20 Tips to Celebrate Husband Birthday at Home

20 Tips to Celebrate Husband Birthday at Home

Wish your husband the best gift he could ever have this year too! You can make your husband’s birthday even more special by giving him the best gift of all. If you are wondering what to give your husband for his birthday, here are 20 tips on how to celebrate your husband’s birthday at home.

1) Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Make plans ahead of time with family and friends to help make this year’s celebration unforgettable. Invite everyone over to your place for a large party or cook out. You can make it even more special by having them bring their favorite dish to share with the group.

2) Make Him A Personalized Card

Make him a personalized card by getting family photos together and having them printed on card stock paper. Ask your kids, mom, sisters or friends to help make it special by writing out a personal message.

3) Do Something He Enjoys Doing

Do something he enjoys doing, whether it is playing sports or going camping. Perhaps you can inspire him to take time off to go on vacation with you. Some examples are fishing or watching his favorite team play at their home arena.

4) Create A Special Memory

Create a special memory together by having one of his favorite dishes cooked at your place. Maybe even get him to finally try something he said he would never eat, like octopus or squid. You can also get the kids together to make homemade sushi with you.

5) Have Dinner With His Parents

Have dinner with his parents and show your appreciation for all the time they have put into teaching you and raising him. Ask them what their favorite dish is and cook it up for them. For example, if your husband’s mom likes meatloaf, try this recipe:

6) Surprise Him With A Small Gift

Surprise him by cooking one of his favorite dishes or desserts. You can even try making it for him if you are feeling adventurous. You could also surprise your husband with a small gift that is personalized especially for him.

7) Give Him A Shave Set

Give your husband a shave set by finding one in his favorite color. This will be great when he’s getting ready for work or for a formal event. You can even put it in his stocking if he is really good this year.

8) Get Him A New Car Or Give Some Gas Money

Get him a new car or give some gas money to make sure he has reliable transportation to get to and from work every day. This will ensure that you both can keep your jobs.

9) Get A New Couch Or Makeover His Room

Get a new couch or makeover his room if he’d like it. This will be great for when you have guests over and you can even ask him to decorate the living room with you. If he wants to change the color of his walls, look into painting services that offer deals.

10) Get A New TV Or Computer

Get a new TV or computer for the basement to watch his favorite team play, especially if they just won their last game. This will help him relax after a long day at work and he can even invite friends over too. You might even be able to watch with him on occasion.

11) Take Him To The Movies Or On A Trip

Take him to the movies or on a trip with your family if he likes to have some fun during his free time. You can even watch one of your favorite romantic comedies together, share popcorn and drinks. This will be great for special occasions like date nights too.

12) Take A Weekend Trip In The Car Too

Take a weekend trip with him in the car to one of his favorite fishing spots. This will be great for spending time together and you can even have a picnic by the water. If he just caught something, you can cook it up and make some large sandwiches with all the fixings.

13) Get A New Carpet For Under The Christmas Tree

Get a new carpet for under the Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and garland. This will be great for when he comes home from work and you can even clean up together after dinner. If you don’t want to worry about cutting the grass, hire a landscaping service to do the chores for you.

14) Get Him Some New Tools To Work With

Get him some new tools to work with so he can start fixing things around the house. This will be great if there are some small repairs that need taken care of, like replacing a broken pipe under the sink or unclogging the toilet.

15) Get Him A New Game Console

Get him a new game console with some of his favorite games. This will be great for when you have your weekly girls’ night in and he can have some fun by himself. You might even get to play along if he asks you nicely or just one time on a special occasion.

16) Take Him Fishing Or To A Shooting Range

Take him fishing or to a shooting range and see who is better at it. This will be great for some father and son time and you can even use this as an opportunity to bond with your kids too. You might find out that he knows more than you about guns, but don’t worry, he won’t tell anyone.

17) Take Him To The Zoo Or A Theme Park

Take him to the zoo or a theme park that you’ve been dying to go to with him. This will be great for some father and daughter time, especially if you have a girl who is growing up too fast. You could even bring your kids with you as a family, as long as he promises to make them behave.

18) Set Up Dinner And A Movie At The Park

Set up dinner and a movie at the park with his favorite takeout food and watch it together on the grass like you did when you were kids. This will be great for some quality time and you can even bring a blanket and some lawn chairs to make the night even more memorable.

19) Set Up A Picnic In The Living Room With Candles And Wine

Set up a picnic in the living room with candles and wine or any place that has sentimental value for him. This will be great for surprising him at work and you can even leave him a little note to ask him to call you later. If he does, set up the picnic and turn the living room into your own little romantic oasis.

20) Take Him Fishing For His Favorite Treats

Take him fishing in a lake or stream near his childhood home for his favorite treats. This will be great for spending time together and you can cook up some of his favorite snacks over the fire. If he brings back a lot of trout or bass, you can get them smoked and keep them in the freezer for when he comes home from work tired.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND! I hope this article helps your loved ones and you in celebrating the important men in your life. I’d like to thank Mrs. Shacks for writing this awesome article and sharing it with us today.

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