistent but he is also patient and kind.

He can argue with you all night if necessary because he wants to make you understand his perspective. And besides, at the end of each of his discussions, you both have the feeling that you know each other better. He may be as stubborn as a donkey, but he loves you very much.

5. Your father taught you to raise your standards and not settle for mediocrity.

Clearly, no one is good enough for their princess! Moreover, he set the bar very high. He is an amazing husband, father, and human being. For you, it represents male perfection. And, very early on, he taught you to be respected by men.

In these cases, it can be difficult to find the right fit. How do you find a man as perfect as your father? Still, the silver lining is that it pushes you to aim high and not settle for almost relationships. You know how to avoid toxic people because of your dad.

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